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Who Is Lying Now Mr. Trump? Cruz Tops Florida Family Policy Council Voting Guide

Although our friends at the Florida Family Policy Council do not give ratings or rank the candidates in their highly regarded family issues voter guide there’s only one candidate who is clearly 100% on the family values agenda covered by the voter guide – Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. 

FFPC Voter GuideThe thing that always impresses us about the Florida Family Policy Voter Guide is how carefully and methodically it is researched; each finding is carefully footnoted and when the candidate hasn’t spoken to the issue their position is noted as unknown. 

The Florida Family Policy Council Voter Guide covers the following issues of importance to conservative voters: 

ABORTION EXCEPTIONS: Grant a legal right to an abortion in cases of rape and incest. (Ted Cruz opposes abortion exceptions

COMMON CORE: Encourage states to adopt national Common Core standards limiting curriculum options for local school boards. (Ted Cruz opposes Common Core

DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Remove all public funding to Planned Parenthood with no exceptions or qualifications. (Ted Cruz supports defunding Planned Parenthood

FIRST AMENDMENT DEFENSE ACT: Pledge to pass protection of supporters of natural marriage from punishment by the government. (Ted Cruz supports the FADA and is an original cosponsor of the Senate version of the bill

JUDGES/NATURAL MARRIAGE: Appoint justices who would work to overturn the Obergefell vs. Hodges decision which imposed same-sex marriage on all 50 states. (Ted Cruz will appoint justices who think Obergfell was wrongly decided

NO NEW TAXES PLEDGE: Pledge to not increase income tax rates for individuals and businesses (Taxpayer Protection Pledge). (Ted Cruz has taken the Taxpayer Protection Pledge

PATH TO CITIZENSHIP: Allow undocumented aliens to apply for citizenship after certain fines, waiting periods and/or conditions. (Ted Cruz opposes a path to citizenship for illegal aliens and is the only candidate to say so

Our friend John Stemberger of the Florida Family Policy Council tells us that with the historic Florida Presidential Primary less than a month away (on Tuesday, March 15, 2015), the Florida Family Policy Council is offering their thoroughly researched voter guide free of charge.  

The voter guide is now available online electronically (with interactive research) or by paper hand delivered to your church. The Florida Family Policy Council is taking orders now from churches that would like to receive the paper voter guides, for more information click this link.   

Especially in this election, where Donald Trump has been throwing accusations of lying against any candidate who challenges him on his outrageous comments, record of supporting liberal candidates and causes, and flip-flops on cultural issues the Florida Family Policy Council’s voter guide is a well-researched haven of fact in the toxic morass of baseless charges of lying that Trump has created.  

We urge cultural conservatives from all states to review the electronic version of the Florida Family Policy Council’s voter guide and its outstanding interactive research through this link and then forward it to your cultural conservative family, friends and contacts.

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Donald Trump, the Unstable, Liberal Lunatic Asinine Disaster

Donald Trump, the Unstable, Liberal Lunatic Asinine Disaster

If Bernie Sanders (NAZI), Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump become President, Clueless Apathetic voters will lose their US Constitution and America will collapse. Only Ted Cruz and an aware, unified Freedom-loving American voter can stop this. It truly is a time for Truth, a Time for Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz will defend Internet Freedom and our privacy and ALL Americans Constitutional rights. Its time to put a consistent conservative in the White House in whom you don't have to worry about over and over again what offensive, ridiculous, or contradictory thing he will say next.

Cruz Versus Trump - Decision 2016

33 Reasons Ted Cruz Should Be The Republican Nominee and President of the United States



Trump is a crybaby who cannot

Trump is a crybaby who cannot stand when somebody stands up to him

Trump's Mouth

I appreciate Trump's efforts at the breaking down of artificial PC constraints on speaking openly about what is wrong with the country. Early on he did bring fresh air to a very old campaigning style that never seemed to get to the heart of issues. However, at this point I find myself questioning Trump's maturity. Calling people liars or pussies, people in your same party, is infantile and disconcerting. WE already have been dealing with 7 years of petulance in the White House, my way or the highway cretin-like thinking, I can't see myself or the nation wanting more of this. I now am looking to Cruz and exclusively Cruz for the leadership the country needs. Notwithstanding any close observer would know Cruz is the most doctrinaire conservative in the running. All the others are make believe. And the DEMs are totally hopeless. From this point on it is Cruz. WE need maturity, clear headed conservative thinking, and a quickly applied antidote to the pistons that have flowed from Obama's tenure right onto the heads of the American people. Time to go back to our future. No mow "YES WE CAN'T LEADERS" need apply. No more petulant infantile actors either.


In any other year and any other election cycle these arguments would be of paramount importance. Even now they are serious indeed. But the stark fact is that we are not in normal times, even when those times have been challenging. America is now in crisis. Our Constituion, indeed the very rule of law is under threat. We are being overwhelmed by massive, uncontrolled immigration, including hundreds of thousands from cultures not only alien to our Constitutional system, but hostile to it. American families are now in danger of physical violence from Jihadists living among them. Added to all this is the monumental transfer of wealth, away from the American middle class into the coffers of a very few multinational corporations and billionaires. Average folks know what's going on and see their priority now as one of survival. Survival of their families and survival of the country itself. To fail to understand this or to pretend not to see it is to fundamentally misunderstand Trump's appeal. It's obvious to any observer that Trump is an imperfect candidate. It's not at all surprising to see many Conservatives flocking to Cruz. But what Trump has done is to provide a voice to a huge swathe of the Republican electorate. These are our fellow citizens. Our neighbors, our friends, our veterans, our family. Folks no longer care about Trump's prior positions or past statements. They care about the urgency of now. If Trump is now talking the talk, it's the responsibility of patriots to make sure he walks the walk if he wins the nomination and the presidency.