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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Humpty Dumpty Marco Rubio falls off the wall

All the establishment’s endorsements and all the establishment’s men can’t force conservatives to believe Marco Rubio ever again.

The guy just can’t win – literally – and no amount of blather and reassurance from all of Rubio’s establishment friends will convince us otherwise.
Humpty Dumpty
And no matter how hard we try to convince him, “Humpty Dumpty” Rubio won’t get off that wall until he eventually falls – which will be soon if the delegate numbers and momentum are any indication.

Pride is apparently the reason Marco won’t get out of the way to allow someone who’s already proven he can beat Trump – Ted Cruz – to try and avoid what is looking like a certain crash and burn for conservatives with The Donald in control of the Republican nomination race.

Al Weaver of the Washington Examiner reports, “Sen. Marco Rubio on Wednesday ruled out the possibility of making a deal with rival Sen. Ted Cruz for one of them to become the non-Trump candidate and snatch the nomination from the increasingly dominant front-runner…

“Rubio, who made four separate TV appearances following his second place showing in Nevada, also continued to argue that the GOP field needs to winnow further and eventually allow for him to take on Trump on his own.”

Once again, this shows a serious detachment from reality for nursery rhyme hero Marco Rubio. The Florida senator actually maintained in those interviews that his prospects look good in several states next week (I wish he would produce some polling evidence to back up his claim) on Super Tuesday and that he will win in Florida on March 15.

There’s only one problem. Voters in four separate states have already been given the opportunity to choose him as the safe, electable establishment candidate – and instead they’re going over 60% in every case for the anti-establishment group of Trump, Cruz and Ben Carson.

If Yogi Berra were alive today, he’d dedicate a new saying to Marco Rubio – “You can’t win if you can’t win.”

Truth is, Rubio’s trailing behind Trump and Cruz in Florida. It looks like Marco’s own constituents don’t buy his act. Why should the rest of the country? No wonder he’s not running for re-election to his senate seat – he’d lose that, too.

Meanwhile, Rubio’s consolidation of establishment support since Jeb Bush’s capitulation in South Carolina last Saturday appears to have helped him not at all. Apparently, the voters of Nevada didn’t seem impressed when Bob Dole and other establishment elites said Rubio’s the one to “bring the party together.”

Anna Palmer and Eli Stokols of Politico report, “The Republican establishment has finally fallen in love with Marco Rubio, but it may be too late…

“During the past 72 hours, Rubio has racked up more than 20 endorsements from high-profile Republican leaders such as Bob Dole, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis and Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson. Prominent megadonors like Joe Craft and political operatives including the Koch brothers' political guru Marc Short have also jumped on board.”

Rubio’s delusional campaign handlers continue to insist their candidate is the only one who can consolidate the votes to beat Trump, but the proof they put forward to bolster their theory is more endorsements and fundraising that are likely to be coming his way because of Marco’s clear ownership of the establishment lane.

But there’s a downside to being the establishment’s golden boy as well. By snuggling up to the party elites, Rubio could very well be turning off more people than he’s attracting.

“[W]ith the primary electorate in such an anti-establishment mood this year, the avalanche of endorsements from venerable politicians could actually bury Rubio, not his opponents, by making him appear as the new avatar of the Washington political class many voters so detest,” Palmer and Stokols wrote.

In contrast, through sound management and frugal spending, Ted Cruz also has plenty of money to run his campaign going forward, earned primarily through small donations from conservatives. He’s not nearly as dependent on endorsements or big checks from bundlers. It may not make much difference where the money comes from on the campaign bottom line, but people who contribute to you tend to work for you as well.

We don’t hear much from the Rubio campaign on their strength with the grassroots, primarily because there isn’t much. Marco’s even afraid to appear at CPAC next week because of the potential negative reception he’d receive from conservatives.

“Humpty Dumpty” Rubio would be much better off swallowing his pride and leaving the race rather than being knocked off the proverbial “wall.” It might be the only way he won’t end up in pieces.

A President Rubio would likely end in a President “Amnesty”

In addition to the intrinsic problems associated with being identified with the establishment in 2016, there’s the perpetual specter of immigration always following Marco Rubio – and with good reason.

For those who might not be paying attention, Rubio’s position on the issue has not changed all that much since his days of leading the disastrous “Gang of Eight.” In subsequent interviews over the course of time, Marco’s reassured various supporters that he still very much favors most of the bill’s discredited conditions.

So take whatever Rubio says about the subject in tonight’s debate with a grain of salt. He’ll no doubt be calling Ted Cruz a “liar” again on immigration. Well, he’s the one who’s shifting the facts around.

John Fonte of National Review reports that the primary role of Senator Rubio in the Gang of Eight was not in crafting the legislation but in selling the bill to conservatives. His effort ultimately failed when Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions and other conservatives began looking into what the bill’s provisions actually meant, which was essentially a rehashing of the failed McCain/Kennedy amnesty effort from 2005-07 during the George W. Bush administration.

Since 2013, Rubio hasn’t let the matter lie, either.

“Thus, despite Rubio’s constant rhetorical drumbeat about how border and interior enforcement must be dealt with before other immigration measures are considered, his first post–Gang of Eight legislative proposal is not related to enforcement but, instead, advocates more ‘guest workers’ and expanding permanent immigration,” Fonte noted.

Fonte concludes with two possible scenarios of how immigration would be treated under a Marco Rubio administration. In a very damning prediction, Fonte thinks the most likely result of Rubio’s election would to have “reform” that looks very much like what was tossed out under the Gang of Eight.

Rubio can’t run from the truth and trying to cloak it with accusations of “liar” isn’t going to work forever. A very good argument could be made that Rubio and Jeb Bush are what’s fueling Donald Trump’s continued success.

Bush is gone now. If Rubio removed himself from the field, the two strongest contenders would be on the same side of the immigration issue. In other words, Trump would lose one of his strongest justifications for his candidacy.

Yet another reason Rubio should get out if he fails to win anything next Tuesday. But we won’t he holding our breath.

Trump is neither anti-establishment nor conservative

Aside from guaranteeing to build a “beautiful wall” on the border with Mexico, Donald Trump has also promised conservatives that he’ll break the powerful establishment’s grip on Congress and the White House.

As indicated by the results of the first four states, many voters are going along with Trump’s pledges.

There’s only one problem: Donald Trump isn’t really anti-establishment – or conservative -- at all.

James C. Capretta writes in National Review, “Trump is pleased to have conservative commentators call him an anti-establishment rebel, but he isn’t really trying to connect with voters based on restoration of conservative principles such as limited government, deregulation, and free markets. In passing, he mentions wasteful spending by the government and incompetent budget deals, but he is never specific about what he would cut (other than his implausible claim that he could save $300 billion annually on Medicare drug costs)…

“The GOP race is not over yet. There is still some time to slow and then stop Trump’s march to the nomination. But that probably won’t happen if numerous prominent conservatives remain under the delusion that Trump is leading a conservative revolt against the establishment.”

By the looks of it, Capretta is no Ted Cruz fan. He works for the establishment leaning (at least on foreign policy) American Enterprise Institute and called Cruz’s leadership in shutting down the government in 2013 a “gimmick” and parrots the establishment line that Ted was only doing so for purely selfish political reasons.

But the fact Capretta’s misread Cruz’s candidacy doesn’t mean he isn’t right about Trump in general. Trump isn’t a conservative and he’s not really anti-establishment either. His views on just about every issue appear entirely fungible and subject to The Donald’s whims on any particular day.

How else could he claim Planned Parenthood does a lot of “good things” but separates out abortion in the same one minute debate answer?

Similarly, Trump’s plan for healthcare is to have the government “take care of everyone” but claims he doesn’t advocate for a single-payer system.

Those are only two examples. Trump is running on pure populist bluster, mixing in hot air with a lot of bold promises to accomplish things that are completely beyond the control of one man – even the President of the United States.

Don’t buy it. There’s still time left to turn the primary race around.

Yet another Rubio endorser can’t name any of Rubio’s accomplishments

Finally today, first Rick Santorum couldn’t name a single thing Marco Rubio’s accomplished during his time in the senate and now another Rubio backer was stumped on the same topic.

Nick Gass of Politico reports, “One of Marco Rubio's newest congressional endorsers (Rep. Cresent Hardy (R-Nev.)) struggled to point to one specific thing he has seen over the course of the last year from the Florida senator that, as MSNBC's Thomas Roberts asked, ‘demonstrates presidential character.’

“…Hardy offered praise for Rubio's work on the Gang of Eight immigration legislation in 2013, calling it ‘a very good process that he was trying to get as much in there for conservatives in this country and then going to try to send it to the House for a final decision.’”

The reason why Rubio’s spokespeople can’t name what he’s done during his time in the senate is because there simply isn’t anything there to promote. Marco is the classic example of a politician who’s been given one of the world’s greatest stages to speak out on issues, yet chose not to do anything about it when the opportunity arose.

Except for the Gang of Eight, of course. Kudos to Hardy for bringing it up.

It also looks like the Rubio campaign needs to vet its endorsers a little better before they go on TV touting a candidate who’s there just for the prospect of moving into the White House. Maybe they’d be better of saying he just looks good and he has a lovely family.

It just goes to show, all of the endorsements in the world aren’t going to help “Humpty Dumpty” Marco Rubio in the end. He’s beyond help and it’s time he realized it.

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marco rubio and immigration

marco rubio joined the gang of 8 willingly and there has been whispers that he was sort of tricked into joining on the illusion of getting the issue of immigration moving forward.
This begs the question to be answered, just why do we need to move the issue of immigration forward. The United States of America has no legal obligation to increase immigration or to even accept immigrants to begin with.
Any sovereign nation that puts foreign immigrants ahead of its own citizens is not a sovereign nation but just an employment office for the worlds cheapest labor pool.
marco rubio said that his plan was to legalize (11+ million) illegal alien invaders but not give them citizenship. Anyone who believes that is possible or practical is delusional at best dishonest at worst. If these illegal alien invaders are ever legalized it will only take a few months before la raza, the aclu and other so called immigration rights groups to poor into the streets demanding the human and civil right of these newly legalized immigrants to be given citizenship. They will begin to pull at the heart strings of the American people and if that does not work the bullying begins. The strategy is as usual wear them down until you get what you want.
Another aspect of marco rubio's plan was the same as jeb bush, make them pay a fine and to this I ask just how much is American citizenship going for these days.
Now for the kicker, if you can't identify and round up 11+ million illegal alien invaders how will you identify them and make them pay the fine, and learn English.
marco rubio has not changed his vision or position on the issue of immigration, if he ever is elected kiss the U.S.A. as we know it good by.