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New FedUp PAC Poll: Trump and Cruz Neck-and-Neck Among Conservatives

Trump and Cruz


Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are running neck-and-neck among conservatives according to a new poll by FedUp PAC.  Trump holds a small lead of 50-46% in a two man race.

Trump falls to 48% in the current 4-candidate field, with Cruz a strong second at 40%.    

The two are even closer in favorability, with Trump at 54% and Cruz at 53%.

Cruz voters are divided over whether Trump should be nominated if he fails to win a majority of delegates.  However, enough believe that a mere plurality deserves nomination to make that the position of 62% overall.  Trump currently leads in delegates, but is well short of a majority.

FedUp PAC is a grassroots organization that advocates that constitutional conservatives to take over the GOP because Americans are fed up with the Republican establishment.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.

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The Greater Good

If one wants to learn and understand the nature of evil and how to combat it, one must at least try to learn and especially appreciate the history of WWII. I happen to believe this would be very difficult for many of those who did not live through it, (including those only ten to twelve years old toward the end of the war).

I find it curious that so many younger pundits are doing their utmost to advance the candidacy of Ted Cruz over Donald Trump. Yet Phyllis Schlafly has endorsed Trump because she knows he would never cave-in to those she calls “The Kingmakers.”

Is the fact that both Schlafly and I having a vivid memory of WWII related at least in some small way to our understanding of Trump’s resoluteness and Cruz’s vulnerability to the Establishment?

I overlook Trump’s “unusual” speaking pattern, as Schlafly must also, to achieve the greater Good – the preservation of our country.

Consider what lengths Churchill and Gen. LeMay went to in order to achieve the greater Good - by fire-bombing Dresden and Tokyo. Young people today shudder at even waterboarding. Wake-up!

Stupidity and weakness rules

We should have thrown an atomic bomb in Afghanistan. There is nothing wrong with torturing fanatic criminals that want to hurt the USA and the rest of the world. We have become far too weak and politically correct. Call a spade a spade and do everything and I mean everything to protect this country. I am an after WWII child and grew up with the stories from WWII including the bombing etc and yes there were civilians who lost their lives all over Europe but many especially those in Germany were afraid to do something against Hitler and pretended not to know things. As far as I am concerned we need to get rid of the liberal weak cowards aka Hillary that lying, cheating power hungry self serving bitch and become strong again as a country and Trump is the only one to do so.