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Is Trump About To Be Co-opted By The DC Political Class?

The major element of Donald Trump’s appeal is that he is not beholden to or influenced by DC’s professional political class and that the Beltway bandits – lobbyists, political hacks and paid image makers – have no place in his campaign. 

In the mythology of Trump’s supporters, the rise of Donald Trump is an organic movement, not a political campaign. 

Donald TrumpThere’s a certain amount of truth behind the myth (like most myths) but Ted Cruz’s sound defeat of Trump in the Wisconsin GOP primary, where Trump underperformed even the low expectations the pre-election polls set for him, showed the limits of this mythological approach to politics. 

The result is that Donald Trump and his campaign stand at a crossroads. 

One path would be for the candidate to keep the myth going, but to exercise more self-discipline and to refocus on his core message; border security, economic nationalism, and effectively fighting the war Islamists have declared on America. 

That’s the harder path, because it requires the candidate to change and, at age 69 after a lifetime of doing as he pleases, Donald Trump is unlikely to change. 

The other path is for Trump to decide his defeat in Wisconsin and his steady drop in the national polls signals a need for a shake-up in the campaign team that helped create the Trump myth. 

This is the easier path because it does not require that the candidate do anything beyond learn a few new names, and it appears to be, as our friend Arnold Steinberg at The American Spectator outlined, the path Donald Trump is taking. 

In an article posted in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s Wisconsin debacle Steinberg posits that Trump will conduct a staff shake-up – it will be called a reorganization or enhancement or organic growth – to try and remedy some of the nuts-and-bolts problems his campaign now faces. 

This includes, suggests Steinberg, “the Trump campaign’s need to remedy its amateurish disinterest in a convention strategy and its failure to address the concomitant nuts and bolts, to deal with the permutations in convention rules, and to create previously ignored contingencies to regroup if a delegate majority eludes Mr. Trump on the first ballot.” 

It will also include reducing the role and profile of Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager who has generated an incredible amount of bad press for Trump by getting arrested for grabbing a reporter and contributing mightily to Trump’s demographic problem with female voters. 

But who will replace Lewandowski, if Trump does make a change at the top level of his campaign? 

Arnold Steinberg suggests Paul Manafort, a former business partner of longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone. 

Manafort has just been hired to run Trump’s heretofore disorganized delegate chasing operation and – surprise, surprise – his hiring came right in the middle of the meltdown over Lewandowski’s physical interaction with the reporter and subsequent arrest. 

Manafort, says Steinberg, “is the quintessential embodiment of the Beltway Consultant Class, about whom Mr. Trump despairs, and that which he supposedly would overthrow.” 

And he is a perfect surrogate for his longtime business associate Roger Stone, whose incisive political mind we credit with Trump’s spectacular launch and rise.  

Our take is that Arnold Steinberg is on the right track, it doesn’t matter who Trump hires, his campaign, even in the hands of an ultimate Republican insider like Paul Manafort, “cannot plot to keep or sway delegates if the candidate continues to alienate many voters who actually were open to him.” 

Please click the link to read Arnold Steinberg’s “WILL TRUMP STOP TRUMP?” in The American Spectator.

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It's not just Lewandowski

It's Trump that voters don't like. A new campaign manager will not change that.

Trumps nut and bolt dilema

There is one nut in trumps campaign that can't be fixed, he sees it every time he looks in the mirror.

The sad thing is I support his positions on the border, illegal alien invaders and the war on islamic terrorism.
But the fact that he is such a nut and attacked Ted Cruz the way he has I will never vote for him. I can not see having the next four years listening to him call everyone a liar and threatening law suits.
If he is elected I hope that many of those who voted for him have their property taken by emminent domain.