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I Endorse Dr. John Fleming for Senate in Louisiana

In a primary field with several good candidates vying to fill Louisiana’s Senate seat, one stands out as a proven full-spectrum conservative, and that candidate is Dr. John Fleming, who currently represents Louisiana’s Fourth District in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Fleming is a physician and entrepreneur and, most importantly, a founding member of the House Freedom Dr. John FlemingCaucus. 

What do I mean by a “full-spectrum conservative?” 

During his three terms in the House John Fleming has taken many tough votes, and has earned top ratings from a broad spectrum of conservative organizations.  

Fleming scores 100% with National Right to Life, 100% with NumbersUSA, 100% with the National Federation of Independent Business, 100% with Liberty Guard, 100% with Americans for Prosperity, 100% with the Faith and Freedom Coalition and 100% on the Center for Security Policy scorecard. Fleming is also “A” rated with the National Rifle Association and has a 90% score with my friends at Gun Owners of America. 

And Dr. Fleming has attracted the support of conservatives from across the full spectrum of the conservative movement, from cultural conservatives, such as my friends Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer and Rick Santorum, to the economic conservatives of the Club for Growth, to my long-time friend Phyllis Schlafly, whose 1964 book “A Choice Not An Echo” was the harbinger of today’s grassroots rebellion against the Washington Cartel. 

Most importantly, based on his performance and record in the House, if elected to the Senate John Fleming will fight the status quo in Washington. 

John Fleming was one of a few stalwarts in the House who stuck to their conservative principles and regularly and steadfastly objected to John Boehner’s constant surrenders to President Obama’s liberal agenda. Fleming's regular stand for conservative principles was a significant factor in the feckless John Boehner's resignation as Speaker. 

I have every confidence Dr. John Fleming will maintain the same steadfast commitment to conservative principles he displayed in the House if he is elected to the Senate. I urge my friends and family in Louisiana to vote for John Fleming to ensure that a proven full-spectrum conservative serves as Louisiana’s next United States Senator.

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