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It’s the primaries, stupid! Trump Gets It Wrong In West Virginia

Tomorrow is West Virginia’s Republican Primary Election, and as CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie says regularly, “If you want to govern America according to conservative principles, it’s the primaries, stupid.” 

Mr. Viguerie’s take is that the first and greatest impediment to governing America according to conservative principles is not the Democrats; it’s the RINO Republicans. 

Primary ElectionsAnd if you want conservatives to replace RINOs who vote for more spending and for funding Planned Parenthood, funding Obamacare, funding importing jihad through the Obama-Ryan Muslim refugee “resettlement” program and who have a budget that gives more funding to illegal alien care than it spends on care for America’s veterans* the only place to do that is the Republican primary. 

So the first and most important step in the campaign to govern America according to conservative principles is to turnout conservatives in Republican primaries to defeat RINOs and nominate conservatives for every office, especially legislative offices, such as Congress and state legislator. 

Which is why Donald Trump’s comments at a big rally in Charleston, West Virginia were so infuriating to our conservative friends in the Mountain State. 

What Trump said in part was this:

What I want you to do is save your vote — you know, you don’t have to vote anymore. Save your vote for the general election, okay? Forget this one. The primary is gone… Save your vote for the general election in November, and we’re going to show you something, and then you’re going to show me something, okay? 

Forget this one, the primary is gone? 

And just to make sure voters got the message, Trump touched on it again in the final minutes of his remarks:

In November, you’re going to go out, and you’re going to vote and that’s going to be the greatest vote you ever cast, okay? The vote was supposed to be on Tuesday, but now I can say: Stay home but get twice as many people in November, right? Because we have to win, we have to win the general election. We cannot take Hillary Clinton anymore. We’ve had enough of Clinton. 

For the record, the West Virginia primary for President may be “gone,” but the primary for many other important nominations – notably for Congress and the West Virginia State Legislature – is not gone; it gets decided tomorrow. 

Our friend and endorsed incumbent conservative Congressman Alex Mooney has a primary opponent. There are primaries for many West Virginia state legislative seats, and with their 2014 victories, Republicans now have control of both houses of the West Virginia state legislature for the first time in decades, and it is more important than ever that reliable conservatives are nominated when their election will place them in a position to actually get things done as members of the majority party. 

Donald Trump has run a completely unorthodox campaign for president and turned American politics, and particularly the makeup of the Republican primary electorate on its head. 

All to the good if you, as we do, believe that the national Republican Party establishment has become an ossified, corrupt, crony government favor machine, instead of the political home of limited government constitutional conservatives. 

But Trump’s brand is all about “me,” not “we,” and his comments at his big rally in West Virginia showed that the presumptive Republican nominee for President still has much to learn about Party leadership. 

In the absence of leadership from the top conservatives must lead from the bottom up. We urge all of our conservative friends in West Virginia to turn out and vote in tomorrow’s West Virginia Republican Primary. Whether you are a Trump supporter, a Cruz supporter or would have voted for one of the other candidates for president matters not one whit; the primary election is still on and your vote is what determines whether or not conservatives are nominated to every office on the ballot. 

*On a per capita basis.

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