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How Many Innocent Americans Will Paul Ryan’s Immigration Policies Kill?

Speaker Paul Ryan has steadfastly refused to use the tools the Constitution grants Congress to curb Obama’s open borders policy and bring a halt to the epidemic of murders, rapes and drunken driving horror crashes perpetrated by illegal aliens. 

So, just a month ago, Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino, a Mexican national who was in this country illegally, had the opportunity to kill five innocent Americans. Serrano-Vitrio was deported from the United States 12 years ago, the Associated Press reported, but later illegally reentered the country.  

Paul RyanHowever, because of the polices of Paul Ryan, Barack Obama, and the rest of the open borders crowd, the US government missed numerous opportunities to capture and incarcerate Serrano-Vitorino. 

In 2014, according to reporting by The Washington Post, Serrano-Vitorino was convicted of a DUI in Kansas, however, according to an initial review of ICE records, it doesn’t appear that the agency was notified at the time. 

And in June 2015, he was arrested in Kansas City, Kan., for domestic assault, ICE was notified, but agents weren’t able to interview Serrano-Vitorino because he was released from police custody after being processed. 

Then, in September 2015, he was fingerprinted at Overland Park Municipal Court. ICE received an electronic notification about that, but the detainer went to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. He wasn’t in the sheriff’s office custody; he was paying a fine at the court. 

Now five innocent Americans, Jeremy Waters, Michael Capps, Clint Harter, Austin Harter and Randy J. Nordman are dead. 

Clint Harter’s wife, Ruth, told KSHB TV that the couple was approaching their eighth wedding anniversary, and that they are expecting another child. 

“I will keep his memory alive,” she said. “My girls will know who their dad was, and how much he loved them.” 

Ryan was elected in 1998 and has funded all of Obama’s immigration policies, and by the way, supported the vast increase in Muslim refugee resettlement in every budget he produced as Budget Committee Chairman. The Boston Bombers and Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino are merely the tip of the iceberg of the hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees” Paul Ryan brought to America at taxpayer expense and the illegal aliens that his policies allow to stay here. 

Ryan’s embrace of political correctness, open borders and his abject refusal to acknowledge that the illegal alien tsunami is destroy the quality of life in every neighborhood in America defies the obvious facts on the ground. 

Paul Ryan, you and arrogant politicians like you are responsible for the murders of Jeremy Waters, Michael Capps, Clint Harter, Austin Harter and Randy J. Nordman, and the many that will undoubtedly follow, because your cowardice and political correctness allows illegal aliens like Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino to legally escape custody and stay in America. And you want another term in Congress?

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Paul Ryan

Why do you take the time and expend the effort to comment about Paul Ryan? He is working toward his intended Agenda. Why not use your time and resources to remove him from office for violations to his "Oath of Office", "Fiduciary Responsibility" and "Duty" - immediately NOT at the next (rigged) election?
If you need an agenda how about restoring our original organic Constitution and Bill of Rights and forget everything else.

paul ryan's policies; trade and immigration?

paul ryan is no American patriot!
An American patriot puts America first.
An American patriot puts American citizens before cheap foreign labor.
An American patriot understands that free trade that is only practiced by America is not free trade it is the destruction of our economic system.
An American patriot understands that America is a sovereign nation not an employment office for the worlds cheapest labor pool.
An American patriot supports strong borders and border security.
An American patriot understands that immigration is not an absolute right of foreigners but is necessary only to the extend that immigration does not change who and what we are as a sovereign nation.