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Was Banning Muslim Immigration Just Another Trump Con?

It seems like every time Donald Trump takes a position or makes a statement with which we agree and that gets us looking his way in his campaign for President he flip-flops on it, walks it back or completely contradicts himself. 

One of the latest, and most serious cases, of that phenomenon is Trump’s flip-flop on his proposal to ban Muslim immigration. 

We just want IslamBack on December 7, 2015 Mr. Trump called for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our representatives can figure out what the hell is going on" during a campaign event. (Link to full statement here

The idea is controversial to the liberal smart set and establishment GOP, like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who were long ago bought by Middle East oil interests, but it is hugely popular with GOP voters. 

But apparently that proclamation was just a suggestion, idea, brain fart – or another Trump con – because during a Fox News Radio interview yesterday, Trump backed away from it – even though he took a lot of heat for it and that he's defended it for months. 

But hey, now that Ted Cruz, who questioned the practicality of such a ban, has been vanquished Trump could walk it back telling Brian Kilmeade: "It's a temporary ban. It hasn't been called for yet. Nobody's done it. This is just a suggestion until we find out what's going on." 

And later on FOX News, Trump said: "That's why it was temporary. Sure, I'd back off on it. I'd like to back off on it as soon as possible because, frankly, I'd like to see something happen." 

What does any of that even mean? 

What it means to us is two things… 

One is that Trump needs to go back and read his book, The Art of the Deal, wherein he made this memorable statement: "You can't con people, at least not for long. You can create excitement, you can do wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw in a little hyperbole. But if you don't deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on." 

The second thing is that Donald Trump doesn’t really know jack about the threat posed by the Muslim colonization of America and the deep peril it already poses to constitutional liberty. 

As we have noted in articles almost too numerous to cite, the national suicide built into the George W. Bush and Barack Obama immigration policies has brought over 2.3 million Muslim immigrants to America since 9/11. 

Here are a few articles to refresh your understanding of the threat Islam poses to constitutional liberty, due to its political goal of imposing an anti-constitutional system of government (Sharia) through political subversion and terrorism: “We Can – And Should – Ban Most Muslim Immigration To America,” “Still No Religious Test For Immigration Mr. Speaker?” “It Only Takes One: Why We Must Stop Importing Jihad Through Muslim Immigration.” “Homegrown Muslim Terrorism Fueled By Obama – Bush Immigration System,” “America's Suicidal Muslim Immigration Policies,” “Importing Jihad” and “Why Do We Let These Vipers Into America?”  

Given the anti-constitutional violence that is called for in the fundamental tenets of Islam, it is long past time for Americans to recognize that there is no benefit to America in bringing into our country millions of people who believe that they have a religious duty to overthrow our system of government. 

Allowing Muslim immigration is an existential threat to our way of life and a majority of Americans understand that and demand an end to it. 

So why would Donald Trump back off? 

One reason is that he made the statement backtracking on the Muslim immigration ban the day before his much anticipated meeting with pro-open borders and Muslim immigration apologist Speaker Paul Ryan. 

Ryan was one of the first and most vocal establishment Republicans to take Trump to task over his idea of banning Muslim immigration saying, “it's not what this country stands for" and "This is not conservatism." 

Ryan went on to echo the canard that such a ban was unconstitutional – it’s not by the way – and to fund Obama programs that could lead to some 300,000 more Muslim “refugees” being brought here at taxpayer expense. 

We’d like to think that Donald Trump will eventually earn our vote by committing to conservative positions and policies and campaigning as a conservative, but now that he's backing off his call for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our representatives can figure out what the hell is going on” what sounded to us like sensible policy is looking like just another political con.

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Trump is no outsider and he will NOT do any of things he said!

If you think Trump is an outsider, you have been duped, big time! He is not going to do anything he said. He is saying whatever he needs to because he knows how ticked off Americans are. He has direct ties to George Soros of all people?! Come on, Soros is the one behind open borders, and every other despicable thing against America, and other countries as well, etc. He owes George Soros! Wake up!

Muslim Ban Con

Mr. Donald Trump is committed to Conservative principles and Conservatives and want to keep his word for banning Muslims who are coming into America who come from high risk countries that sponsor terrorism and have ties to terrorists. We can't afford to burden tax payers and their money to sponsor Muslim refugees who have ties to terrorists that come into the U.S. When Mr. Trump takes office in January 2017 he will have a comprehensive plan to screen all Muslims coming from high risk countries.
The liberal media are out to get Trump because Mr. Trump never contradicted his words when he said that he's going to ban Muslims from coming into America who have ties to terrorism and come from high risk countries that sponsor terrorism.

Issue of Trump on Muslims

I do not agree that Trump is not aware of the threat of Muslims and their Sharia Law, however such a ban is unconstitutional and Trump as President would have no, proper authority to ban or screen Muslims.

What we need here is an amendment to the Constitution banning any manner of immigrant that has any manner of beliefs that would constitute an overthrow of our Constitution, religious freedom or otherwise threaten our established way of life.

Trump's problem is that no matter what he advocates he is going to be attacked and we need to realize this. Based on his life style can anyone actually believe that Trump would willingly tolerate Sharia Law?

Trump is a businessman. His experience is in negotiating business deals with customers or other businesspersons with different needs or views. In his business deals he would adjust his position to accommodate the customer's or businessperson's needs or wants. This is what he is doing now in the political arena, but it does not work here. In his business deals the customers are not aware of Trump's different interactions with others and those variations are not negative there and do not impact each other.

Here, in the political arena, everything he says is compared to something contradictory that he said or wrote elsewhere. In consideration of what I have written here, I can discern that Trump will do everything he can to bring this country back to where it should be but never has been.

I am a Constitutional Scholar. I can make an argument that everything Obama is doing can be construed as being authorized under the Constitution. Our constitution has so many holes a school of whales could swim through without violating any provision. Most persons read the Constitution with rose colored glasses, wishful thinking and tunnel vision, and do NOT pay attention to the actual words written therein.

"Everyone" blames the Federal Reserve for our economic mess when it is actually CONgress and the President's abuse of the Fed that has caused our economic chaos, and the Constitution has enabled this in the provisions assigning CONgress the authority to borrow money on the credit of the United States and with the responsibility to provide for the general welfare. What do these two provisions mean to conniving politicians?

Then there is the Fourteenth Amendment that no one seems to actually comprehend. The 14th assigns authority over those persons who volunteer themselves into subservient citizenship to the President of the United States, to command as he desires. Pay attention to the words! I am NOT making this up.

The only persons in the United States who have the political status that citizens erroneously believe they have are those persons who assert their status as being of the Posterity of the People of the United States as such established themselves in the Preamble. The words "citizen" and "People" ,are NOT politically synonymous. Pay attention to the words and the context in which they are written!

Many persons are clamoring for a restoration of the republic; how totally asinine! Do none of them ever take the time to understand what the word republic was considered to be when the Constitution was being created? A republic is universally established as a society with two political classes, (1) those whom make the rules and (2), those who follow those rules.

With that understanding of the meaning of republic, I urge you to read the Preamble and the Bill of Rights to see if you can find any application therein to citizens of the United States. LOL!!! The rule making class in this republic of the United States are the People of the United States; and the rule following class are those who volunteer themselves into the United States citizen class. If you doubt this, just open your eyes and take a good look around.

As a man who thinks for himself I contend that Trump is more aware of what I have set forth here than those who are reading this here on this blog.

Trump is our one and only hope! We conservatives need to understand his dilemma, and the enemies of Freedom that are in control here of virtually everything, and get behind and support Trump, and hope he is not assassinated as was John F. Kennedy, by our very own CIA, when JFK started putting America first.

I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone

Sorry Banning Muslims From Entering The US Is Constitutional

There is no constitutional right for a foreigner to enter the United States. Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution grants Congress the exclusive power "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization..." and Congress can use any criteria it sees fit, including a "religious" test. See There Can And Should Be A Religious Test For Immigration To America and "Refugee ‘Religious Test’ Is ‘Shameful’ and ‘Not American’ … Except that Federal Law Requires It" by Andrew C McCarthy for National Review

Muslim ban / Terror filter.

One of the main problems with Trump is he just talks saying what he is thinking at the moment and does not refine his thoughts latter.

He needs a filter that will filter out terrorists. An easy filter is to stop all muslims until we get this figured out. If we let them it it is too late.

There is a constitutional problem with filtering Muslims but there is not a problem of filtering lack of paperwork or country of origin or requiring a visa from all middle east countries.

If we could get fingerprints photo and DNA as a starting point of identifying who these people really are that would be only a start. Then we need why are you coming here and who is your sponsor. Single Males from 16 to 45 are statistically more likely to bring terror than intact families.

What filter would you use?
Would you let everyone in?


I hear it all the time about it being Unconstitutional about keeping muslims out. I say that it is just political correctness run amuck.
A foreigner has no right to sue the U.S.A. on any Constitutional issue, nor does any foreign country.
If it was Unconstitutional how come Congress was able to give preferential treatment to hispanics back in the 70's pushed by ted kennedy, that is what got us into this mess to begin with.
Congress has the absolute right to develop whatever immigration laws they want to and the courts really have no place in the decision making.


"There is a constitutional problem with filtering Muslims"

I do not see the problem. The USA has the right to not allow people into our Country. We do not need a reason and ONLY IF they are USA Citizens do they have the right to come into the USA. So I say STOP ALL of them and if they can not be vetted OH WELL. We are not the LIFE RAFT of the World nor should we be. We are the Country that does more than any other Country and it should be THE USA FIRST.

Banning Muslim Immigration Is Not Unconstitutional

There is no constitutional right for a foreigner to enter the United States. Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution grants Congress the exclusive power "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization..." and Congress can use any criteria it sees fit, including a "religious" test. See There Can And Should Be A Religious Test For Immigration To America and "Refugee ‘Religious Test’ Is ‘Shameful’ and ‘Not American’ … Except that Federal Law Requires It" by Andrew C McCarthy for National Review