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John McCain: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Senator

Senator John McCain’s most recent rant against Donald Trump, taking the side of Muslim Brotherhood connected Democrat Khizr Khan and personally defending him against Trump’s criticism of his speech to the McCain MorsiDemocratic National Convention prompts us to ask “Why does John McCain always take the side of the Muslim Brotherhood?” 

Khizr Khan’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood have been documented by Walid and Robert Shoebat in a lengthy expose you can read through this link

Among the Shoebats’ more revealing findings is their review of Khizr Khan’s magnum opus on Shariah or Islamic law entitled “Juristic Classification of Islamic Law” in which he made this revealing statement:

This brings up an important fact which is generally overlooked, that the invariable and basic rules of Islamic Law are only those prescribed in the Shari'ah (Quran and Sunnah) which are few and limited. All other juridical works which have been written during the more than thirteen centuries are very rich and indispensable, but they must always be subordinate to the Shari'ah and open to reconsideration by all Muslims

In other words, all other law, such as the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights are subordinate to the Shariah and if we understand the concept of “open to reconsideration by all Muslims” correctly, are invalid if they conflict with Shariah. 

This would be, by the way, the same Constitution which Khan’s son, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, swore to “support and defend” against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to “bear true faith and allegiance to” before he was killed in Iraq in 2004.   

Surely Senator McCain could have and should have known of Walid and Robert Shoebat’s revelations about Khizir Khan before he criticized Donald Trump and accused him of “defaming” a hero’s parents. 

But then again, Senator McCain has a long history of jumping up to defend Muslim Brotherhood operatives both at home and abroad. 

The Holy Land Foundation terrorism funding case unearthed a number of key documents, the most important of which was a 1991 Arabic-language memorandum outlining the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic goals in the United States. This includes the objective of:

“Enablement of Islam in North America, meaning: establishing an effective and a stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslims’ causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslims’ efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic State wherever it is.” 

The document goes on to identify the Brotherhood’s supporters in this objective, among them such groups as the Islamic Society of North America, the Islamic Association for Palestine (the precursor to what today is known as the Council on American Islamic Relations), and the multi-university umbrella organization known as the Muslim Students Association. 

In 2012, when five House conservatives requested the State Department investigate whether or not it was appropriate for Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, to hold a high level security clearance, given her long family history of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Senator John McCain rose to give the equivalent of Joseph Welch’s attack on Senator Joseph McCarthy – calling the questions regarding Ms. Abedin’s family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood “sinister accusations [that]rest solely on a few unspecified and unsubstantiated associations of members of Huma’s family.” 

Except, just as in the case of Khazir Khan, Huma Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood weren’t “unspecified and unsubstantiated,” they are well documented in Andrew McCarthy’s prescient 2012 article, “Questions About Huma Abedin” and her family ties to Khazir Khan and the Muslim Brotherhood are further revealed in the Shoebats’ expose. 

But the five conservative Members of Congress who questioned why a Muslim Brotherhood connected individual should have access to America’s most secret national security information were smeared in the media anyway as Islamophobes, McCarthyites and worse.* 

And Donald Trump is now getting the same treatment. 

But even stranger than Senator McCain’s support for Muslim Brotherhood-connected Clinton aide Huma Abedin was McCain’s support and advocacy for former Egyptian President Mohamad Morsi – a known member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was recruited through the Muslim Students Association at the University of Southern California. 

After Morsi’s anti-American Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian government was overthrown by pro-American secularist General el-Sisi Senator McCain went to Egypt with the approval of the Obama White House.  

Pretty much the first thing he and Senator Lindsey Graham did after hosting meetings with top officials in Cairo was to personally urge the Egyptian government to release Muslim Brotherhood prisoners. 

What McCain, Graham and Obama were advocating was that a popular uprising in Egypt that had thrown-out an anti-American regime aligned with a radical Islamist terrorist organization should be reversed, the terrorists should be let out of jail, and our government should cut off aid to the new democratic and pro-western Egyptian government. 

McCain and Graham spent their time during the trip meeting with and defending members of the Muslim Brotherhood who backed ousted President Morsi in replacing Egypt’s nominally Western-law code for one based on Sharia – the Islamic-based code favored by the Taliban, al Qaida, other Islamic terrorist organizations – and Mr. Khazir Khan. 

In a document titled “The Explanatory Memorandum” Muslim Brotherhood leaders explain to supporters that the organization’s goal is “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying Western Civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” 

To achieve those goals, the Muslim Brotherhood’s motto is “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Quran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” 

All of this is well known to Senator McCain, yet time and again he has ignored the Muslim Brotherhood’s own words, and refused to take them seriously.  

As Newt Gingrich said, when McCain was busy defending Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood-connected aide Huma Abedin and beating up those who see Muslim Brotherhood influence in the U.S. government as a serious danger, “The level of self-deception necessary to misunderstand the Muslim Brotherhood verges on a psychosis.” 

It’s time to ask how Senator John McCain came under this pro-Muslim Brotherhood psychosis and to recognize that the only cure for it is to defeat Senator McCain by voting for Dr. Kelli Ward in the upcoming Arizona Republican primary. 

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John McCain Tokyo Rose tapes

You tube has videos of John McCain Tokyo Rose tapes. He made this tape to encourage other GIs to defect. The North Vietnam military called him Songbird because he gave up any information very willingly. He made 30+ tapes but so far only this one has surfaced.

Hero or ???

Just because McCain had his jet shot out from under him in VietNam does NOT make him a "hero". Just because Kazir Kan's (sp?) son was blown up by a roadside bomb does NOT make him a "hero". When oh when will America quit drinking the kool-aid?

People of AZ

People of AZ, for the love of your Country, please vote McCain (traitor) OUT!!!

McCain speaks for himself, not AZ

McCain is once again stepping up and putting his foot in his mouth like the people of AZ are with him. We are NOT! This man is a rino and not speaking for the people of AZ at all. He has been in the Senate for too long and he has been disconnected from the legal constituents he represents for almost as many years. Every election he obfuscates and lies and this term his obvious rino ways will get him voted out.

Beyond a doubt he is NO CONSERVATIVE. He is an NWO rino and really should be in the democrat party. He has lost his way and apparently does not listen to anyone but his buddy rinos in the senate. I am voting Ward and so is everyone I know in AZ. We are fed up with McCain, rinos, this administration, the NWO crowd, democrats and liberals. It is time to take back our country and reverse the damage done by this administration for the last eight long years. And in 2018 it will be Flake's turn to be voted out. Both have been abominable senators who have in no way represented their legal constituents. They have served only themselves and their special interest. Time to replace them both with better people who do listen to the legal constituents who voted them in to their seats and hold them to their promises.

Go Ward and go Trump. It is time for change!


Good for you! I hope you are able to vote him out! I voted for him as the lesser of two evils. But now I am a Trump supporter, GO TRUMP!