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Will Obama – Trump Voters Decide The Election?

Friday’s edition of The Washington Post included an interesting article by Marc Fisher titled “In Trump, some Obama backers see a new champion of hope and change” that recognized for the first time we can identify in the establishment media that, yes, Donald Trump’s message is indeed aspirational and more importantly, Trump buttonsresonating with America’s working families. 

As Fisher put it:

Eight years ago, they voted for the outsider, the excitingly different candidate who dared to say that the system wasn’t working, the man who spoke of hope and change. 

This year, they’re voting for the outsider, the excitingly different candidate who dares to say that the system isn’t working, the man who promises to make America great again. 

They are Obama-Trump voters, and though the concept strikes many people in both parties as kind of weird, the people making those choices say they’re being quite consistent. In 2008, they wanted someone to shake things up, put the focus back on the middle class, reverse the country’s depressing sense of decline and stick it to the powers that be. This year, they still want the same things. 

President Obama disappointed Lynette Anderson, a guidance counselor at a pre-engineering high school reports Fisher.  

“He turned out to be the same old same old,” she said. The candidate who spoke eloquently on behalf of people who had been left behind by technological and economic change, who pledged to unite a polarized nation, turned out to be just another politician who couldn’t push through the paralysis in Washington, Anderson told Fisher. 

According to Marc Fisher’s reporting Ms. Anderson thinks Donald Trump can do that. “I trust him,” said Anderson. Her choice this fall has little to do with party and more with who will find a way forward for the nation’s middle — people like her who make $100,000 a year but feel like the country is building a future designed just for rich people. She is looking, she said, for strength. 

“Trump could clean house,” she said. “It has nothing to do with him being a billionaire, and I know the president doesn’t have carte blanche to change things, but Trump’s got some muscle to make people make deals.” 

Questions about Clinton’s trustworthiness are sometimes a big part of why former Obama voters choose Trump reports Fisher.  

Vinny Pechy, who does electrical work on construction sites near his home in Sussex County, N.J., in the state’s northwest corner, is drawn to Trump for the same reason he liked Sanders: “The trust thing, his values.” 

“I’m fed up with the old, fat, white, gray-haired men who run things,” Pechy, who is 56, told Fisher. “I’m white, but those guys are about entitlement, and Hillary falls right into that category, even though she’s not a man.” 

Although Pechy, as a union laborer, gets steady work and has a pension to boot, reports Fisher, he worries about his 19-year-old son’s future. He wonders whether there will be any path to success for American kids without college degrees. 

Pechy never went to college yet built a thriving career. “When I was coming up, blue-collar, middle-income people could work,” he said. “Now all these rich people are sending the jobs overseas. We can’t all work in an office. How many people can sit behind a desk? You got to make something, man.” 

Vinny Pechy, generally a reliable Democratic vote summarized why he’s supporting Trump this way, “I don’t know that Hillary would make it worse, but I don’t think she can fix anything. With Trump, maybe. I’m not looking for status quo. I’m hoping the boat gets rocked.” 

Mr. Pechy’s comments remind us that the key to Donald Trump’s campaign, and indeed a key to his entire political world view, may be found in a few paragraphs of his acceptance speech that he addressed to America’s working men and women, and especially this:

My dad, Fred Trump, was the smartest and hardest working man I ever knew. I wonder sometimes what he'd say if he were here to see this tonight. It's because of him that I learned, from my youngest age, to respect the dignity of work and the dignity of working people. 

He was a guy most comfortable in the company of bricklayers, carpenters, and electricians and I have a lot of that in me also. I love those people. 

Ask yourself if Hillary Clinton has ever even met a bricklayer, carpenter or electrician that was an actual working guy, not a highly paid union official?  

Not in a million years. 

Fisher’s article demonstrates that despite the establishment media’s obsession with reporting on Trump’s real or imagined insults and gaffes, resulting in a near blackout of establishment media reporting on Trump’s core message, that message is getting through and its buoying Trump’s poll numbers in a way that leave Hillary Clinton an almost impossible path to counter. 

Click the link to read Marc Fisher’s “In Trump, some Obama backers see a new champion of hope and change” in its entirety.

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2016 Election

This was a great country until Obama and Mrs Clinton got involved with him.
There is no room for liars. The people wanting to vote for Clinton Im sure are on drugs if they allow this to happen. Obama might as well be in office. The country is going to be run worse with her since she has no idea of what's going on. As far as allowing all these illegal aliens into this country, why are we not taking care of our US citizens that have nothing. I haven't heard her say anything worthwhile YET of what she is going to do to make America better. I feel there are a lot of Americans that are either confused or just plain stupid.
As for Trump, he does open his mouth too much, but believe me he is not a liar and he will do all he can to help us. The congress is another story especially RYAN. I use to have respect for him but its gone. He is as bad as she is or worse. At least Trump is for America she is for her pocket. Taking all this money from foreign countries to benefit herself. That's a laugh.
Lets go US smarten up before it actually gets worse. Then all of you will still be complaining. Vote for Trump he is an honest man.
I hope Obama doesn't think that all these illegal aliens are here to vote. He probably does since he is one himself and he became President not once but twice. Wake up US.