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Viguerie: Trump Campaign as Exciting Now as Reagan's in 1980

In an exclusive appearance on the Steve Malzberg Show CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie on Wednesday praised the shakeup of Donald Trump's campaign, calling it "exciting" and telling Newsmax TV he hasn't "seen anything like this since the 1980 Reagan campaign."

Viguerie at desk"I've had a philosophy, 'Tell me who you walk with and I'll tell you who you are,'" Viguerie told Malzberg. "If you look at Donald Trump's campaign now . . . These are charter members of the conservative movement. It's very exciting. I haven't seen anything like this since the 1980 Reagan campaign against [Jimmy] Carter." 

Viguerie said the campaign reset "is a step in the right direction" to win over the pockets of Never Trump Republicans. 

"Don't focus on Trump, focus on Hillary," Viguerie said. "Trump as president, he might be wrong 20, 25, 30 percent of the time. But Hillary Clinton is going to be wrong 100 percent of the time . . . Her goal will be to destroy the conservative movement. Donald Trump will be helping to advance the conservative movement." 

Viguerie told Malzberg that Republicans needed to do two things to win this election: Feature a candidate who's a fighter and unite the party. 

"You can't be somebody like Jeb Bush who's not a fighter. So they've got a fighter in Donald Trump for certain," Viguerie said in the interview. 

But uniting the party is where Viguerie said he's been critical of Trump. "If he unites the base of the party, he will be the next president," concluded Mr. Viguerie.

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Probably the most delusional thing I've read on this or any blog.

Reagan had an optimistic view of America and Americans, based upon freedom. He used rhetoric to lift people. He united the US and divided the Soviet Union. Trump - not so much. He divides the US and unites with former Soviets.

Trump Campaign As Exciting Now As Pres. Reagan in The 80's

Mr. Donald Trump has all the momentum now to win the general elections in November to defeat Hillary Clinton and head to the White House in January 2017. He's a strong contender like President Reagan in the 80's when President Reagan freed the American hostages in Iran and also won the popular votes of the Republican Conservative grassroots movement and Jimmy Carter lost. Even though we have a double standard with the media and Mr. Trump's campaign the Democrats are losing with the Establishment of RINOS in Congress who have to play by the rules when Mr. Donald Trump takes office. I predict a two term Presidency for Mr. Donald Trump who has a lot of work ahead to repair the damage that Obama has cost this country and to use his executive power where he is suppose to use it including appointing Justices that will abide by the U.S. Constitution and not just their own ideological views to make Judicial decisions, reining in on the IRS and their corrupt practices and policies, and the Federal government and their over regulations, immigration and terrorism to be his first priority when he takes office last but not least creating jobs for all unemployed in America that need jobs.