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Did The Smug Liberals Of The Media Get Our Message?

Witness the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory last Tuesday as proof that self-reflection is not the strong suit of most modern liberals.  

Many were driven to tears, others to a fit of rage that (irony alert) led them to attack the police and riot in communities that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton and are run by Democrats.  

Spotted owlMany in the liberal intelligentsia penned morose letters to the future about what a Trump victory might mean and a few, such as National Public Radio personality Garrison Keillor, delivered vitriolic attacks on their fellow Americans for electing Trump. 

In Keillor’s formulation Trump was elected by “uneducated white males” who never expected Trump to win. “They wanted only to whoop and yell, boo at the H-word, wear profane T-shirts, maybe grab a crotch or two, jump in the RV with a couple of six-packs and go out and shoot some spotted owls.” It was pleasure enough for them just to know that they were driving us liberals wild with dismay said Keillor. 

To Garrison Keillor, Hillary Clinton’s support was composed of “librarians, children’s authors, yoga practitioners, Unitarians, bird-watchers, people who make their own pasta, opera-goers, the grammar police, people who keep books on their shelves…” (Full article here.) 

In other words, nice people, who oddly enough now seem to be burning down cities and attacking the police in a fit of mass hysteria. 

Trump supporters on the other hand are a bunch of cruel hicks. 

As a Trump supporter, I guess I must turn in my MENSA card, take down my bird feeder and call 1-800-Got-Junk to cart-off the thousand-plus books that are taking over my office, bedroom and garage, better to fit Keillor’s smug and vicious profile of the unwashed Lumpenproletariat that he thinks voted Donald Trump into the White House. 

Garrison Keillor obviously never went to a Donald Trump rally or looked in the mirror and asked “what did I miss that created the Trump movement?”  

Author, essayist, and journalist Michael Wolff and lawyer and writer Glenn Greenwald on the other hand are two liberals who apparently have looked in the mirror, and found something interesting looking back. 

Wolff found:

Not only did the media get almost everything about this presidential election wrong, but it became the central issue, or the stand-in for all those issues, that the great new American Trump Party voted against. 

The transmutation of political identities has arguably devolved into two parties: the Trump one, the angry retro people, and the Media Party, representing the smug modern people, each anathema to and uncomprehending of the other. Certainly, there was no moment in the campaign where the Media Party did not see itself as a virtuous and, most often, determinative factor in the race. Given this, the chants of “CNN sucks” at Trump rallies should not have been entirely surprising. 

But they were. The media took this as a comment about press freedom rather than its own failure to read the zeitgeist. In fact, it largely failed to tell any story other than its own. 

Every anchor and commentator on network and cable news last night underwent a visible transformation from self-satisfied and jolly certainty to wandering in the wilderness. In a situation that only had two possible outcomes, nobody was even able to pretend they had contemplated both, admitted Wolff. (Full article here.) 

Greenwald, who later said he found the prospect of a Trump Cabinet with Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich in it “genuinely terrifying,” nevertheless got the reasons for Trump’s victory right:

Elites (outside of populist right-wing circles) aggressively unified across ideological lines in opposition to both [the Brexit and Trump]. Supporters of Brexit and Trump were continually maligned by the dominant media narrative (validly or otherwise) as primitive, stupid, racist, xenophobic, and irrational. In each case, journalists who spend all day chatting with one another on Twitter and congregating in exclusive social circles in national capitals — constantly re-affirming their own wisdom in an endless feedback loop — were certain of victory. Afterward, the elites whose entitlement to prevail was crushed devoted their energies to blaming everyone they could find except for themselves, while doubling down on their unbridled contempt for those who defied them, steadfastly refusing to examine what drove their insubordination. 

The indisputable fact is that prevailing institutions of authority in the West, for decades, have relentlessly and with complete indifference stomped on the economic welfare and social security of hundreds of millions of people. While elite circles gorged themselves on globalism, free trade, Wall Street casino gambling, and endless wars (wars that enriched the perpetrators and sent the poorest and most marginalized to bear all their burdens), they completely ignored the victims of their gluttony, except when those victims piped up a bit too much — when they caused a ruckus — and were then scornfully condemned as troglodytes who were the deserved losers in the glorious, global game of meritocracy. 

Trump won, said Greenwald, because “human beings are not going to follow and obey the exact people they most blame for their suffering. They’re going to do exactly the opposite: purposely defy them and try to impose punishment in retaliation. Their instruments for retaliation are Brexit and Trump. Those are their agents, dispatched on a mission of destruction: aimed at a system and culture they regard — not without reason — as rife with corruption and, above all else, contempt for them and their welfare.” (Full article here.) 

I’d like to know if more liberals see things as Wolff and Greenwald do. It would be a worthwhile endeavor for conservative – populists and liberals, like Wolff and Greenwald, to get together to discuss how to redirect the elite toward a more sympathetic view of their fellow citizens, their just grievances and how to address them.  

However, I suspect the Garrison Keillors of the liberal establishment would heap vitriol on any liberal who participated in such an endeavor, and besides, careening around the country in an RV with my fellow troglodytes shooting spotted owls and dismantling the Leviathan is a lot more fun.

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The liberals need to know this

Bill Clinton finally said what the problem was near the last of Hillary's campaign ONLY he said it was removing the hope for a better life from white males. He pointed his own white finger at Obama and said that Obama had driven this mess to this conclusion stupidly that benefited Trump. Though Bill Clinton was partially right, he still did not encompass the true problem.

It was not just white males, it was any working, struggling legal citizen either man or woman in this country who was watching this country slide down the proverbial drain to socialism or communism depending on the particular liberal tyrant who would be in charge of this once democratic republic. They were driving this country right into an oligarchy and destroying this country, our sovereignty, our constitution, our rights and freedoms, everything this country represented since its founding.

The true legal citizens of this country whether man or woman of white, black or brown decent from whatever nationality of their heritage who truly believed in the American dream where if you worked hard, went to school and did put your country and your family first would succeed. That you would be rewarded with all that you could earn and live a good, safe, and happy life. True, we all knew freedom was not free but we expected our enemies to come from without NOT from within.

Your assessment of the liberals, their cavalier attitude about the middle working class and their false and fake concern for the little people has been pretty obvious in their tirades and rants, in their assault of our freedoms, our livelihoods, our safety and our intelligence. You are right that they believe we are too lacking in intelligence, too poorly educated, and too uninformed to be deemed worthy of their lofty consideration. They feel that they are richer, smarter, and more worldly. That their own persona and that of their peers is far superior to ours. That where this country went, whatever was decided was better made with them making all the decisions and maneuvering all of us in every way just as they had been doing for decades now.

Sadly, you are also correct in assuming they still have not figured out the obvious. It is not one type of American citizen upsetting their NWO agenda, it is every working middle class American citizen. We are indivisible NOT divisible. We love our country, our freedoms, our constitution, our sovereignty. our home and our families. And we all know now who these people are and what they represent.

They are our enemies within and it is time to engage and stay engaged to stop their fundamental attempts to change our home and our lives. The immigrants that come must assimilate and accept this culture that dominates in the US. Assimilate or leave, it is that simple. We are not separate and divisive we are indivisible and united. We shall overcome those who would harm this country from within. This battle has just begun and we will tirelessly work to continue to drain the swamp of this liberal trash that has deemed themselves superior to the backbone populace of this country, the working middle class who pays the bills and keeps the lights on in DC. Go patriots, keep turning over their apple-carts. Maybe someday they will get smart enough to figure it out!

Garrison Keillor

Isn't it true that Lake Woebegon, MN is also the hometown of Gus Hall, the leader of the Communist Party USA throughout most of the 20th Century?

Lake Woebegon, MN is a fictional place

Lake Woebegon, MN is a fictional place, but it makes sense to us that Gus Hall, the leader of the Communist Party USA, would be born someplace in Garrison Keillor's head.


If you think the left is going to lay down, you know they learned never to let this happen again, so more force, lies and intimidation are needed for the next round of election stealing..they are communist, socialism is a foot hold for them and the left if anything is determined to undermine freedom, choice, self reliance and morality at every opportunity..

As a Right Wing Marxist, I will do my best to oppose all left wing socialist...I will push for economic success, upward mobility to grow the middle class, entrepreneurism, self reliance, transparency of gov and management of gov, to grow the private this environment of upward mobility and aspiration for success communism is a unwatered weed.....Freedom is not and maintenance is forever necessary.....