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Transition to Trump: Democrats turning a nauseating shade of green over Trump’s cabinet moves

One sure way to measure the true merit of a Trump cabinet pick is to sit back and observe the left’s reaction to it. If rabid leftist fury signals a direct hit, then Trump’s naming of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency in his administration may be the president-elect’s best personnel move yet.

Simply put, the “green” community is probably the left’s most sacred cow. Assuming he’ll be confirmed, Pruitt would lay waste to all of the enviro-freak “climate change” hysteria that’s led to hyper-regulation of the American economy over the years and the Democrats and their green friends aren’t about to see their “cow” led Grinchto the slaughter without a fight.

Devin Henry of The Hill reports, “Pruitt is one of the most aggressive Republican attorneys general to oppose environmental rules from Obama’s EPA. Among other rules, he has sued over the Clean Power Plan, a regulation to cut power sector carbon emissions and a rule expanding federal authority over federal waterways…

“Pruitt’s nomination set off alarm bells in the green community, who noted the attorney general’s history with the energy industry in Oklahoma.

“’Having Scott Pruitt in charge of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is like putting an arsonist in charge of fighting fires,’ Michael Brune, the executive director of the Sierra Club, said in a statement.”

You want a better analogy? Okay, here is a couple: Having Barack Obama and the Democrats in charge of the U.S. Treasury is like putting hippies in charge of the dope…or William Ayres in charge of the pipe bombs.

The reaction to Pruitt from Democrat senators was no less priceless, including that from jilted presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders who has suddenly become a spokesman for the anti-Trump opposition party. Whenever Trump does something noteworthy, it seems like the media runs to Bernie for a quote.

About Pruitt, Sanders said in a statement, “At a time when climate change is the great environmental threat to the entire planet, it is sad and dangerous that Mr. Trump has nominated Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA.”

Of course we heard the same nonsense during the campaign, but even now that Donald Trump is the president-elect, Bernie Sanders is still claiming the biggest threat to all of us is…climate change. And the Democrats wonder why their numbers are dwindling so rapidly in between the coastlines.

Far from a so-called “climate denier,” Scott Pruitt has merely said that the “warming” question isn’t yet settled. Democrats and leftists don’t like to hear such uncertainty still exists since it runs counter to their agenda.

As is true with all of Trump’s nominees that require Senate confirmation, Pruitt will need at least 50 votes (plus Mike Pence) to be confirmed. With 52 Republican senators plus a handful of Democrats from solid red states likely to support Pruitt – and the others – the greenies will have to pick off the so-called “moderate” Republicans to have any chance of derailing him.

I doubt it will happen, but they’ll sure put on a good show for the cameras. Must-see TV, for sure.

For if the Democrats can’t protect their “green” special interests, what good are they to all the Hollywood leftists with their carbon spewing private jets who dump millions of dollars into Democrat campaigns only to watch as people in power trod on their fantasies? Will a good “show” in the confirmation hearings be enough to satiate the sensitive hardcore partisans?

What’s becoming evident from Trump’s cabinet choices is not only is he choosing principled conservatives to serve in his administration pretty much across the board, he is demonstrating that he has the political will to name anti-Washington establishment people who he knows will trigger a fight.

And Trump’s doing it anyway. Electing an “outsider” does come with benefits. After all of this, the only ones left in the globally-warmed “swamp” will be the Democrats…and groups like the Sierra Club.

Grab the sleeping pills, Trump’s choice for Labor Secretary is causing nightmares on the left

If it can be said that Donald Trump’s EPA choice infuriated the green lobby, his choice for Labor Secretary is also arousing catcalls from liberal groups.

Sean Higgins of the Washington Examiner reports, “President-elect Donald Trump will reportedly tap Andy Puzder, chief executive of the company that owns the Hardee's and Carl's Jr. franchises, to be the next secretary of labor...

“Puzder has been a major critic of higher minimum wage laws, the administration's efforts to make franchise companies legally responsible for their franchisees, and the president's signature domestic achievement, Obamacare.”

Business groups praised the news of Puzder’s appointment, knowing they’ll now have an ally in the Labor Department replacing another leftist Obama ideologue (Tom Perez). And in case you see “business is in favor” as a sign that the new Secretary of Labor would be soft on illegal immigration, don’t be concerned. The restaurant magnate praised Trump’s entire economic plan – including its crackdown on illegal immigration – and Puzder was one of Trump’s biggest supporters from the beginning of his presidential run.

(Note: Here is a view from W. James Antle III of the Washington Examiner that says Puzder will clash with Trump on immigration.)

And the icing on the cake in celebrating Puzder’s upcoming nomination (just as it was with Scott Pruitt) is the left’s reaction to it.

In his article, Higgins reported, “Liberal groups have been dreading the prospect of a Puzder nomination. A Monday column in the liberal American Prospect called him the higher minimum wage movement's ‘worst nightmare.’

“’Puzder opposes any increase to the minimum wage, believes that workers are kept in poverty because of government assistance programs, and thinks expanding access to overtime pay would diminish the prestige of entry-level management jobs,’ the article said.”

I’m surprised they didn’t throw in the feminists’ “equal pay for equal work.”

It appears that Trump is causing a lot of “nightmares” on the left these days. The prescription sleep-aid industry must be booming with all of these distraught sleep-deprived liberals crying over each succeeding Trump tweet, speech or cabinet announcement. Some of them even admit they lost interest in dating when Trump was elected. No joke.

Just last week leftist labor groups held their annual “Fight for $15” day where fast food workers across the country were coerced to walk out on their jobs in order to protest low wages, supposedly intended to engender sympathy from patrons and stir people into action to pressure their legislators to hike the minimum wage.

No one is in favor of forcing people to work for low wages, but the fact is minimum wage earners make up only a tiny fraction of the overall labor force. And low-skilled jobs are not only meant to help people acquire the tools and work ethic necessary to advance, they’re an opportunity for teenagers to earn a little money to supplement family incomes.

Those sneakers and iPhones are expensive, right?

If you hike the minimum wage, employers have no incentive to hire more people. A lot of those on the lower rungs of the skills continuum won’t have a job. It’s not hard to see it.

Puzder and Trump don’t need to be told that this is how it works. Apparently our government’s labor policy in the next four years will be geared towards helping people work instead of bringing down the hurt on employers. With the economy much weaker than was reported during the campaign, that’s important.

And by revealing yet another name to add to the healthy list of those who will make up his cabinet, Trump is showing that he’s open for business. But then again, the president-elect has already been “acting” like he’s the president already.

Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner writes, “President-elect Trump has spent the month since his election victory engaging in some distinctly presidential-style behavior, including engaging with businesses on behalf of the American people, conducting a bit of foreign policy, and delivering sweeping public addresses — all before he holds the authority of the presidency.

“With weeks to go until he takes office, Trump's moves have tested the limits of his unofficial powers as the president-in-waiting. And although his activism has drawn scrutiny from detractors, his favorability ratings have hit new heights on the heels of several high-profile successes.”

Here’s another area where the left must be losing sleep. Instead of allowing Obama to coast out of office in a relatively quiet media environment, Trump is doing the opposite – he’s generating excitement for his upcoming administration. There’s nothing like a little “entertainment” value to draw Americans’ attention to Trump’s “new game in town” mentality.

Trump’s pre-inauguration activities are almost like an extension on the “honeymoon period” that all presidents enjoy after their elections and basically serve to add time to his “first 100 days.”

For conservatives, January 20 can’t come fast enough.

Trump names wrestling empire founder to head the SBA, Democrats see only stooges

As long as we’re on the subject of jobs, both employers and employment-seekers got another piece of good news this week when Donald Trump announced his choice to lead the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Megan Cassela of Politico reports, “President-elect Donald Trump has picked Linda McMahon, a former professional wrestling executive and former Republican contender for Connecticut's U.S. Senate seats, to lead the Small Business Administration…

“The 68-year-old co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. began publicly supporting Trump when she became a top donor to the president-elect throughout the fall, giving $6 million to a pro-Trump super PAC run by Florida Gov. Rick Scott.”

The balance of the Politico article emphasizes McMahon’s primary season opposition to Trump (she apparently favored Chris Christie) and her comments in regards to his past treatment of women. The media can’t get enough of that type of character assassination. But what matters now is Trump’s ability to recognize talent when he sees it.

In his statement announcing the appointment, Trump highlighted McMahon’s ability to foster the entrepreneurial spirit as part of her appeal. Like Trump, she’s been successful in a line of business that requires just as much “selling” as it does management.

From Wikipedia, “[McMahon] is notable for her career developing WWE with her husband Vince McMahon. McMahon was active with WWE (WWF until 2002) from 1980 to 2009. During this time, the company grew from a small regional business in New York to a large multinational. McMahon and her husband became wealthy through the WWE's success, and the McMahon family name is now synonymous with the wrestling industry. As President and later CEO of the company, she negotiated business deals, launched wrestling merchandise, signed wrestler contracts, and managed and wrote for WWE publications.”

In other words, it sounds like McMahon is supremely qualified to advise on small business matters. She’s known as a “political moderate,” but that assessment was based on her two runs for Senate in ultra-liberal Connecticut. If Trump – and his team, including Mike Pence – thinks McMahon can do the job, I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Though I haven’t been able to find much on the liberals’ reaction to McMahon specifically, they’re certainly not happy about Trump’s picks as a group.

Mike Lillis of The Hill reports, “Liberal House Democrats are trashing Donald Trump's Cabinet picks as an unqualified group of ‘misfit’ plutocrats hell-bent on tearing down the agencies they've been tapped to lead.

“At a press briefing in the Capitol, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) warned that Trump’s nominees would dismantle federal programs under their dominion at the expense of the working class.”

California Democrat Rep. Jared Huffman called Trump’s nominees “the greatest collection of stooges and cronies and misfits we have ever seen in a presidential administration.”

I almost doubled over laughing at that one. I think Huffman must certainly have been talking about his own House Democrat caucus leadership rather than the likes of Sen. Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson, James “Mad Dog” Mattis and successful business titans like Wilbur Ross.

If you need a good laugh, here’s a video of the press briefing (sorry for the poor audio quality, but consider the source). What a bitter bunch of losers. I’m not sure how else to describe them.

As we head into mid-December it’s clear President-elect Trump wants to get on with the business of making America great again. In doing so he’s compiling an impressive cabinet full of distinguished business leaders and capable, principled politicians to do the governing.

Many conservatives had misgivings about Trump all the way up until Election Day and afterwards. During his victory speech, Trump said he wanted to be president for all Americans. With his actions since that time, he’s proving it.

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