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100 Days of Trump: At long last, conservatives reach the promised land on immigration

When Donald Trump announced he was running for president he promised he would make America great again. He reiterated his vow when he won the election. He repeated it again last Friday when he took the oath of office. But we had no way of knowing Trump would take major steps towards accomplishing the goal within the span of a week.

And it’s safe to say there are many conservatives out there in America who believed a day like Wednesday would ever come -- but it did. Yesterday President Trump made it the official policy of the United States Donald Trumpgovernment to fully and completely enforce the immigration laws and begin the construction of a wall along the southern border.

Rafael Bernal of The Hill reports, “One of the orders signed by Trump calls for the construction of ‘a large physical barrier on the southern border,’ according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

“The other order deals with immigration enforcement and ends the ‘catch and release’ policy that quickly returned border crossers back to Mexico instead of arresting and processing them for deportation. The policy was a fixture of the Bush administration and was later reinstated on an informal basis by former President Barack Obama…

“The immigration actions also seek to withhold visas from countries to make sure they take back people in the U.S. illegally who are found to have broken U.S. laws. It would also strip federal grants from ‘sanctuary’ cities and states that do not enforce federal immigration laws.”

Hallelujah. I’m not sure how else to describe the feeling. The “war” over illegal immigration has not been won, but at least now we have a “general” (literally and figuratively, in Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly) who will put up a fight.

Building a “big, beautiful wall” was Trump’s signature campaign promise, so it’s no surprise the new president went to such lengths to highlight it on Wednesday. It’s been a long time coming since the last several presidents have done little if anything to actually do something about the porous border. It’s only gotten worse, too.

I must admit, when it became evident that Trump was the winner on the morning of November 9, two thoughts came to mind. Number one, there would be a conservative to replace the untimely departed Justice Antonin Scalia, and two, that the darn wall would finally be constructed at Mexico’s doorstep.

Now it appears as though both are coming to fruition (Trump said he would announce his Court pick next week).

And yes, while actually building a wall is certainly important, the most significant part of Trump’s actions on immigration has to do with mandating that the law be implemented. If existing laws are enforced than a “physical barrier” will probably be the final step to sealing the border.

Once that’s accomplished then the national conversation can begin on what to do about the non-criminal aliens that remain in the country. There’s no need for riots or panic. No one’s going to be rounded up. No families are going to be split apart (sorry, Hillary).

At least not at Trump’s behest.

America is going to get its wall. The rest is up to Congress.

#NeverTrump “conservative” Evan McMullin invites the left to join him in opposing President Trump

And they said Donald Trump was a glory-seeker.

With President Donald Trump seemingly popping up in every news cycle with what has become his standard daily ritual (Trump seated behind the president’s desk in the Oval Office with aides handing him a series of files to sign in front of the cameras; he explains what it is he’s ordering, then attaches his signature and shows it to reporters), you would think by now even Trump’s fiercest critics would admit he’s a man of his word.

But not Evan McMullin, the #NeverTrumper who gained his fifteen minutes of fame last fall by agreeing to act as the so-called conservative “alternative” to Trump. No doubt bankrolled by the deep pockets of the anti-Trump elements of the Republican establishment, McMullin collected several hundred thousand votes nationwide, didn’t come close to influencing the election outcome and quickly faded out of sight shortly after Election Day.

Well, McMullin’s back…sort of.

David M. Drucker of the Washington Examiner reports, “’Stand Up Republic’ is a new 501(c)4 political nonprofit organization. McMullin and (Mindy) Finn, both Republicans, waged a long-shot independent bid for president in 2016 to block Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton from winning 270 electoral votes, and throw the election to the House.

“They envision their new group as a home for conservative grassroots opposition to Trump, but plan to partner with activists on the left who share their concerns about the threat they believe Trump poses to the Constitution, equality and liberty. Stand Up Republic's first television spot questions Trump's ties to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, and suggests that the new president is hiding something and needs to come clean about his connections to Moscow.”

Joining with leftist activists to oppose Trump? Were McMullin and Finn part of the “women’s march” last Saturday? If so, did they both wear “pu—y hats” and hoot their approval at admitted communist rabble rouser Angela Davis? (Note: If you haven’t heard Davis’s speech, click the link. This is what these people represent???)

It’s funny how Drucker’s article indicates McMullin was trying to stop Trump and Clinton from winning the presidency. As I wrote on numerous occasions during the campaign, such a scenario was extremely unlikely under the most fortunate of circumstances. Make no mistake: McMullin was running solely to stop Trump, which in essence, would have helped Hillary.

It didn’t work. And now the slightly off-kilter brains of McMullin and his backers actually believe he can influence policy direction in the future. The only problem is Trump is keeping his promises to conservatives and Republicans so quickly that there isn’t going to be a whole lot for center-right folks to gripe about if the president keeps going this way.

It seems these McMullin people just can’t take “yes” for an answer. I’m not sure why McMullin’s name resurfaces every few weeks. It could be the “lost cause” that the independent ticket represented offers some kind of emotional attachment for the ever-shrinking contingent of crybaby Republican anti-Trumpers who just can’t move on.

And they’re isolated, too. Offhand I can’t recall a single Republican member of Congress who has disavowed Trump since he won the election. I guess this “Stand Up Republic” group will be going it alone; but then again, they’re used to flailing. They’re good at it.

It’s arguable McMullin is an even bigger loser than Hillary Clinton was in the 2016 election. At least Hillary can say she took part in the process, gathered what looks like a plurality of American votes and honored tradition by conceding to Trump.

I don’t think anyone would have taken a concession call from McMullin had he offered one. Some of Trump’s higher-ups may not have even recognized his name.

Not only did McMullin and the establishment #NeverTrumpers fail to stop Trump, they’re also losing the battle to convince people that Trump is a fraud and a phony when it comes to conservative causes. Trump’s cabinet picks and his actions in office thus far have been nearly flawless, momentum that all the #NeverTrump angst in the world couldn’t stop.

The pace of it has Democrats’ heads spinning too. W. James Antle III of the Washington Examiner writes, “Entering his first full week in office, President Trump has issued executive orders clearing the way for the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, pushing for relief from the costs imposed by Obamacare, reinstating a ban on public funds for international organizations that perform or advocate for abortion, and freezing both new regulations and federal hiring.

“Executive orders pertaining to immigration, especially the ‘extreme vetting’ Trump promised would take place with migrants from selected countries deemed to pose a disproportionate terror risk, are expected to follow Wednesday. He's even reshaped how the White House deals with press, by calling on non-mainstream news outlets first at the daily briefing, leaving wires and major TV networks waiting their turn.”

It’s true. Trump has accomplished a ton and it hasn’t even been a full week since Inauguration Day. It certainly appears as though the new White House occupants planned to spread things out, too, so as to not bunch up news coverage of any single policy item.

In other words, Trump could’ve done all those things on the proverbial “day one” but chose to give each move its maximum effect.

The sheer efficiency by which the Trump team is moving provides a glimpse of the administration’s capabilities moving forward. It also exposes the media’s shoddy coverage throughout the transition period when they suggested the Trump people were disorganized and behind schedule.

If such a claim contained even an ounce of truth I’d hate to see the left complaining about what else Trump had accomplished by now. It would be scary.

One thing’s for sure, Trump’s mastery of the media spotlight continues. Everyone’s talking about what he’s up to – but in this case it’s all about keeping his promises to the American People.

Democrats and the media melting down over Trump’s call to investigate voter fraud

While Donald Trump has busily spent every moment of his presidency thus far laying waste to the legislative legacy of Barack Obama, Democrats are fretting on an old topic.

Trump has renewed his call for an investigation into voter fraud and it’s got all the Democrat buzzards up in the air again, circling what they’re certain will be a dead carcass.

Louis Nelson of Politico reports, “President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he will call for a ‘major investigation’ into voter fraud, which he believes led to millions of illegally cast ballots in last year’s presidential election despite no evidence to support that conclusion.

“’I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!’ Trump wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning, breaking his message up into multiple posts.”

The always good-for-a-laugh Politico keeps up the “no evidence of voter fraud” claims despite plenty of evidence indicating irregularities took place, like some precincts in Detroit having more total votes than voters.

And there are verified reputable studies on illegal voting as well. It’s not that hard to find “evidence” of voter fraud, you just have to look for it. So much for the lazy media’s duty to seek the truth and report accurately.

As if this weren’t bad enough, Trump’s reactionary critics are already getting this one all wrong. Trump isn’t calling for an investigation of 2016 wrongdoings to prove that he won. He already did win and having Hillary Clinton seated behind him last Friday at the inaugural ceremony verified it.

Instead, the president is laying the groundwork for a thorough investigation into the practices of those who would seek to influence future elections by making it harder to cheat.

Anyone who denies that voter fraud exists simply isn’t paying attention (see above). Is it as prevalent as Trump implies, enough to potentially tip an election? I guess we’ll find out. But any such study will reveal the vulnerabilities in the system and allow for reforms that will help guarantee elections integrity next time around.

Maybe then we’ll get to stop talking about the subject. And Trump or some future candidate won’t have to hear gasps from a debate audience when he says something like he might not accept the outcome.

But the Democrats won’t want to let the issue go in any case because “voter suppression” is one of their bread and butter themes, a juicy bit of red meat they throw out to motivate their gullible uninformed voter base every so often.

Madeline Conway and Heather Caygle of Politico report, “House Democrats on Wednesday panned President Donald Trump’s pledge to pursue a ‘major’ investigation into alleged voter fraud, describing the president’s demand as ‘insecure’ and saying the probe will only increase voter suppression.

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she ‘felt sorry’ for Trump and even prayed for him after learning of his calls for an investigation.”

Thanks for the prayers, Nancy. After you’re done messaging the Lord on Trump’s behalf maybe you can begin explaining to the Almighty how you can champion abortion and still take communion.

As far as “suppression” is concerned, where’s the evidence of Republican attempts to intimidate legal voters?

Here we go again. Like allowing states to review their voter rolls to make them current or actually, gulp, require someone to produce a photo ID in order to vote – no matter what it is, the Democrats will oppose it.

It’s astonishing to me how these elected officials can look in the eyes of their constituents and question whether they’re smart enough to get a driver’s license or an ID card. So-called motor-voter laws make it simple to register to vote…but does it make them a legal voter?


Trump is doing the country a service by bringing up the issue. Once an investigation is completed, we’ll know for sure whether illegal voting occurs – or even voter suppression for that matter. Why are Democrats so afraid of finding out the truth?

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