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100 Days of Trump: Conservatives prepare for war over Trump Supreme Court pick

It’s a little early to claim that history will deem January 31, 2017 as one of the most consequential days in Donald Trump’s presidency, but there’s little doubt today will figure as a critically important one for the new president one way or another.

Trump announced yesterday he would be revealing his nominee to replace the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court tonight at 8 p.m. EST from the White House. Everything surrounding the event suggests it isn’t battleshipjust another day at the office. The entire country will be watching to see who Trump chose to tip the Court.

Historically speaking, nominations weren’t always treated like they would make or break the republic. We should not forget that outgoing President John Adams nominated legendary Chief Justice John Marshall to the Court almost as an afterthought in January, 1801. Marshall was Secretary of State at the time and held onto that office until Adams was replaced as president by Thomas Jefferson in March of that year.

Therefore, Marshall served as Chief Justice and Secretary of State simultaneously for about a month in 1801. Try pulling that one off today.

Of course Marshall went on to cement the doctrine of judicial review into America’s constitutional structure, creating three coequal branches of government. Because federal judges were empowered to interpret the constitutionality of laws, the judiciary continues to wield great power if judges choose to use it (in essence, “creating” law).

That’s why everyone is getting so worked up about Trump’s nomination. Face it, the new Justice will have enormous sway over the direction of law for likely the next three decades.

It’s been widely reported that Trump will choose between Federal Appeals Court Judges Neil Gorsuch (10th Circuit), Thomas Hardiman (3rd) and William Pryor (11th) -- but there could still be others in contention.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner reports, “When discussing Senate-confirmed nominations, it always makes sense to look at the favorites of powerful senators, and in that case, there just happens to be one candidate on the Trump list from Kentucky and two from Iowa — the home states, respectively, of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley. (Amul Thapar, who has often been praised by McConnell, is currently on the U.S. District Court in Kentucky, while Iowan Steven Colloton serves on the 8th Circuit, and Edward Mansfield serves on the Iowa Supreme Court.) Things might not be as narrowed-down as some think.”

There’s also Senator Mike Lee, whom many speculate is in line for the Court once Trump decides it’s time.

In his article York described the “confirmability” of each potential nominee, arguing different factors could come into play for each one.

In reaching his final decision President Trump has consulted with a lot of people and probably figures there’s going to be considerable muscle behind getting his nominee confirmed.

He’s right. Shane Goldmacher of Politico reports, “With Trump planning to announce his nominee on Tuesday night, his allies are moving quickly to sharpen a battle plan, and the first formal meeting of the de facto war room for the coming confirmation fight took place on Friday at the Capitol Hill headquarters of the National Republican Senatorial Committee on Friday.

“Inside the room were officials from the White House, Senate GOP leadership and the outside groups that have spent months researching the records of Trump’s potential picks and are now prepared to unload at least $10 million in ads backing the nominee—much of it directed at Senate Democrats up for election in 2018 in states Trump carried.”

In other words, this nomination goes well beyond the traditional tug-of-war between senators in the minority and majority. Outside groups on both sides will be heavily involved with this struggle the next couple months. A lot of money is going to be spent. Outlandish claims will be advanced. The left will say the world will end if the nominee gets through.

And Madonna will probably add the Supreme Court to her list of buildings to torch.

Harkening back to President John Adams and his appointment of John Marshall, I doubt there were any such “war rooms” set up to shepherd Marshall through Senate confirmation back in the days when men had honor and things were simple. In fact, the Senate confirmed Marshall within a week (keep in mind Adams was a lame duck and had just passed the “Midnight Judges Act”).

There won’t be any such free pass for the president’s nominee this time. Liberal groups have apparently already claimed all of the 21 names on Trump’s Supreme Court list are unacceptable. Therefore, there will be a fight no matter who Trump ends up naming.

As has been talked about a lot lately, confirmation could ultimately depend on how many Democrats are willing to cross the aisle to join Republicans in ending a potential filibuster and voting for the nominee. Individual state politics could play a major role. There could be some horse trading, begging, cajoling, wining and dining and even a few threats along the way.

One thing’s for sure – it’s going to be a heck of a ride. And it all starts tonight.

Trump derangement syndrome symptoms include crying fits and threats to secede

Though it hardly can be denied that Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee will face more than his/her fair share of “resistance” from Senate Democrats, it’s become clear from the ten-plus days of Trump’s presidency that all sorts of crazed opposition is springing up in leftist enclaves across the country.

Of course there were the astonishing protests over the past weekend against Trump’s common sense order restricting Muslim travel and immigration from seven terrorist hotspots around the world. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s voice cracked and tears welled in his eyes as he described Trump’s move as “mean-spirited” and “Un-American.”

Trump was in no mood to let Schumer’s emotional breakdown off lightly, either. Al Weaver of the Washington Examiner reports, “After saying that Senate Democrats are intentionally stalling his cabinet selections, Trump attacked the New York Democrat (Schumer), who appeared to well up during his scheduled news conference on Sunday in New York while talking about the order.

“’I noticed Chuck Schumer yesterday with fake tears. I'm going to ask him who is his acting coach 'cause I know him very well,’ Trump said while appearing at a meeting with small business owners.”

Regardless of whether Schumer’s misty eyes contained crocodile tears or the real thing, there’s little doubt that the angry unbalanced feeling behind them was genuine. Democrats just don’t seem to know how to react to Trump and it’s gone way beyond the screeching obsession that was exhibited during the previous weekend’s “Women’s March” in Washington.

Quite simply put, Democrats are having a moment in front of the whole country.

There’s even a movement out in California to not only offer opposition to the new president’s policies, but to resist them in addition. In the process the “s” word has been thrown out quite a bit recently, and I’m not talking about smelly organic matter. “Secession” is being thought of by some liberals as a possible fix for California’s irreconcilable differences with the federal government.

John Fund writes in National Review, “Some of their rhetoric resembles that of the ‘massive resistance’ movement in the 1950s South, which vowed to fight federal intrusion into the right of states to run their own discriminatory elections, segregate public schools, and ignore federal law enforcement.

“Assembly speaker Anthony Rendon has warned Trump that he better not dare to go after any of the state’s estimated 2 million illegal immigrants: ‘If you want to get to them, you have to go through us.’ Governor Jerry Brown vows to block any attempt to divert California from its radical plan to limit carbon emissions: ‘We’ve got the scientists. We’ve got the lawyers, and we’re ready to fight.’ State attorney general Xavier Bacerra says one of his top priorities is the ‘resistance’ against Washington’s deportation of illegal immigrants, even to the point of paying their legal fees to fight the federales.”

Fund’s solution to the California dilemma is to divide the state in two rather than having it secede, which would be a political longshot at best to pull off. Partitioning the state in two would be a dicey proposition as well, but at least then potential civil war would be avoided.

The larger point to be taken from Schumer’s crocodile tears and California’s secession talk is the increasingly obvious notion that Democrats will never be persuaded to accept anything that comes out of President Trump’s mouth or results from his pen. They can only be defeated at the ballot box – and even then, they’re not accepting the results.

The erosion of traditional American mores over the past quarter century has split the country basically in two, essentially along party lines. The Republicans represent, however loosely, the limited government constitutional side that under Trump, now includes populist ideas of pro-American trade and tight immigration enforcement.

Meanwhile the Democrats are a coalition party made up of minority interests, public employee unions, true-believing liberals, radical feminists, anarchists, socialists, environmentalists, utopians and ill-informed dreamers. Name a stupid theory and the Democrats are your champions.

What used to be seen as the party of the working class has now been co-opted by looney leftists who cry when someone proposes to protect national security. Or worse, they threaten to defy laws passed by Congress and “resist” outside of the usual means of settling disputes through the federal court system.

Yes, there certainly will be a fight over Trump’s Supreme Court nominee; not due to the person being unqualified, but because the Democrats aren’t willing to submit to process or elections or traditions or precedents or even rules laid out in the Constitution.

They used to call it “Bush Derangement Syndrome” whenever leftists would throw a fit over something the former president proposed. The disease went away for a while after Obama was elected, but now it’s back – and it’s worse.

And unfortunately for the country, there doesn’t appear to be any cure for the affliction.

Ho hum, another day, another kept Trump campaign promise

You might think after the flurry of activity during Donald Trump’s first week as president that he might be considering slowing down a bit, but in addition to announcing his intention to reveal his Supreme Court pick tonight, Trump also kept another major campaign promise via executive order yesterday.

Lydia Wheeler and Lisa Hagen of The Hill report, “President Trump on Monday signed an executive order that would require agencies to revoke two regulations for every new rule they want to issue.

“The executive order is aimed at dramatically rolling back federal regulations, one of his top campaign promises...

“The order requires agencies to control the costs of all new rules within their budget. Agencies are also prohibited from imposing any new costs in finalizing or repealing a rule for the remainder of 2017 unless that cost is offset by the repeal of two existing regulations.”

The order allows for exceptions in case of emergency or national security concerns.

As would be expected, leftists instantaneously decried the diminution of regulatory authority. To them, if the government isn’t in control of everything then “protections” are being lost. The only problem is there’s already so much “protection” going on that businesses are prevented from innovating and expanding. Job creation suffers.

Again, it’s common sense.

Where regulation is concerned there’s always a need to balance between private property rights and the government’s legitimate interest in “protecting” people. Lawmakers can’t possibly assess every problem at the local level so it’s often left up to the bureaucracy to try and carry out the wishes of Congress.

And as has been demonstrated over the years, bureaucrats often have their own agendas.

The rapid growth of the federal government has produced an army of regulators just itching to slap new rules on people. Hopefully Trump’s order will help level the playing field. It will also be a sign to businesses that they have a friend in the White House who will help them expand and improve instead of saddling them with new requirements.

America grew into the greatest economy in the world precisely because people could “dream” of owning their own businesses and run them the way they saw fit. My grandfather was one such man who turned a service station into a thriving auto dealership with quite a few employees.

The old saying goes “you can’t tax your way to prosperity.” Well, you can’t regulate your way there either.

President Trump kept another important campaign promise on Monday. I’m guessing businesses will respond accordingly.

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President Donald J. Trump 100 Days

President Donald J. Trump will keep his promise and appoint a justice in the mold of the late justice Antonin Scalia that will tip the balance of the Supreme Court so that the rule of law of the US Constitution can take shape to guide our society in the right direction and uphold and protect our inalienable rights and freedoms given to us by God .We know the liberal justices will do whatever they want without regards for the Constitution and conservative justices will abide by the Constitution and follow the rule of law.
President Donald J. Trump promised to Drain the Swamp and has kept his promise to role back excessive regulations that hurt small businesses which will bring economic growth, job creation and prosperity. He will work with conservatives in Congress to get things done in Washington because liberals and Democrats only want to advance their big government and liberal agenda that is bad for the country.
Stop union bosses from forcing workers to pay union dues to keep their jobs which is a get rich scheme by these union bosses.