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Obamacare And The Limits Of GOP Establishment “Show Vote” Government

Finally, the truth will win out – it’s not the Freedom Caucus that is the problem on repealing and replacing Obamacare – it is the Republican establishment that had no intention of repealing the health care and health insurance disaster in the first place.

Leave it to our friend Daniel Horowitz to ferret-out the key tell from the GOP establishment that they really have no intention of doing away with the Obamacare regulations and mandates that have killed the health insurance Paul Ryan Boehnermarket in many localities and driven costs beyond reach in many more.

Horowitz pointed out that Rep. Patrick McHenry (NC-10), the House GOP’s chief deputy whip, on Wednesday said the idea of allowing states to waive requirements for covering people with pre-existing conditions is a “bridge too far for our members” and can’t get enough votes to pass.

McHenry’s comments demonstrate the limits of the “show vote’ government of House Speaker Paul Ryan and his failed predecessor John Boehner.

In January 2016, the House passed an Obamacare repeal 240 to 181 and Republicans touted the vote as important step toward reversing the Affordable Care Act and the expansion of government it created.

Naturally, Obama vetoed the bill, but Speaker Paul Ryan (WI-1) said at the time, “We are confronting the president with the hard, honest truth: ObamaCare doesn’t work.”

Back in 2016 Republicans were able to get the repeal bill through the Senate, where Democrats had filibustered previous efforts, by using the fast-track process known as reconciliation that allows the bill to pass with a simple majority.

This year, when it would count? Not so much.

Back in 2016 Ryan said that he had asked his committee chairmen to work on crafting a single plan from the dozens of replacement bills that have been put forward in the House.

This year?

What came out was a “take it or leave it” abomination written in secret by the Speaker and his staff with no traditional public hearings, no amendments and no mark-up.

As Daniel Horowitz points out, the conservative solution to pre-existing conditions and other problems of health insurance and health care access can be solved by making insurance portable, competitive, work more like life insurance, and lower the cost of health care itself with supply side reforms.

Horowitz proposed 20 ideas for freeing-up the market to make insurance affordable and lower the cost of health care, saying younger people will pay into the system and do so at a younger age, thereby freeing up more funds to deal with the chronically ill.

And Republican leaders campaigned on these ideas, but never had any intention of following through with them. Instead, they’ve spent weeks haggling over phony process excuses, administrative arguments, and false promises of a “multi-phased” process — when in reality they never had any intention of repealing Obamacare.

Back in 2016, Speaker Ryan and the Republican establishment “leadership” said they were playing the long game with the repeal vote they knew Obama would veto. At the time, they said it will give voters a glimpse of how they would govern if they win back the White House in November.

Well, we’ve now seen the reality of Ryan – Boehner “show vote” government and it looks an awful lot like government by a less intelligent and less articulate version of the Democrats, as Daniel Horowitz put it.

We urge CHQ readers to contact House Freedom Caucus members to tell them you support them and urge them to continue to stand tall in opposition to #Ryancare and any other plan that does not repeal the Obamacare provisions that have destroyed the health care and health insurance markets.


Freedom Caucus Member Contact Information:

Mark Meadows (NC)     

(202) 225-6401  



Justin Amash (MI)          

(202) 225-3831  



Brian Babin (TX)               

(202) 225-1555  



Rod Blum (IA)   

(202) 225-2911  



Dave Brat (VA) 

(202) 225-2815  



Jim Bridenstine (OK)      

(202) 225-2211  



Mo Brooks (AL)

(202) 225-4801  



Ken Buck (CO)  

(202) 225-4676  



Warren Davidson (OH) 

(202) 225-6205  



Ron DeSantis (FL)            

(202) 225-2706  



Scott DesJarlais (TN)      

(202) 225-6831  



Jeff Duncan (SC)

(202) 225-5301  



Trent Franks (AZ)            

(202) 225-4576  



Paul Gosar (AZ)

(202) 225-2315  



Morgan Griffith (VA)     

(202) 225-3861  



Andy Harris (MD)            

(202) 225-5311  



Jody Hice (GA) 

(202) 225-4101  



Jim Jordan (OH)               

(202) 225-2676  



Raúl Labrador (ID)           

(202) 225-6611  



Barry Loudermilk (GA)  

(202) 225-2931  



Alex Mooney (WV)        

(202) 225-2711  



Gary Palmer (AL)             

(202) 225-4921  



Steve Pearce (NM)        

(202) 225-2365  



Scott Perry (PA)               

(202) 225-5836  



Ted Poe (TX)     

(202) 225-6565  



Bill Posey (FL)   

(202) 225-3671  



Mark Sanford (SC)          

(202) 225-3176  



David Schweikert (AZ)  

(202) 225-2190  



Randy Weber (TX)

(202) 225-2831  



Ted Yoho (FL)   

(202) 225-5744  



Joe Barton (TX)

(202) 225-2002  



Louie Gohmert (TX)       

(202) 225-3035  


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