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Outsiders vs. Insiders: The Democrats’ Comey rage is a tale told by idiots signifying nothing

If someone told you that you needed to change, would you do it?

I’m guessing most people’s answer would be, “It depends on who said it.” Fair enough. It’s a message many of us hear repeated every Sunday as the pastor delivers his sermon. Change your ways…serve others…spread the word…be more like Jesus.

Chuck SchumerAll good things. No one would be harmed by each of us becoming a little better, more humble, less self-centered person. And it’s safe to say all of us could stand to improve in some manner. Let’s take it to heart.

Based on recent observation it appears the Republican Party could also use some transformation as well and President Trump is trying to bring it about through his own brand of politics, informally known as “Trumpism.” He didn’t exactly say to the GOP “you need to change” but he did provide some strong hints.

Victor Davis Hanson of National Review wrote, “[3%] economic growth has not happened in over a decade. But if Trumpism works, then prosperity will supposedly unite Americans more than identity politics can divide them.

“In other words, Trump apparently believes that if he achieves 3 percent GDP growth and avoids a major war abroad, his brand of economic nationalism, realist deterrence, and America-first chauvinism will replace mainstream Republicanism.

“If he stalls the economy or gets into a quagmire abroad, then Trump will end up like most other American populist mavericks — as an interesting footnote.”

Nothing groundbreaking in Hanson’s treatise; he contends no other Republican could have won last year’s election and Trump’s unique combination of personal bombast and nationalistic/populist policies supplanted traditional GOP business-first stuffiness to carry the day against the establishment.

A lot of people, myself included, argued all along the Republicans didn’t defeat Barack Obama in two attempts because they didn’t offer a forceful conservative message. Therefore I supported Ted Cruz in the GOP primaries and spent the better part of nine months finding every which way possible to advocate for the Texan’s candidacy.

In the end, the people spoke. They desired something more than just a conservative voice, which Trump appeared to give them in most cases anyway; they wanted a different kind of leader, one who could come in from the outside and poke the elites in the eyes. They also sought a distinctive direction for the Republican Party apart from the establishment’s excuse-making machine on issues such as amnesty and big government bailouts.

Warmed-over wishy-washy conservatism wasn’t doing it for Americans. They coveted a president who could deliver on the message but also someone who would fix things and make America great again.

Change for change’s sake wouldn’t do. For example, many smart scientists have urged the world’s leading capitalist economies to modify their policies on carbon emissions in order to prevent the earth from heating up into a great big ball of fire that would kill every polar bear north of the Arctic Circle and result in rising sea levels that could turn places like Miami into an uninhabitable swamp.

Wait, isn’t Miami already built on a swamp? Yeah, but there are a lot of billion dollar properties along the coastline now that don’t want their swimming pools enlarged to the size of the Atlantic Ocean.

Whether the climate is actually warming, is caused by humanity or how severe it will turn out to be is a discussion for another time. The point is just because some pencil-neck with a wall full of diplomas and a government research grant funded microphone says you need to change doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it – or should be compelled to do it.

Meanwhile, the Democrats don’t seem to be getting the “you need to change” message as they’re about to double-down on the Russians-stole-the-election theme.

Pete Kasperowicz of the Washington Examiner reported last week, “Democrats are threatening to use every trick in the book to push Republicans to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate President Trump's ties to Russia, after Trump's abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey.

“On Wednesday, Democrats worked to stall work in several committees in protest of Comey's firing. And while they can't do much to stop an eventual nominee from moving in the Senate, they made it clear they were ready to wage guerrilla warfare to make it as painful as possible for the GOP until an independent person is picked to head up the Russia probe.”

This “guerilla warfare” mostly includes doing whatever Democrats can to dam up the senate and stall not only any potential Trump nominees from going through but also preventing regular business like the House Republicans’ American Health Care Act from moving forward.

This Democrat hissy fit over Comey and Russia is just the latest manifestation of neurosis under the leadership of Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a tragic character who can’t keep from sticking his foot in his mouth whenever he opens his oversized trap.

It’s funny how a lot of people are so certain the firing of Comey and the ongoing probe into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia will drag down the Republicans in the 2018 elections, but no one brings up the possibility the Democrats themselves will be hurt by their overreach in a desperate bid to find something – anything – that will show connection between the two.

By all appearances the Russia thing is a Macbethian tale told by idiots full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

What is the Democrats’ end goal, to drag this out another 16-18 months? It seems obvious that if Comey, James Clapper and even liberal darling Sally Yates admitted they have no specific evidence tying Trump’s people to the Ruskies, there’s nothing to see there. If it hasn’t come out yet with all of these leaks going on everywhere, when can we expect it?

Meanwhile, there’s more than enough hard evidence to conclude that someone (Susan Rice and probably others) within the Obama government unethically unmasked members of Trump’s team -- and maybe Trump himself – and then illegally leaked the information to the hungry-for-scandal liberal media.

Aren’t the Democrats the least bit concerned about blowback? Every time they appear to dance on unoccupied Republican graves it comes back to haunt them. By making fantastic claim after fantastic claim that never goes anywhere they look to be the directionless self-interested political animals that they truly are.

If anything, they’re the ones who should change.

But even some conservatives argue Trump is really the problem at its root. Ross Kaminsky wrote at The American Spectator, “Right now, it barely matters whether President Trump is right or wrong on any given policy or any given personnel action. What matters is whether he can execute the duties of the president in a way that looks like leadership. He shows that he can only in the way that an alcoholic shows he can go without a drink: for a short period of time and with great effort almost always resulting in a relapse.

“Trump supporters’ favorite line is ‘let Trump be Trump.’ It’s understandable for them (and for him) to believe ‘it got him this far, so why change now?’ But if the president can’t change his style Republicans will suffer greatly in the next election. Not because they’re wrong on the issues, but because voters will not see a reason to champion an army without a leader.”

Needless to say I don’t agree with Kaminsky’s assessment and offer it only by way of example. I believe Kaminsky was either #NeverTrump or made a “plug my nose and vote against Hillary” type of case prior to the election.

His opinion is respected, however. Democrats, on the other hand, have gone completely overboard once again on this Comey/Russia/Special Prosecutor matter and people will notice. The truth is out there somewhere and eventually the Democrats will either have to produce a Russia smoking gun or surrender their holster.

It might only be accomplished through them losing badly in next year’s election. Now that’s a change we all can believe in.

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