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Outsiders vs. Insiders: To recover from his media troubles, Trump must dump the establishment

Have you ever thought, ‘I knew it was going to be bad but I had no idea it was going to be this bad’?

Assuming everyone experiences a similar feeling of exasperation from time to time, you still have to marvel at the media’s non-stop assault on Donald Trump and his White House staffers. Anyone with any degree of Keeping promisescommon sense and appreciation for history figured the liberal press was not going to go easy on the country’s first outsider president once in office, but still who could’ve known it would be this bad?

Last week it was the sudden but justifiable firing of former FBI Director James Comey that set off a predictable level of outrage from the liberal squawker set. This week it was Trump’s alleged discussion of secrets with the Russians in the Oval Office that’s got them grumbling.

The incessant circus atmosphere created by the supposedly “independent” press has apparently resulted in an angry president and an unhappy White House staff.

Jordan Fabian and Jonathan Easley of The Hill report, “[C]onfusion over the division of responsibilities on the team of rivals Trump has assembled has created a White House where leaks have become the norm.

“Trump’s allies say he is frustrated by the leaks, which they say are coming from advisers who either don’t believe in Trump’s message, refuse to buy into the way he does business, or are so obsessed by the Washington power game that they’d risk harming the administration to boost their own image.

“The president, in turn, has grown so distrustful of his staff that he chose to keep many of them out of the loop until the last minute on his decision to fire Comey, according to The Associated Press.”

One wonders where the Associated Press would acquire such information. Do they have a reporter embedded on the inside of the White House?

These leaks carry the rancid stench of an establishment rat. Thinking about it deductively, who would want to damage President Trump’s credibility? Answer: his enemies. Who are his enemies? Answer: the Democrats, the media and the wolf in sheep’s clothing establishment GOP which is likely planting poison in all sorts of places in an attempt to cause Trump to distrust…everyone.

Only Republican establishment insiders are privy to this kind of information. Who else could it be?

Logically speaking, no one should come in from outside the swamp and expect the Washington establishment to welcome him with open arms and primed pumps at the ready for a quick drain job. No, the elites really want to surreptitiously snake their way into Trump’s orbit, plant any number of deceits, foster lots of distrust and then recommend that Trump clean house by bringing in “pros” who know the system and can supposedly clean up the mess.

But if Trump succumbs to these pressures the problems won’t go away; they’ll only get worse.

Fabian’s and Easley’s article also reports Steve Bannon is safe from any potential purges solely because Trump’s base would jump ship if the former Breitbart CEO is removed from influence. That’s good thinking…and happens to be true.

Of course rumors of discord among Trump’s staff are nothing new, but in this case they are so numerous and from so many different sources that I’m inclined to believe them. From everything I’ve read the president is a difficult man to satisfy and it appears as though he’s plenty angry with the way things have gone lately.

And whenever the volume of rumors reaches an intolerable din, Trump’s been quick to make changes in the past. First there was longtime Trump friend Roger Stone let go in favor of Corey Lewandowski (August, 2015); then Lewandowski was ousted last spring and replaced by Paul Manafort; then Manafort himself was brushed aside for current Trump advisers Kellyanne Conway and Bannon to take over the campaign.

Where personnel are concerned Trump is like a baseball manager with a short hook for his struggling starting pitchers. One base-hit too many and he signals to the bullpen.

There are more examples but the message is clear: Trump is weary of constantly being on the receiving end of the media’s broadsides. Trump doesn’t mind playing defense but there’s little doubt he prefers to be throwing the punches rather than constantly parrying them away.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer is at the center of most of the staff-upheaval whispers now. No one would be surprised if Trump just pulled the plug on press briefings entirely to eliminate the “accuracy” problem. One can only imagine how loudly the media would protest over such a move, but that’s probably where we’re headed if things don’t change.

Meanwhile, the media’s favorite liberal politicians are starting up “resistance” enterprises of their own.

Kaitlan Collins of the Daily Caller reports, “Six months after she lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton launched her own political organization Monday.

“The former presidential candidate — who said she spent the last few months ‘reflecting, spending time with family and, yes, taking walks in the woods’ — introduced ‘Onward Together’ in a series of tweets. According to its website, the group is ‘dedicated to advancing the vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election.’”

As previously reported by Politico, Hillary’s group will serve as a non-profit money laundering operation for fat cat Democrat donors to semi-anonymously spread their wealth around to various leftist subversive groups to try and bring down Trump and anyone else who dares stand in the way of the liberal transformative takeover of America.

Of course Hillary and her henchmen figured they’d be occupying the seat of power to accomplish their mission faster; the GOP leadership certainly wouldn’t block their path. Now they’ve only been delayed in their sinister aims. But unless the furor over Trump’s White House somehow dies down it’s only a matter of time before everyone gives up.

Because of the disintegrating and hopeless political environment some are even saying it’s time to split apart and go our separate ways.

In a particularly pessimistic post, Erick Erickson wrote at The Resurgent, “Everything in Washington is now relative and tribal. Each side now competes for elections to impose their own morality and choices on the people as a whole. With the left, they demand unending culture war. We must all accept and pay for abortion and we must all accept and provide goods and services to gay weddings. We cannot decide this by state, as the founders intended.

“The left and right both want to use Washington as they see fit with no real restraints on their agendas. The founders intended Washington to be useful for little and the states to be useful for much. Not anymore. Both sides have incorporated the Bill of Rights against the states, which the founders expressly did not and which was only done through Supreme Court divination in the twentieth century.”

Erickson goes on to label Trump a “dolt” and theorizes that the only way to save the republic is to repeal the 14th and 17th Amendments and let states handle their own laws and governance apart from the tyrannical dictates of the federal central government.

It’s a compelling argument, one that’s found a home in many conservative circles. A more immediate, practical and realistic solution would be to cast out the establishment from control of the GOP and elect more senators like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. I’m not optimistic that will happen, so the best hope we currently possess is to convince President Trump to do a massive establishment cleansing on his own and fill his administration with limited government principled conservatives.

The forces Trump faces are formidable; his frustration must be boiling over. But if he’s unable or unwilling to recognize that the problems he’s encountering are directly attributable to his embrace of the Washington establishment, all might be lost already. Let’s hope it really isn’t this bad.

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"Pulling the Plug on Press Briefings"

The problem with "pulling the plug on press briefings" to deal with the accuracy problem is that it would backfire: The Obamunist press would continue to make up its own news, or "get" it from craven opportunists like John McCain, and the Trump Administration would deny itself the only forum in which to counter such fake news.