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Outsiders vs. Insiders: The left’s leaky earthen dam of hate is crumbling all around them

If you’ve ever built an earthen dam around a tree or shrub in your yard and then became frustrated because it kept springing leaks every time you filled it with water you’ll understand exactly how the Russia-obsessed Democrats in Washington must feel after the events of this week.

That’s because their “dam” around the Donald Trump campaign/Russian collusion non-scandal keeps crumbling whenever new revelations about the investigation offer fresh pangs of doubt poking enormous holes in Nancy Pelositheir already flimsy collusion dike. It’s gotten to the point where Democrats should consider giving up…but of course they won’t.

For about a year now the Democrats have asserted Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee’s email servers and then gave the “dirt” to Wikileaks specifically to discredit their party and nominee Hillary Clinton -- and to help accused Russian-sympathizer Trump win the election. There’s only one problem with their claims: it’s now been exposed that the Russians were trying just as hard to hack the conservative side as well.

Peter Hasson of the Daily Caller reported, “The same hackers believed to have been behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta targeted employees at the conservative Heritage Foundation during the run-up to the 2016 election, The Daily Caller has learned...

“Heritage alerted employees to the phishing attempts in an email just two weeks before the election, adding that the FBI had contacted Heritage about the phishing attempts.”

“’The same threat groups that have been releasing information about the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and recently John Podesta have been targeting specific people within Heritage via phishing campaigns,’ the email, dated Oct. 24, 2016, said.”

It should be noted Heritage officials do not believe the malicious attempts were successful and no information was compromised. This could explain why conservative and Republican names haven’t shown up in the gossipy national press in the same embarrassing manner as Podesta and the Democrat Committee.

Hasson’s article also reports Chinese hackers infiltrated the Heritage computer system in years past and were detected and monitored (essentially allowed to continue) to see what they were up to. It’s almost as if this type of breach is pretty standard these days; it knows no ideology – just foreign agents trying to dig for potentially damaging information.

So in essence, rumors that Russians were after more than just the Democrats aren’t exactly breaking news. The intelligence community indicated months ago that the distant invaders were trying to undermine the entire electoral system – not just help Trump.

Seeing as it’s the Russians, our Cold War enemy and competitor for influence on today’s world stage, learning that they’re trying to compromise our cyber security systems is hardly stunning. If there weren’t bad actors out there like the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, Iranians, ISIS, Al Qaeda – and likely some “friendly” infiltrators as well – we wouldn’t need to invest billions into security measures in the first place.

The fact is every time anyone logs-on to a computer or picks up a phone you have to assume someone could be watching and listening – including those in our own government. It’s that kind of world we live in whether we like it or not.

But when it comes to the political narrative in this country the Democrats make it sound like it’s all one-sided. As amply demonstrated by the media’s reporting after Attorney General Jeff Sessions concluded his testimony the other day, the witch hunt will continue. It doesn’t even appear the Democrats are all that interested in finding evidence anymore as much as they’re hoping to keep the search going.

For those who champion President Trump and his agenda (like AG Sessions) it only seems natural to desire to bolster him. Still, there are some who suggest Trump’s behavior is so reprehensible and beyond the pale that his supporters are sacrificing their principles to stay behind him. Some even compare today’s Trump defenders to those of sleazy Bubba Bill Clinton in the late 90’s.

David French of National Review wrote, “What’s old is new again. Donald Trump and his core supporters aren’t just following the Clinton playbook, they should be disciplined for plagiarism. It’s all there. Trump exploits the loyalty and gratitude of supporters shocked and relieved by his surprise win. He persuades them to hold him to an entirely different standard (Lies and threats that we’d never tolerate from a Democrat? That’s just Trump being Trump. You gotta understand, he’s an outer-borough kid who knows how to deliver a punch. He’s not a sissy elitist!) and then demands that his critics be better than he is…

“’But Gorsuch’ is the new ‘but abortion.’ Bob Mueller is the new Ken Starr. ‘Fake news’ is the new ‘vast right-wing conspiracy.’ Hypocrisy abounds, and but for the double standards, many of Trump’s most zealous defenders would have no standards at all. Cultural decay? The loss of public trust? Credibility gaps? Let the pastors worry about all that. In the meantime, get on or under the Trump Train, conservatives. There’s a news cycle to win.”

In reading this I wondered, what has Trump personally done that strips all values from his supporters when they defend him? Are his tweets really that offensive? Or his statements about the James Comey firing? The infamous audio tape? The Megyn Kelly “blood from her whatever” comment?

Mere words should cause us to dump Trump and allow the left to take over everything?

Regardless of what happened yesterday on a baseball diamond in Alexandria, Virginia (where a crazed leftist Bernie Sanders-loving loon attempted to murder dozens of Republican congressmen -- see below), French is way out of line by insinuating conservatives only defend Trump because he’s a Republican.

Without rehashing the entirety of the 90s and the plethora of reasons why people of conscience despised Bill Clinton so strongly, there’s absolutely no comparison between today’s phony Russia investigation and the hypocrisy of Democrats circling the wagons around Bill Clinton and his sex scandals and everything else associated with the “I didn’t inhale” blowhard from Arkansas.

Why is it so different today? Bill Clinton embodied practically everything he was accused of being – liar, philanderer, sleazy and corrupt politician, cheater, thief and if his Vietnam War era conduct was any indication, traitor. He defiled the Oval Office and lied to the entire country. Bill Clinton gave the term “lout” a bad name.

In contrast, Donald Trump has his personal faults, for sure, but how is it that defending him from patently false (by all appearances) accusations propped up by his political enemies and the media brings his supporters in line with the Democrats of the 90s?

I don’t get it. As I’ve been arguing a lot lately, the left hates Trump passionately but it despises his policies even more. Trump is merely the figurehead of the current Republican Party, which to liberals equates to conservatism. To the left, Trump’s views on the role of government are akin to favoring the privileged over the few. If he prevails in improving the economy their justification for existence disappears.

Democrats want equality of outcome, especially if it means penalizing the successful. Trump wants everyone to get rich. That’s why the establishment is fighting him so hard.

But in the aftermath of the shooting on Wednesday morning, in a rare moment of comity congressional leaders from both parties spoke out against violence and called for unity.

Rebecca Shabad of CBS News reported, “There are many memories, Ryan said, that lawmakers will want to forget from Wednesday, but he said there was one image in particular that they should remember: Democratic colleagues united in prayer after the shooting.

“’We do not shed our humanity when we enter this chamber. For all the noise and fury, we are one family,’ he said, adding that it is humanity ‘which will win the day and it always will.’

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, spoke immediately after Ryan, calling his remarks ‘beautiful.’”

It’s sad and telling that it took a congressman getting shot to foster some semblance of harmony between the rivals in Congress. I’m sure most of us would like to think this incident will make a difference going forward and there will be lasting change in the tone and degree of participation in Washington.

But will the Democrats suddenly drop their obsession with Russia? Will the media start talking about issues and legislation rather than Trump’s latest tweets and quit branding Republicans as evil and greedy defenders of the rich?

Common sense says the parties’ level of cooperation will be a little like that crude earthen dam you tried so hard to make work in your front yard – as soon as it springs one leak none of it will hold water. Here’s thinking the Democrats will be back at their old selves after a couple more days of “truce.”

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This tragedy will not bring the two parties together. To much hatred has permeated the so called democrats party. It has even spread to elitist republicans (the RINO’s) as well. To many lies and innuendos have created why to many problems that cannot be solved without reasoning and the progressive communist so called democrats, and those elitist, will not reason. Because it is their lies that have taken them to far to turn back.

They have sold their souls to the devil - george soros.

Crumble Fast

It cannot crumble fast enough.