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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Agenda-less Democrats’ Russia train heads hopelessly for derailment

Is one party in danger of losing seats in next year’s midterm elections? Yes, but it’s probably not the one you’re thinking about.

It’s a question we’ve heard a lot recently – but usually only in reference to the media-inspired faux Republican nosedive.
Train derailment
With over fifteen months to go until the all-important 2018 ballots are cast, it’s clear the political narrative in Washington is shifting. The Democrats’ Russia/obstruction of justice phony scandal appears to be fizzling out with the public; Republicans are on the verge of passing a major piece of legislation (no matter how flawed some think it is); Donald Trump is proving to be a very capable if controversial chief executive and the Supreme Court, with the addition of ninth member Justice Neil Gorsuch, just handed down a set of rulings that helped restore some semblance of constitutional originalist jurisprudence in America.

All of these happenings must be giving the Democrats fits considering any successes Republicans enjoy would seem to stick proverbial icepicks in the eyes of those naysayers who’ve claimed for months that all h--l has broken loose in the land of the free because of President Trump.

It may not be “Morning in America” again but there’s little doubt Republicans are experiencing a bit of a renaissance of redemption. It’s gotten so bad for liberals three CNN reporters resigned earlier this week over the concoction of a bogus Russia/Trump story.

Anna Giaritelli of the Washington Examiner reported, “Last Friday, CNN published a story alleging ties between Trump associate Anthony Scaramucci and a $10 billion Russian investment fund. The report cited one anonymous source and was deleted and then retracted from CNN's website after internal scrutiny determined ‘the story wasn't solid enough to publish as-is.’

“’CNN Investigates’ reporter Thomas Frank; the story's editor, Eric Lichtblau; and ‘CNN Investigates’ executive editor Lex Haris resigned early this week.”

Good riddance. If these people published unsubstantiated bunkum of any kind they deserve a pink slip.

For his part President Trump wasn’t about to let CNN’s admission of guilt go uncommented upon. Trump tweeted, “Fake News CNN is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony Russian stories. Ratings way down!”, and, “So they caught Fake News CNN cold, but what about NBC, CBS & ABC? What about the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost? They are all Fake News!”

Yes indeed, fake news -- it certainly looks that way. As hard as practically everyone in the liberal establishment media has tried they just can’t corroborate any kind of a tangible connection between Trump or his campaign and the Russians. The media’s predicament basically approximates a balloon bursting – but their balloon never had any air to begin with.

If anything, the emerging political landscape reveals President Trump is actually running a squeaky clean operation, which is the exact opposite of what the Democrats and their media pals have been pushing on the public. Not only are the Russian collusion allegations proving to be an over-hyped load of malodorous organic waste, Trump’s personnel moves and administration functions have thus far been relatively free of suspicion (at least by reasonable people).

The president’s firing of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in February was highly criticized at the time as an apparent admission of wrongdoing on Russia, but in retrospect Flynn’s ousting now looks like the act of a highly ethical president cleaning house because his subordinate misled the vice president and failed to disclose what could be embarrassing lobbying ties to foreign governments.

Likewise the jettisoning of James Comey was for the former FBI Director’s refusal to tamp down rumors that Trump was a target in the investigation, a fully legal and justifiable action.

Similarly, Trump’s cabinet members are working diligently to manage their departments even in the face of severe manpower shortages due to the Senate Democrats’ stonewalling of administration nominees. Trump’s people (the ones who have been confirmed) are forced to work with career federal employees – or even Obama holdovers – and yet the wheels of government still turn.

That’s not to say the situation couldn’t be improved with a lot more of Trump’s hand-picked people helping to implement his policies, but the point is that government hasn’t ground to a stop just because an “outsider” was elected and is now calling the shots. The Democrats’ incompetence claims concerning Trump hold about as much water as their protests of corruption.

Even a few of Trump’s Democrat critics are beginning to realize the Russia tale is a dead-end. Frustrated by losing several special elections, some Democrats want to move on and talk about what they’d do differently as a party on policy. The only problem is…they don’t have much of an agenda to sell to folks.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote at National Review, “It is said that Democrats are in an existential crisis because of their obsessions with Donald Trump — suing over the election, trying to subvert the Electoral College, dreaming of impeachment and the 25th Amendment, filing briefs under the emoluments clause of the Constitution, stalling appointments, relying on deep-state insurrectionary bureaucrats, cherry-picking liberal judges for obstructive passes, and going from one conspiracy theory to the next as collusion begat obstruction that begat witness tampering. More outsider advice is for Democrats to focus instead on their agenda.

“But nothing could be more paradoxical. Or rather, what agenda?

“Of the Democratic policies once envisioned under Bill Clinton (opposing illegal immigration, dreams of abortions as rare, balanced budgets, workfare, being tough on crime), few are left. In other words, progressives logically obsess about Trump, because otherwise they would have to defend agendas that most Americans simply do not support.”

Therein lies the crux of the problem. As usual Hanson does an excellent job of presenting the case against Democrats reverting back to the Obama agenda simply because it wasn’t popular with the people. National surveys suggested Obama was well-liked personally – a majority of Americans rated him favorably – but his attractiveness wasn’t transferable. Neither was his off-kilter agenda.

But instead of presenting a set of counter-proposals to those of the Republicans on issues such as healthcare, tax reform, energy production, environmental regulation, immigration (illegal and preventing terrorism), trade, infrastructure improvements, economic revival, traditional values, gun rights, welfare reform and creating jobs, all Democrats champion these days is empty suits like Comey and special counsel Robert Mueller in pursuit of phantom charges without evidence.

Democrats don’t even offer a scapegoat to scourge before the “resistance” hungry left. They’ve tried desperately to turn Attorney General Jeff Sessions into their chosen whipping boy but it hasn’t worked – at all. Sessions’ Senate testimony a couple weeks ago cleared him of any culpability and made his hostile Democrat Senator interrogators (like Kamala Harris) look malicious in the process.

It’s all coming together to present a positive portrayal of President Trump’s success in office. And his appointment of Neil Gorsuch to fill the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court is paying dividends for America as well.

Curt Levey of the Committee for Justice said of Gorsuch, “In several notable cases [Monday], Justice Gorsuch took a broad and principled constitutionalist approach that went beyond what one or more of his conservative colleagues were willing to do. In the ‘travel ban’ cases, the Court reached a compromise in partially staying preliminary injunctions issued by lower courts. Gorsuch, however, joined a concurrence by Justice Thomas that argued for giving full effect to the President's broad statutory and constitutional authority to limit immigration...

“…President Trump's first appointee to the Supreme Court showed himself to be an unabashed defender of constitutionalism. That says a lot about both what Gorsuch will be like as a Supreme Court Justice and what the President can be counted on to do as more High Court vacancies occur. Conservatives hoping for a solid conservative majority on the Court in the near future had good reason to cheer [Monday].”

Levey also noted Justice Anthony Kennedy (or any other justice) did not announce his retirement, so it isn’t known when Trump will get a chance to send a second Court nominee up to Capitol Hill to run the gauntlet of agenda-less Democrats trying to besmirch his or her reputation beyond all recognition.

During the 2016 campaign Donald Trump promised if he were elected there would be an awful lot of winning for the country. It’s only been a little over five months since he took office, but thus far Trump is the one being vindicated by the truth. The Democrats’ train is rolling downhill fast; the brakes are shot and there aren’t any barriers preventing them from hurtling off the tracks.

The leaderless party is a wreck waiting to happen; we should all stand by and gawk at the spectacle.

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