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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Relentless media war on Trump has failed miserably to dent his resolve

It’s often said you should never look back. Proponents of this philosophy are forward-thinkers, preferring to concentrate on the moment immediately ahead rather than the one distantly passed, which is certainly useful advice for those beginning romantic relationships or dealing with contentious family issues.

A political party is kind of like this – a relationship and a family at the same time. Though you may not actually know anyone in Peoria Illinois you still probably feel a kinship to the conservatives and Republican who reside Donald Trumpthere. Likewise if someone writes an op-ed you don’t like or falls off the reservation and joins the establishment you might take it personally and hold a grudge.

For those who are fond of looking back you may recall Donald Trump delivered his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland one year ago last Friday. After having roused conservative and populist crowds from sea to shining sea during the GOP primary campaign people were anxious to see how he’d sum up his candidacy going into the fall contest against Hillary Clinton.

Trump did not disappoint.

I wrote the day after his speech at last year, “At the heart of his message was a deep and resounding love for America and the principles that make it great, a deep sense of national pride that used to exist but has severely eroded under the liberal tyranny of Obama and the politically correct leadership of Republicans and Democrats before that.

“I’m not exactly sure how many times Trump uttered the word ‘fight,’ but if there was one constant in Trump’s address, it was his willingness to take on the powerful interests and beat them.

“The entire Republican convention was set up to stress Trump’s successful life story and the grittiness he possesses to win and accomplish. It’s no secret why his four adult children and his wife all spoke of The Donald’s relentless tenacity to achieve, but also his compassion for those around him.”

So in other words, it was helpful to look back to Trump’s past in order to glimpse the future. Now that Trump was elected president and has served his first full half-year it’s evident he intends to keep every promise he made that night – though the final result from those assurances may look a little different than he first envisioned.

As an example, it’s clear by now that the Congress (including the leadership and many in the rank and file of his own party) and the federal judiciary are not going to allow him to achieve all of the immigration reforms he intended to make. And needless to say healthcare reform will not end up as a complete repeal and replacement of Obamacare; his foreign policy, while much more modest than his predecessors, is not turning out to be a complete military disengagement from the Middle East…and the list goes on.

What was noticeably absent from Trump’s convention speech was any reference to the Democrats’ and media-generated “Russian collusion” episode, former FBI Director James Comey or special prosecutor Robert Mueller. All of these collateral topics arose after Trump spoke in Cleveland, potential “scandals” cooked up by the establishment to try and delegitimize Trump – first as a candidate in the fall, then as president-elect and now as president.

No one – except God – knows the future, but if history is a guide the Democrats and media will concoct something new on a regular basis to try and make it appear that Trump is on the run and struggling with his staff and agency heads to make real change in America. The establishment remains as determined as ever to prevent any progress from being made in destroying the status quo.

Trump could not have realized any of those things on the night he formally accepted his party’s nomination, but he certainly must have foreseen the ruling class’s long knives would be waiting for him in Washington if he managed to defy the pundits and the political class and defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election.

The media has conducted a non-stop smear campaign against Trump and it isn’t likely to subside, either. George Neumayr wrote at The American Spectator, “It is a measure of the anti-Trump media’s stupidity and malpractice that the phrase ‘breaking news’ now elicits eye rolls. The media’s ‘breaking news’ about Trump is rarely breaking or news. It is usually recycled and old — some stale piece of information, relating to a practice both parties long ago adopted, that is sensationalized and dished up as novel…

“All of its whining about [Trump’s] ‘unconventional’ behavior is just another way of its saying that he is the first Republican since Reagan not to submit to their double standards. They remain shocked that a Republican President would have the audacity to fight back without two arms tied behind his back, which was the customarily feckless style of cowed Republicans for years.”

Trump’s willingness and proficiency for fighting back has gotten him in trouble with those in the Washington establishment and media that aren’t used to quick retorts via social media or the dearth of common niceties usually offered by presidents and the people who work for them. Many have said Trump is not “presidential;” well, the waves of criticism he’s faced haven’t been real “presidential” in nature either.

A president’s family is usually considered off-limits, but where Trump is concerned the media treats them as fair game. The chattering class’s recent commentary on Donald Trump Jr. has gone well beyond the political realm to suggest he’s some sort of truth-challenged sleazy win-at-all-costs business tycoon whose word you simply can’t trust.

Some in the conservative media aren’t immune from the kick-Trump-at-every-opportunity disease either. National Review’s Jonah Goldberg wrote last weekend, “Junior released his e-mail chain minutes before the New York Times could publish it. This is like ‘bravely’ admitting to your wife that you cheated on her seconds before she opens the blackmailer’s envelope containing the 8×10 glossies of you at the Motel 6 with a troupe of dwarf ‘acrobats’ using you like a pommel horse.

“Heading off the Times was smarter than the alternative, just as telling your wife about your time with the cast of Le Petite Cirque du Solei before the blackmailers get to her is better than the alternative. But after spending the better part of a year denying any contact whatsoever with the Russians and lying so baldly about this meeting, it takes a Costco pallet full of chutzpah to claim the mantle of transparency.”

Goldberg later added that President Trump no longer deserved the benefit of the doubt in denying that any collusion between his campaign and Russia took place.

And why not? If the intelligence community, with all its ties to Obama and the deep state, the incredibly anxious felony-committing leakers, along with a hostile media full of Rachel Maddows and Mika Brzezinskis, together with the Democrats and their Chuck Schumers, Nancy Pelosis, Hillary Clintons, Maxine Waterses and well…all of them – can’t produce anything of greater value than Don Jr. meeting with someone purportedly willing to produce dirt on Hillary Clinton – then why can’t we assume that there’s nothing to this story?

There’s little doubt Donald Trump shook up the political world a year ago when he made it official and accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for the presidency. It meant for the first time, the elites in Washington had virtually no say in what the people chose to represent them. The fact the establishment is having such a difficult time controlling Trump now goes to show the experiment worked.

Trump is just a little over two years into the political portion of his long and fruitful life and career. His political instincts don’t match any president that has gone before. Even the media- reviled Ronald Reagan showed more deference to the Democrats and their journalist friends. With Trump we are in uncharted waters.

As the president’s recent trips to Europe revealed he’s more than “presidential” enough to represent America well to foreign nations. Trump has been exceedingly polite and respectful to world leaders. He’s also shown a knack for asking allies to do their share of the heavy lifting in fighting the war against radical Islamists.

In other words, Trump tells it like it is. The media may not see it that way, but with the outsider president, what you see is what you get. The rest is conjecture and innuendo. Trump spoke truth to power in Cleveland one year last Friday – and there’s no sign he intends to let up now.

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