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When Did We Start Believing Pelosi And Schumer?

Yesterday, many of President Trump’s conservative – populist supporters had a meltdown when news media reports of the President’s dinner with Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senator Charles Schumer blared that the President had made a deal with Democrats to save Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program and forget about building the southern border wall.

However, no sooner had the reports surfaced than they were knocked down by the Trump White House and walked back by the Democrat leaders themselves.

Chuck SchumerSo, what gives with the future of DACA and the Wall?

On the tarmac during his visit to Naples, Florida to meet with Governor Rick Scott, meet with survivors and inspect damage inflicted by Hurricane Irma the President was quite clear about his take on the meeting, “They cannot obstruct the wall. The wall to me is vital,” Trump said according to reporting by Alex Leary of the Tampa Bay Times.

“We’re not looking at citizenship. We’re not looking at amnesty. We’re looking at allowing people to stay here,” Trump said according to Leary. “I just spoke with Paul Ryan, everybody’s on board. … We’re talking about taking care of people, people who were brought here, people who’ve done a good job.”

“We’ll only do it if we get extreme security, not only surveillance but everything that goes with surveillance. If there’s not a wall, we’re doing nothing.”

This makes it pretty clear to us that there’s no deal, so why the big meltdown?

Simple, this is about the Democrats getting out front on messaging, and the Trump White House, as it too often is, being one step behind.

The whole point of Pelosi and Schumer saying they had a deal with Trump was to try to back him into a corner, sow discord in the ranks of Trump’s conservative – populist coalition and further disorient the already addled leaders of the Capitol Hill Republican establishment.

And it worked – at least for a few hours.

Our friends at Breitbart News ran the headline "Amnesty Don” on a story slamming the president over the immigration talks.

Ann Coulter went on an hours-long Twitter rant trashing President Trump and claiming he “got rolled.”

Solid conservatives like Representatives Steve King were put on the defensive by the media and forced to disavow the President’s non-existent deal with the Democrats.

So where is this all going?

First, we conservatives must recognize that DACA is another time bomb left by Obama for his successor, and we are going to have to come to grips with the idea that Congress and the White House are going to talk about how to resolve the DACA problem Obama created.

That means we must get organized to fight another legislative and campaign battle like the one that defeated Eric Cantor in 2014 and brought the last discussion of an amnesty bill to an abrupt conclusion.

Second, we need to relentlessly demand that the southern border wall be funded and built.

Finally, we need to build some consensus on what a conservative immigration system should look like; are any changes to current law needed, what are they and how do we break the logjam in Congress to tighten immigration and refugee policy to protect our national security and the economic prospects of American citizens?

That means we must go on offense and stay on offense on immigration and border security. None of this is easy, but we can’t keep finding ourselves one step behind the Democrats and always on defense allowing Pelosi, Schumer, the feckless Republican leadership and the open borders crowd to define the debate while we go in circles chasing the decoys they let loose.

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