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Massachusetts Senate Vote is a Victory for New Conservative Leaders; Big Government Republicans should not take comfort--they will be next

Scott Brown’s election to the Senate is another example of the energy and passion that has been brought to the Republican Party in the past year by new conservative leaders.Brown’s victory would not have happened without the leadership of Tea Party activists, talk show hosts, bloggers, and others using the Internet.  These new conservative leaders are forcing backbone and spine into the old and tired Republican Party leaders, who in early 2009 were afraid to publicly disagree with or challenge President Obama and his agenda.

This conservative Republican Senate victory in Massachusetts would not have been possible 25 years ago before the new and alternative media--talk radio, cable TV, Internet, bloggers, etc.

The next battleground for these new conservative leaders against the establishment big-government politicians will be in Republican and Democratic primaries.  These new conservative leaders are gearing up to challenge the political establishment regardless of party.

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