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Stop Gun-Grabbing Rep. Kevin McCarthy From Being Speaker Of The House

Our friends at Gun Owners of America recently alerted us to another reason to oppose California Representative Kevin McCarthy’s bid to be the next Speaker of the House.

Jim Jordan gun controlHe’s a gun-grabber just like his fellow Californian Nancy Pelosi and has a “D” rating with GOA.

Click this link and then click the TAKE ACTION button to send an email to your Representative urging him or her to oppose McCarthy’s bid for Speaker.

GOA’s Tim Macy sent an alert around reminding conservatives just how bad McCarthy’s record on guns is and telling gun owners that It's urgent that every Republican member of Congress hears that the American public does NOT want anti-gun Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to accede to the "throne."

For eight years, said Macy, GOA was able to stop all gun control under Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.

But then -- with Republicans fully in control -- Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy and their team became the "Benedict Arnolds" who finally delivered gun control.

And as GOA documented, McCarthy got his "D" rating from GOA the old-fashioned way – he earned it by doing, among other things:

Voted to continue funding an illegal gun registry, when the ATF was unlawfully compiling the names of those who had made multiple firearms purchases;  

Supported the anti-gun ObamaCare system which allowed doctors to compile gun-related information on their patients;  

Voted against an amendment that would not only have limited the ability of the National Security Agency to wiretap groups like Gun Owners of America, but would have required the FBI to secure a warrant before searching the billions of phone calls, texts and emails swept up the NSA; and,

Refused to cosponsor the Constitutional Carry reciprocity bill (H.R. 38), which was GOA's signature piece of legislation that we were pushing this Congress.

Republicans like Ryan and McCarthy seem to think that the speakership position, which is second-in-line to the presidency, can be inherited like the "divine right of kings."

Never mind the fact that the hereditary "prince" (McCarthy) has pushed gun control, lied about it, and is hated by the "little people."

Not only did Ryan and McCarthy deliberately keep their gun control plans a secret, they deceived Republican congressmen and gun owners by insisting that Fix NICS wouldn't be passed without reciprocity.

But, of course, we now know that this was just a ruse said Macy.

Ryan and McCarthy made sure that gun control passed in the Omnibus spending bill in March.

And, in doing so, we should note for the record, they simultaneously killed reciprocity, veterans' rights, hearing protection, and other pro-gun bills that they had cynically pretended to support.

So, what’s the alternative?

The alternative is to elect Jim Jordan, a principled limited government constitutional conservative to be the next Speaker of the House.

Jordan is "A" rated with Gun Owners of America, and he is the cofounder of the House Freedom Caucus -- an influential group of congressmen who love the Constitution and want to rein in the excesses of the federal government.

As we have been saying ever since Ryan announced he was not running again, many in Washington are looking to Jordan to run for Speaker, although he has not yet officially announced his candidacy.

You can help make the difference by joining CHQ, Gun Owners of America and the other conservative organizations backing Jim Jordan by creating a groundswell of support for this pro-gun champion.

Now, here’s why it is so important for conservatives and gun owners to act now.

As Tim Macy so wisely put it in his alert, now is the time when we have maximum leverage to ensure that the Republican candidates seeking our vote commit that they will support a pro-gun champion like Jim Jordan, while never voting for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.

Even with its current composition, if 23 Republicans withhold their votes for McCarthy, he could not be elected Speaker.

This is important because Ryan could resign this summer -- and try to hand the scepter to McCarthy in a quickie, middle of the night vote, much like he and McCarthy did with the Omnibus.

We urge all of our Second Amendment supporting friends to go to the GOA website and use the tools they have to let your Representative know that you oppose Kevin McCarthy for Speaker, and that you want a principled, limited government constitutional conservative like Jim Jordan to be the next Speaker of the House.

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Speaker of The House

I think Jim Jordan would be an excellent Speaker of The House!