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National Review’s Deroy Murdock: Legendary Richard Viguerie Backs Jordan For Speaker

Last Friday, after CHQ press time, our friend Deroy Murdock of National Review, posted a lengthy article about the conservative groundswell building to elect Jim Jordan Speaker of the house.

Mr. Murdock is right, conservatives increasingly are promoting Representative Jim Jordan (OH-4) for Speaker.

Jim JordanOf course, this won’t matter, should Democrat Nancy Pelosi (CA-12) return as speaker, and Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) replace the bumbling McConnell. If Republican legislators want to avoid that nightmare and pursue the dream of a Jordan speakership, they had better legislate said Murdock.

And Murdock nailed it when he said, “House Republicans need this sharp, lively, and fearless four-time state wrestling champion (record: 150 wins, one loss), not the bland, cautious, and conventional McCarthy.”

By Deroy Murdock’s count “at least ten conservative-activist organizations prescribe Jordan over McCarthy. These include Tea Party Patriots, the American Family Association, Gun Owners of America, and the legendary Richard Viguerie’s FedUp PAC. “

Jordan’s and McCarthy’s differences are substantive and stylistic noted Murdock.

On policy, major limited-government institutions give Jordan, 54, generally stellar ratings. The positions of McCarthy, 53, are ho-hum. Based on 2017’s key votes, here’s how several such outfits judged Jordan vs. McCarthy:

• American Conservative Union: 100 vs. 78

• National Taxpayers Union: 84 (B+) vs. 77 (B)

• Club for Growth: 98 vs. 64

• FreedomWorks: 97 vs. 66

• Heritage Action: 100 vs. 41

Notwithstanding McCarthy’s admirable efforts on tax cuts, his lukewarm record is even more disappointing since President Trump remains eager to sign whatever conservative legislation Congress bowls down Pennsylvania Avenue observed Mr. Murdock.

“Stylistically, Jordan is both amiable and assertive on TV,” Murdock said. “The Freedom Caucus’s founding chairman is a tough interrogator in oversight hearings. He doggedly has pursued Obama’s White House, State, Justice, and the FBI through the Benghazi, Servergate, and Russiagate probes. Also, Jordan bravely battled the omnibus calamity.”

“If you want Congress to remain paralyzed because of partisan politics, then McCarthy is your man for speaker,” Andrew Roth, the Club for Growth’s vice-president of government affairs, told Murdock. “He will continue to legislate, crisis-by-crisis, by crafting bills in secret, moments before they are voted on. If you want a ‘change agent’ who will fight for Trump’s agenda and hold members of Congress accountable to their campaign rhetoric, then Jordan is your guy.”

Our friends at the Senate Conservatives Fund recently surveyed their supporters and issued a statement saying, “We surveyed our grassroots supporters last week and 92% supported Jim Jordan, 4% were unsure, and 4% supported someone else. It’s clear that conservatives agree that Jim Jordan, a proven conservative, is the ideal leader to replace Paul Ryan.”

The Senate Conservatives Fund analysis of the race pretty well sums up our thinking as well, “The Washington establishment wants people to think House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has the race locked up and that a conservative like Jim Jordan has no chance, but this thinking ignores what Americans want – change in Washington.”

Deroy Murdock closed his article with this warning from Ken Cuccinelli, president of the Senate Conservatives Fund: “Unless they get their act in gear, the GOP will not remain in the majority.”

The only way Jim Jordan can win this race is if House Republicans hear from their constituents and fear the political repercussions of supporting liberal Kevin McCarthy, here are the tools you can use to send them that message:

Use the Social Media Hashtag:  #SpeakerJordan

FedUp PAC:

FreedomWorks Draft Jim Jordan for Speaker Petition

Senate Conservatives Fund Draft Jim Jordan for Speaker Petition

Send a letter of support for Jim Jordan to your Congressman through Gun Owners of America

Use the tools provided by Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund to contact Congress urging Jordan for Speaker

Forward the American Family Association Action Alert to your friends, family, church and club lists

Like and share the NumbersUSA ratings post on Facebook

Go to the Citizens Mandate page and like and share the Jim Jordan video message to Congress

Like and share pro-Jim Jordan posts by conservative social media stars such as Arizona’s Jake Hoffman

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Conservatives and the Grand Old Politburo

There are not enough conservatives to get Jordan elected. The anti-conservative elitist crowd will go out of their way to get another good old boy member into the ranks. Replacing Boener with Ryan was a farce of untold proportions. There was hardly any difference in performance. Just go along to get along politics and pandering to Obama.