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Scott Brown victory a reflection that grassroots support for conservative candidates and organizations at historic highs

Americans are furious, angry, and frightened at the political establishment’s massive expansion of government in the last 10 years.  No big-government incumbent should feel safe in the 2010 primaries. And as Massachusetts voters showed, that applies in the bluest of blue states.  

There is more concern, even anger, at the grassroots level than I have seen in my almost 50 years of marketing to Americans, and Americans are not a naturally angry people. 

Principled conservative political candidates and organizations are receiving stronger financial support than at any time in the last 50 years.

Effective and principled conservative candidates and organizations are being well-funded this year.

The Massachusetts Senate vote will also encourage many more principled conservatives to become candidates and challenge incumbents.  Massachusetts voters sent a message that will encourage conservatives to challenge Republicans in Name Only (RINO).

The upcoming primaries will see more big-government incumbents, Republican and Democratic, defeated than at any time in American history.

Because incumbents can see this coming Armageddon, there will be an historic number of office holders, especially Democrats, in the next months announcing that they are not running for reelection -- in order “to spend more time with their family.”

Americans will gladly be saying to them, “Have fun with the kids.”

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