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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Democrats try (and fail) to make America’s amnesty issue all about Trump

Nancy Pelosi’s notorious for saying some crazy things over the years but up until now she hasn’t advocated for citizen (and non-citizen) insurrection – at least that I can recall.

The Democrat House minority leader appears to have completely lost it over the immigration issue, however. Amnesty for any and all illegal aliens is the cause du jour for the minority party and Pelosi isn’t holding back in Nancy Pelosiurging all open borders supporters to rise up and aid the invaders in the name of providing safe harbor for underaged perpetrators.

Rick Moran of PJ Media reported the other day, “Pelosi has given her opinion on the tax cut (‘crumbs’), jobs growth (‘means little’), and now offers her thoughts on the separation of children from their parents at the border.

“’I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be when people realize that this is a policy that they defend,’ she said. ‘It’s a horrible thing, and I don’t see any prospect for legislation here.’ ...

“The fact is, the Democratic solution to illegal immigration is to eliminate illegal immigration. And the way you do that is to simply throw open the borders and allow entry to anyone who can walk, crawl, fly, swim, or drive to the border. With everyone legal, no more illegal immigration problem.”

Switch on any establishment media cable news channel lately and you’ll likely stumble across a syrupy slanted report on illegal alien children being separated from their parents, as though it’s the United States border patrol that’s engaging in cruelty for simply enforcing the law. The “crisis” has grown so large because word’s gotten out that bringing minors along during a border jump could very well prolong your stay in the country, thus increasing your chances of success.

This could be the most artificial “humanitarian” problem of all time, with people all-but choosing to incarcerate themselves.

Moran’s report contains quotes from Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar refuting the Democrats’ emotion-pandering assertion that the children are being mistreated or harmed. On the contrary, these kids are receiving much better treatment than they would be “at home” -- wherever that might’ve been. According to Azar the youngsters are given “medical care, full education, dental, vision. They’re provided athletics, meals.” The average processing time for their parents is eight hours.

Meanwhile their parents are, by law, treated in a dignified manner as they journey through the legal system to determine their fate. It’s no secret that many if not most of them claim asylum and there are numerous steps needed to determine whether the seekers are on the level, or if they’re just using any means necessary to receive official permission to stay. Americans are almost too compassionate in this regard – we’re being played; we know what’s happening and yet it still takes place right in front of us. What other nation would put up with this?

Needless to say the system is ripe for abuse. Charles Hurt at the Washington Times suggested the solution is simple – if we don’t want to separate kids from their parents we simply should build President Trump’s border wall and presto, problem solved!

It’s doubtful even building the wall would stop Democrats from pursuing their mission to guarantee a new wave of liberal voters enters the country to maintain their viability, however. Why do you think Pelosi, Schumer and their Democrat minions are so insistent on holding out on the immigration issue? For example, why would black Democrats join the cause of the others when the illegal amnesty recipients would directly compete for jobs in urban areas where African-Americans tend to live?

Democrats are getting so desperate for power they’re insinuating “uprisings” should take place because of TV images where kids were kept in jail cells and cages (the photos are from 2014, by the way). The question becomes who would fuel these “uprisings”, because productive American citizens certainly wouldn’t waste time on such fruitless and stupid endeavors. They’re too busy working and paying bills to concern themselves with the media’s twisting of the issue to make law enforcement officers look like the culpable ones.

George Soros’s paid protesters and Antifa would probably show up, toss a few bricks through store windows and create havoc. I can’t help but think there will be a political boomerang effect and Democrats will feign shock when they realize average people don’t take kindly to law-breakers playing on people’s sympathies just to provide a basis for more illegals to remain here so they can consume benefits and take jobs.

Americans aren’t stupid. Recent history suggests the “silent majority” that elected Trump will be just as ready to show themselves in this year’s elections. Democrats (at least some of them) realize their blue wave may not materialize after all.

W. James Antle III wrote in the Washington Examiner, “In 18 out of the last 20 midterm elections, the president’s party has lost seats. The exceptions were 1998, when congressional Republicans launched an unpopular attempt to impeach President Bill Clinton, and 2002, when President George W. Bush still boasted astronomical approval ratings following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“But how many seats are lost varies. Trump’s approval ratings are hovering between a lower range that would traditionally result in enough losses to cost Republicans control of the House and a higher one in which Democrats would be expected to come up just short. And that’s assuming tradition still applies with Trump, whose personal approval rating was just 37.5 percent — lower than it is on average right now — on the day he was elected president…

“Karl Rove dismisses the idea of a blue wave even in the House. ‘Instead, 2018 will be a brutal district-by-district battle,’ he wrote in the Wall Street Journal. ‘Each outcome will be determined as much by the quality of candidates and their campaigns as by the national climate.’”

Rove’s point contains shades of truth but Republican candidates need to run on national issues if they hope to motivate enough people to provide them with a thin margin in these close districts. Even if Trump’s job and favorability ratings are lower than would be desirable for a president, the economic numbers are so strong that every GOP hopeful should have plenty to offer in campaign appearances and debates.

In his article Antle supplies a thorough overview of the electoral situations in both the House and Senate and then concludes we’re still too far out from November’s balloting to tell for sure whether there will be a blue wave or a red wall. No doubt a lot of pundits are collecting checks delivering opinions on what the empirical data means, but Antle is correct – too much can and will happen in the interim to sway these contests a few points in either direction.

With a booming economy, the Republican tax cuts yet to hit their full stride and promising conditions for peace with North Korea overseas, common sense suggests the GOP will do well enough to maintain control in the House and actually pick up a few seats in the Senate. Trump will do everything in his power to keep himself in the news – in a positive way.

Robert Mueller’s “Russian collusion” investigation is clearly going nowhere and now the media’s focus has turned to debating the degree of corruption at the FBI and Department of Justice as opposed to what Trump and his campaign did during the 2016 election. Republicans can use the improving poll numbers on this issue (people thinking the ongoing probe is politically motivated) to dampen Democrat enthusiasm.

Simply put, Trump may not be the most popular man in America but practically everything the Democrats try to stick to him falls harmlessly to the floor. What can they possibly say? He used to be rude to women? He tweets too much? There’s too much turmoil and turnover on his staff (not an issue anymore)? Sarah Huckabee Sanders won’t answer the media’s questions?

All Democrats offer is images of migrant kids being detained by federal officers along with liberal commentators bending the truth to make it seem like something’s wrong. It ain’t much to base a campaign on.

Despite all of the positive things associated with Trump there are still those who caution against making the GOP the “Trump party.” The Editors of the Washington Examiner wrote the other day, “Neither Republican lawmakers, nor the Right more broadly — the conservative movement, the free-market cause, the pro-life movement, and the right-of-center media — ought to pledge unquestioning allegiance to Trump just because he is powerful. Might does not make right. To the contrary, the best thing about Trump’s presidency has been the degree to which these other forces have harnessed Trump and pulled him in line behind their ideas and arguments.

“Trump flipped from considering his liberal sister for a federal judicial vacancy to adopting a list of highly qualified conservative jurists from which to draw Supreme Court nominees and appointees to lower courts. He went from supporting abortion rights and the country's leading abortionist, Planned Parenthood, to being the most aggressive advocate of the unborn. His biggest legislative achievement is a tax cut.

“These are instances where the party and the movement pulled Trump along. This is the proper relationship for many reasons. Trump isn’t naturally a conservative. He’s new to politics, and though his instincts are often right, instinct needs to be tempered with knowledge, and careful thought, and values. The president is inconstant and intemperate, which means he cannot be relied on always to choose a path that either conservatives in general or his party in particular should follow.”

The editors are both right and wrong on this. It’s true no political party should revolve around one person alone; if for nothing else, when that figure goes away there’s nothing remaining to sustain the movement. The Democrats have become very much of a personality driven party in the past couple decades and look what it’s brought them?

Democrats first rallied around lip-biting triangulating philanderer Bill Clinton but couldn’t seem to bring it together for Al Gore; similarly, they consolidated around “Hope and Change” pusher Barack Obama but failed to unite for Hillary Clinton. In other words, once the dominant political force was gone their movement went with them, and since Democrats don’t have anything (other than socialism) to tout, the party fell apart when the personality vacuum emerged.

Republicans don’t have the same issues with dominating personalities. George W. Bush left office as one of the most unpopular outgoing presidents in history and his successors didn’t generate much following either. Trump came along and won over the party faithful but only because he championed the message Republicans should have been plugging all along.

When Trump is gone the fight over immigration, national security, taxes and conservative social issues will remain. Today Trump is clearly the most effective message carrier for the GOP – so right now it should be Trump’s Republican Party.

Liberals tend to agree – or at least about the “it’s Trump’s party” part. Juan Williams wrote at The Hill, “The Kool-Aid is spilling over those bright red ‘Make America Great Again’ cups these days. All but a few brave Republicans are imbibing like there’s no tomorrow.

“The message from last week’s GOP primaries in Virginia and South Carolina was encapsulated in the words of one upset winner, Katie Arrington: ‘We are the party of Donald J. Trump.’

“Since the days of President Trump’s 2016 campaign, observers have been asking what it would take for Republicans in Congress, in the right-wing media, and in evangelical pews to turn against him.”

You gotta give Williams credit -- in his piece he runs the gamut quoting a who’s who of #NeverTrumpers (Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, Bill Kristol and former Speaker John Boehner (is he #NeverTrump?)) to demonstrate the Republican Party has gone over to the dark side under Trump. They’re all whiners who never lack an audience when they savage their president.

Democrats have taken to predicting uprisings and championing illegal aliens because they don’t have anything else to offer Americans. The debate over whether the GOP is Trump’s party will continue – but unless his dis-loyal opposition comes up with something better, he’ll remain in control.

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