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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Democrats’ ‘Pocahontas’ Warren politics is as bogus as an Indian Summer

Never before has not being a member of a specific ethnic group engendered so much controversy – and commentary from the political pundit class.

By now everyone knows Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren considers herself a Native Elizabeth WarrenAmerican and her delusions are the product of a romantic story told to her as a child by her parents. The family legend is Warren’s father’s clan initially didn’t approve of him marrying her mother because the girl was thought to be part Cherokee and part Delaware Indian.

Imagine that – a bunch of prejudiced white Oklahoma rednecks couldn’t stomach the notion of a Caucasian dude mixing with an “Injun” who was genetically predisposed (as we just learned) to be as pale as they were. What kind of people were these anyway? Aside from the aesthetics of the situation was Warren’s family really that stupid?

It’s kind of like the 1970’s movie The Jerk where Steven Martin’s character (Navin Johnson) was raised from infancy by a black family and as an adult he didn’t grasp why people didn’t acknowledge he was just one of his dark skinned kin.

Perhaps due to shame from her family’s blatantly racist background Warren’s embraced her parents’ fantasy as though it were established fact and maintained her claim to Native American ancestry to advance in academia and the Democrat Party. Several institutions’ asinine race-based hiring preferences led to her being offered faculty jobs to teach young impressionables about the meaning of life.

Only now Warren’s been exposed as a fraud. The last laugh is on her…right? Joseph Curl wrote at The Washington Times, “Ms. Warren ‘identified’ as an American Indian for years, simply because it was a means to an end. She used her claim of American Indian heritage for professional and personal gain. She lied about that supposed heritage, and when she got caught, she doubled down, claiming that 1/10th of 1 percent Indian blood makes her an Indian.

“Her newest claim that she’s an American Indian exposes Ms. Warren as a fraud — a liar. Americans don’t like liars. While she was attempting to put this credibility problem away long before she runs for president, she’s made it all much, much worse. If she’ll lie about something so meaningless, how can anyone trust her on issues that really matter?

“One thing is for sure: If Ms. Warren wins the Democratic nomination, Mr. Trump will be calling her ‘Pocahontas’ right up to Election Day 2020. Although he might simply start calling her what she really is: Liar.”

Yes, “Pocahontas” Warren is indeed a liar, though if Liz earnestly believes what she thinks to be true – facts be damned -- as far as Democrats are concerned she’s already attained analogous vaunted status to Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. As was exposed by the results of Warren’s DNA test this week, the Massachusetts liberal has just about as much credible verifiable evidence (that she’s a Native American) as Blasey Ford did in claiming Kavanaugh assaulted her 36 years ago -- which in Democrat circles is more than good enough if the claimant’s a liberal and professes hate for Republicans and Donald Trump (like Warren definitely does) on a regular basis.

Blasey Ford’s wild story was only 36 years in the past… Warren’s is at least eight decades old and no one alive can vouch for its authenticity. Sounds perfect for Democrats, doesn’t it?

One can only imagine what would go down if a Republican advanced a similar fantastic assertion to be an ethnicity he’s (or she’s) not – he (or she) would be the laughing stock of the party. Identity politics don’t mean much in the GOP where ideology counts for more than skin color or place of national origin -- and people usually don’t invent wild tidbits of folklore to justify one’s place in society.

There’s no such thing as affirmative action in the Republican Party, where a politician’s gender usually only surfaces every four years (during presidential nomination cycles) or when liberals and Democrats assert a female GOPer (such as Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or this year, Marsha Blackburn) is somewhat less than a “real” representative woman if she’s pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-limited government, pro-gun and rejects the radicals’ definition of feminism.

Yes, in the Republican Party a woman is honored for believing in gender roles and its members value moms (and dads) who choose to stay home with their kids rather than climb the corporate ladder or make a spectacle of themselves at “women’s” rallies. No pu—y hats for these gals; they’d be just as comfortable carrying an AR-15 as they would a purse yet somehow liberals consider them submissive, non-aggressive and backwards. More’s the pity.

Further, conservatives and Republicans rightly believe anyone who’s biased and dumb enough to vote for or against a candidate strictly because of gender is already a Democrat. For that reason GOPers generally don’t pander to any particular demographic classification, unless you’re Karl Rove -- and you’re so obsessed with statistics that you tell candidates to say two separate things to two different audiences based on the restrooms they use.

Then again, the bathroom choice thing is already taboo in Democrat gatherings where it’s unisex all the way lest a male human who thinks he’s a woman be offended (or vice versa). Likewise, if there’s a pasty white female who thinks she’s an ethnic she’s treated as a mental abnormality in the GOP -- not championed as a sign “diversity” has triumphed like in Democrat teepees.

Anyway, isn’t making another human being think you’re something you’re not more akin to the animal kingdom where certain species pass themselves off as others to prey on unsuspecting creatures – or to protect themselves from enemies? Remember the biological concept of mimicry?

The dictionary defines mimicry as, “the action or art of imitating someone or something, typically in order to entertain or ridicule, or, the close external resemblance of an animal or plant (or part of one) to another animal, plant, or inanimate object.” The examples coming to mind are “stick” bugs -- you know, those insects that appear like twigs to fool predators into eating something else.

Various fish and marine life do the same thing (“mimicry”). In a survival of the fittest world it’s sometimes beneficial to be fake or phony. Maybe that’s why “Pocahontas” Warren’s thrived within the Democrat Party because she told and retold her “I’m an Indian” tale so many times the ignorant white, black, Hispanic, Asian – and every other ethnicity – fools actually took her at her word. That’s the definition of fake, isn’t it? Not only to make outlandish claims but to convince others to defend them as well.

Tell me, do “Pocahontas” Warren’s fellow Democrat senators snicker behind her back? Or do they wakeup every morning with similar ethnic or personal delusions? For all we know Sen. Corey Booker is perfecting an “I know an imaginary street kid named T-bone” routine. Oh wait, he already did that!

“Let’s pretend” is big with Democrats. Everyday is Halloween to liberals, where dress-up is an accepted norm and no one ever judges anyone else. Democrats’ idea of group therapy is a party caucus meeting. Lady Gaga (in one of her famous bizarre outfits) wouldn’t be out of place. It’s that kooky.

Warren’s recent prominent presence in the national media over her ethnicity question likely puts her in the forefront of 2020 Democrat presidential conversations. Warren’s spent several years positioning herself as a leading Trump and Republican critic – but so have several others, including 2016 loser Hillary Clinton. Who will Democrats ultimately choose? It’s a wide-open race at this point.

Jay Cost wrote at National Review, “The Democratic field is going to be extremely crowded because of the apparent weakness of President Donald Trump. His job approval has been mired in the low 40s for the past year, which strongly suggests he is beatable in 2020. So, every Democrat with presidential ambitions who could conceivably win is probably going to jump into the race. And a couple more who cannot conceivably win probably will, too. Unfortunately for the Democrats, their party is not well suited to managing such a crowded field…

“[I]t is quite conceivable for the Democrats to head to their July convention without a presumptive nominee. They were able to avoid that problem in 2008 because that race had become two-candidate contests, where one candidate had a clear advantage over the other. But there is nothing to stop a three- or even four-way contest from continuing all the way to the convention floor. Indeed, if the Republicans had the same rules that the Democrats did, it is an easy bet that Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and even Marco Rubio would have battled all the way to the GOP convention in Cleveland.”

Probably not, but all the same it would’ve been fun to watch the GOPers go at it. Earlier in his piece Cost reported on a fresh poll that showed nutty Joe Biden leading a field of “just” fifteen candidates with 33 percent support. “Senile old coot” Bernie Sanders took second with 13 percent and no other candidate reached double figures. Hillary wasn’t among the polled competitors so right from the start the results are a tad questionable.

Commentators such as Cost predict a circus-like contest to determine Donald Trump’s eventual challenger though here’s thinking it might not be as volatile as one might surmise. Instead of dividing their vote among several candidates the Democrat kook fringe could settle on a single candidate. In 2016 there was only one choice opposite Hillary – so naturally Sanders received not only the love and votes from his “bros” but also all of the anti-establishment backing.

Sanders will have competition for the same unhinged mob voters in 2020. “Pocahontas” Warren will also compete in this lane as will Kamala Harris, Corey “T-bone’s my buddy” Booker and former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder. One or more of them will be knocked out early – there isn’t enough money to sustain this size of field for long.

78-year-old (in 2020) Sanders will be doddering around the freezing fields and small towns of Iowa and New Hampshire as will 77-year-old Biden, so someone’d better keep a firm grasp on both of them lest they slip on a patch of ice and experience a political career-ending broken hip injury. By comparison Hillary will be a relatively sprightly 72-year-old, but we already know from last time around how she has balance issues – and fainting spells.

Of course Trump will be seventy-three himself (during primary season) but nobody (outside of Democrat pow wows) accuses him of being too old. But the relatively youthful leftist Democrat base might not look kindly on Sanders as a figurehead again next year. Booker, Harris and/or Holder will likely emerge as the Obama-like “prophet” to take on the establishment’s old white guy/gal candidate. Clinton and Biden will compete for the Democrat ruling class’s favor.

So, it looks as though Democrats will eventually narrow the race to two contenders, just like always happens. Who will it be? Does it really matter?

Trump won as a complete outsider, a feat that simply isn’t duplicatable in the Democrat Party. Since Democrats all more or less believe the same things and buy-in to the enormous lies (“Pocahontas” Warren is an Indian, right?) of the party elites it’ll be hard for any of them to breakout. Obama separated himself in 2008 because he ran against Hillary and emerged as a minority candidate who looked and sounded like “the one” to halt the rise of the oceans, etc. It’s doubtful Democrat voters would put as much stock in skin color the next time, meaning they’ll back whomever sounds weirdest and most fervently anti-Trump.

The Democrats’ biggest problem may be they’ve already sacrificed all their credibility…and the 2018 midterms haven’t even happened yet. Katie Pavlich wrote at The Hill, “[O]ver the course of the past two weeks, the left’s strategy of identity politics as a way to divide and conquer American voters has not only failed, it’s backfired. We saw this play out first with the fight to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The narrative, created by the left and repeated by allies in the media, quickly became about women. Without distinction, it was declared that all women were on the side of Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford…

“Shortly after Kavanaugh was officially sworn in as a justice, President Trump held a meeting at the White House with rapper and cultural icon Kanye West… [Finally,] Warren’s cultural and grievance appropriation not only further hampered her reputation, but threw a bomb into the waning ‘blue wave’ just three weeks ahead of the midterms.

“Democrat obsession with skin color and gender as a strategy is starting to fall apart and recent cultural events show us how. Nov. 6 is just around the corner and the battle lines for presidential votes are already being drawn. For Democrats, those lines are being crossed as women and minorities vote on interest, not on identity politics.”

It’s a no-brainer for most of us. Democrats are now so race and gender obsessed it’s almost as though they can’t focus on anything else. It’s gotten so bad they get offended when someone calls them by name without proper victim associations and identifications.

Perhaps Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is the clever one – she’s found a way to distinguish herself in manner that makes her a sympathetic character and Trump the bad guy. The American public feels differently, however, and Democrats will pay a price for defending the defenseless.

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