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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Anonymous packages mean bombs away on Americans’ common sense

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the voting booth comes news that the U.S. Secret Service intercepted explosives allegedly intended for former president Barack Obama, former first lady (and 2016 Democrat presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton and liberal cable news station CNN. A fourth suspicious package was addressed to former Attorney General Eric Holder but for some reason was sent to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s home in Florida instead.

Mail bombsOther suspected devices were targeted at Rep. Maxine Waters and Empire State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, though it was later reported the New Yorker’s package wasn’t actually a bomb.

As would be expected the story immediately ripped all other topics out of headline spots on national establishment media websites. Naturally Democrats could barely restrain their excitement – you know, the possibility the perpetrator would turn out to be a deranged right-wing wacko, a representative of the violent “conservative” mindset that targets all Democrats and liberals for destruction – or so Democrats like to fantasize about.

Reality rarely works out as they planned, however.

Jordan Fabian and Avery Anapol reported at The Hill, “The Secret Service said Wednesday it found two ‘potential explosive devices’ in mail sent to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New York and the home of former President Obama in Washington, D.C.

“The devices were ‘immediately identified during routine mail screening procedures’ and ‘were appropriately handled as such,’ the Secret Service said in a statement. Obama and Clinton ‘did not receive the packages nor were they at risk of receiving them,’ according to the agency.

“Separately, the Time Warner building in New York City was evacuated after reports of a suspicious package to CNN.”

In their piece The Hill reporters noted how all the packages were sent to people President Trump frequently criticizes. The news was only a couple hours old and already the rush to judgment was at full speed!

The White House was quick to respond (through a statement issued by press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders): “We condemn the attempted violent attacks recently made against President Obama, President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and other public figures. These terrorizing acts are despicable, and anyone responsible will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

In other words, an unexplained event brought about by an unknown person (or group) engendered the perfunctory shock and condemnation from all the appropriate sources – including the official ones. But with statements like “all the packages were sent to people Trump frequently criticizes” the kneejerk establishment media was in mid-leap jumping to conclusions about who or what might be behind this.

Set aside the proven fact most domestic terrorism originates from the left side of the spectrum. It’s a flat-out myth that conservatives and liberty lovers are violent deranged psychopaths. If you hope to find this type of slime, you’d have better luck attending a Bernie Sanders rally.

But the media doesn’t care about truth. To them it’s all Timothy McVeigh redux! If we’re talking bombs it’s no doubt a disgruntled anti-Democrat reactionary who seeks to win through violence what he can’t achieve through the ballot box. Oh wait, Republicans are already in power on virtually every level. Scratch that one!

Or how about the Russians? Are they trying to influence American voters again, this time by giving the impression right-wing kooks are after Obama, Hillary and Eric Holder? Trying to drum up sympathy, perhaps? Or maybe just hoping to derail Trump through Democrat congressional majorities. It all works out the same. With friends like the Russians who needs enemies?

Pundits now will have something new to talk about and here’s thinking we’ll experience a whole new round of “Trump’s rhetoric forced some Republican wingnut to snap” columns and commentaries in the coming days. Federal law enforcement needs time to unearth who’s behind this but it won’t stop the chattering class’s irresponsible speculation and predictions as to how this farce will impact the public’s voting attitudes on November 6.

Granted I’m usually the first to argue American voters don’t have the longest of attention spans but it hardly seems plausible to see this incident (or incidents) as impacting the election. Whoever sent the “packages” likely figured they’d be intercepted well before reaching their intended victims – and if not the person/persons aren’t very sharp. No one’s completely immune in today’s world but it’s safe to say a public figure (at least one with Secret Service protection) will never be harmed by a weapon sent via mail. That’s a 100 percent certainty.

And isn’t it a little curious how none of the devices detonated? Was it intentional?

To robotically suggest the bombs were assembled by a Republican or conservative is entirely off-base. The packages could just as easily have been the product of anyone hoping to influence the upcoming vote, including foreign agents -- or even Islamic terrorists. Since it appears all the packages were delivered around the same time (to separate recipients) it’s obviously a coordinated effort. It’d be highly unlikely for random actors to get it all done in one fell swoop. The subsequent investigations will reveal…but will the public ever be told the truth?

So it’s impossible to determine how this happened. Nevertheless, the two sides will bicker back-and-forth reiterating how ugly the tenor of politics is today and no doubt most of the finger-pointing will be in Trump’s direction. Simply for speaking off the cuff and jokingly suggesting a protestor should be “punched in the face” or mocking reporters for unfair and biased coverage or calling the news media the “enemy of the people” -- Trump is assailed for advocating violence.

Leftists, Democrats and #NeverTrumpers ripped Trump for failing to single out the Nazi scum after Charlottesville last year – that too was supposedly a sign Trump tacitly approves of hate and extremists’ violence.

Meanwhile Democrats ran Judge Brett Kavanaugh through the unsubstantiated accusation wringer and put on a show trial of epic proportions while attempting to permanently besmirch and ruin the reputation of an honorable man based on an attack that allegedly happened 36 years ago (and in case you’ve forgotten, with no corroborating witnesses). Then, when Kavanaugh was confirmed, deranged leftist protesters pounded on the door of the Supreme Court chamber while the new justice was being sworn-in.

It has gotten ugly in America. But the mob mentality primarily originates from one side. If you don’t believe it ask Senator Rand Paul to describe what it feels like to be assaulted (from behind) by a neighbor in his front yard or Congressman Steve Scalise to dish on his long and arduous recovery from an AR-15 bullet fired by Bernie Sanders-supporting loon James Hodgkinson.

If it turns out a Republican or conservative was behind the mail bombs they should (and will) be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law – undoubtedly with conservatives leading the charge for justice. Any civil society deals with breaches of rationality under criminal statutes enacted for that very purpose. No one approves of this type of thing and it’s not fair for anyone to try and make political hay out of it.

Unfortunately, Bill Clinton’s first lady was already doing just that.  Jordan Fabian and Chris Mills Rodrigo reported at The Hill, “Hillary Clinton on Wednesday responded to suspected explosive devices sent to her and other top Democratic officials and news outlets, saying it's a sign of a ‘troubling time’ in America.

“’It is a troubling time, isn't it? It's a time of deep divisions and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together,’ she said at a campaign event in Florida.

“’We also have to elect candidates who will try to do the same.’”

Amen, Hillary! But…who was the one labeling a quarter of the country (a.k.a. one-half of Trump’s supporters) as being from the “basket of deplorables,” which allegedly holds all the racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, xenophobes and bigots? How’s that for “bringing our country together”? Is that the way to unite us all by disparaging anyone who disagrees with the leftist Democrat agenda?

Or how about when Hillary systematically dismantled the lives of hubby Bill’s multitude of sexual deviancy accusers? Getting into a pissing match with the Clintons was never a good idea, particularly if the evidence is strong and the accusers are just ordinary people. Preying on the weak is what both Hill and Bill do best – never let a good crisis go to waste!

Let’s not forget it was just a week or so ago when Hillary proclaimed it wasn’t possible to be civil with political opposition that’s completely against everything you stand for – and that “civility” would resume in Congress only when Democrats returned to the majority.

Needless to say Clinton didn’t have many nice things to say about President Trump or Republicans at that time. Did a package containing frightful contents change her perspective? Don’t bet on it. Maybe she’ll use this as the springboard to her next presidential campaign.

There just isn’t much to unite us these days. Both sides share blame but it isn’t Republicans claiming elections are illegitimate or the process tainted when they don’t get everything they want. From the outset Democrats prodded and poked to prevent Trump from succeeding. House Republicans discovered the pre and post-election corruption reached the highest reaches of the FBI – yet still Democrats persist with calls for impeachment and public censure for everything Trump does.

Where’re the hands reaching across the aisle? Isn’t a series of mail bombs reason to make peace and extend an olive branch? Don’t ask the Democrats to offer it. Tyler O’Neil reported at PJ Media, “[A] a former staffer for Hillary Clinton blamed Trump for inciting the ‘hate and violence’ behind the attacks, before the perpetrator or his or her motivations are known.

“’Irrespective of what this person’s political leanings or motivations are, we are living in an atmosphere where hate and violence have been not only incited but condoned by Donald Trump,’ Philippe Reines, former deputy assistant secretary of State under Hillary Clinton and an outside adviser who helped train Clinton for presidential debates in 2016, told MSNBC's Craig Melvin…

“’Look, this could be the most liberal person in America who has some problem with these four individuals or institutions. It doesn’t really matter,’ Reines argued. ‘There are a lot of people who are living on the edge of sanity in general ... and when people in authority kind of lift the guardrails from that, people are going to act out and there is no human being more responsible for the climate we’re in than Donald Trump.’”

What Reines really meant is there’s no group in America more responsible for the nation’s sorry mood than conservatives and Republicans. Trump is just a figurehead for everyone else, a convenient scapegoat with a Queens accent and an orange coiffure. What if Lindsey Graham or George Pataki or Carly Fiorina were president instead of Trump – would it be any different?

Wasn’t Sarah Palin blamed for the assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords? Was the political “tone” any better back then?

Liberals have advanced these same arguments (more or less) for decades. If there’s a school shooting it’s because the NRA promotes guns, or if there’s sexual harassment in the workplace it’s due to traditional American culture and its fostering of the good ‘ol boy mentality where pats on a woman’s rear are tolerated and encouraged.

It's worse now -- Democrats hate Trump the most because he’s effective and successful. Make no mistake, if Mitt Romney’d beaten Obama in 2012 these same people would’ve claimed it was racism fueling the defeat. How many different ways did liberals explain away Hillary’s loss to Trump? Hateful rhetoric, encouraging and enabling the Russians, blaming the media, using illegal immigrants to gin up ill feelings, demonizing all Muslims with a “travel ban.”

“When they go low, we go high,” Michelle Obama puffed at the 2016 convention. Who’re the ones going low now? To assert Trump’s at fault even if the bomber(s) turn out to be leftists?

Trump gave it to the country straight and the ruling class didn’t like it – so they made Trump the antagonist. The media generated huge ratings by covering Trump, a celebrity who not only didn’t mind the attention, he sought it. For over three years now the liberals’ contempt and revulsion over the first successful outsider presidential candidate has created the rotten political discourse in this country.

The well was poisoned long ago by the Ted Kennedys and Joe Bidens of the political world who smeared and slandered good people until their characters were destroyed. Want a barbed quote? Go ask “Uncle Joe” about a Republican.

Political civility took another hit this week courtesy of anonymous mail packages to Democrats allegedly containing explosives. Liberals and the media milked the occasion for all it was worth, no doubt hoping to gain traction in the upcoming elections. Ultimately, we all lose because of it.

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