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The Democrat War On Catholics

FedUp PAC has launched another “What You Need To Know Before You Vote” campaign to educate Catholics about the anti-Catholic Bias of the Democrat Party.

CatholicsThe centerpieces of the campaign are a powerful TV ad against abortion featuring the words of St. Theresa of Calcutta and two videos documenting the Democratic Party’s war on Catholics and the Catholic faith.

Click here for the full-length 5 minute versionClick here for the shorter version.

These important WARNING TO CATHOLICS VIDEOS tells the ugly truth about the new Democrat Party.

And frankly, although it is aimed primarily at Catholics, it applies to any American who wishes to practice their faith without harassment from the Far Left.

Democrats are no longer the party of Truman, Kennedy, Carter, or even Bill Clinton.

They are now a Party captured by radical politicians who want to force observant Jews, Christians and especially Catholics to change their devout beliefs to fit their socialist agenda.

Please click the links to watch these important videos about the anti-Catholic Bias of the Democrat Party.

Video 1: What You Need To Know Before You Vote (Long Version)

Video 2: What You Need To Know Before You Vote (Short Version)

Video 3: St. Teresa of Calcutta TV Ad

“These videos will shock you,” said FedUp PAC Chairman Richard Viguerie. “But I also hope it will motivate you to help us warn our fellow Catholics about what a Democrat victory in November will mean for us and our Faith.”

“The media won't tell Catholics the truth,” said Viguerie, “But our video campaign shows how Democrats like Hillary Clinton want Catholics to abandon our Faith to accept their radical agenda.”

“When she declares that ‘deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed,’ she is talking about using the government to force YOU to change YOUR Catholic values and beliefs!” Mr. Viguerie emphasized.

Make no mistake: Hillary speaks for many in a Democrat Party that has unofficially banned pro-life Catholics from their ranks.  Democrat National Committee Chairman Tom Perez:

"Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman's right to make her own choices about her body and her health (abortion) . . . That is not negotiable"

If they could, radical Democrats like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would even bar
people of Faith who hold traditional values from their cities and states:

"Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that's who they are and they're the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York."

And from our federal courts.

The whole country just watched as Democrats launched an ugly smear campaign to keep a devout Catholic, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, off the Supreme Court.

But this anti-Catholic Democrat bias against federal nominees is nothing new.

Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin once demanded to know if Catholic Judicial nominee Amy Coney Barrett considered herself "an Orthodox Catholic."

And long before she launched a smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh, California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) also questioned Amy Coney Barrett's fitness to serve on the federal courts when she told her:

"The dogma (your Catholic Faith) lives loudly within you. And that's of concern . . . "

And it gets worse.

Many Democrats are not satisfied with simply condemning and smearing Catholics.

Some, like former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, are actually working to undermine our Church and divide Catholics. As Podesta said . . .

We are succeeding in "infiltrating" the Catholic Church with liberals who are working to foment a "revolution" to force the "middle ages dictatorship" of the Catholic Church to accept same-sex marriage, abortion, and other sacrosanct liberal beliefs.

What did Clinton's campaign manager mean by "infiltrating" the Catholic Church?

He was talking about the phony Catholic "activist" groups he created to undermine Catholic teaching to make it friendlier to the radical Democrat Party agenda!

And yes, this contempt for Catholics and religion is widespread throughout the Democrat liberal activist base . . .

. . . a radical anti-religion base that actually booed the mention of God during their 2012 Democrat Convention!

Why is that?

Because the Democrats know that the biggest threats to their socialist agenda are people of Faith who hold traditional values and cannot accept their radical agenda:

  *   For taxpayer-funded partial-birth abortion on demand
  *   Against school prayer and religious symbols in public
  *   For men in women's bathrooms
  *   Against tax-exempt status for Churches that preach against abortion
  *   For forcing small businesses to act against their Faith
  *   Against granting tax-exempt status to Catholic Schools

This is just part of today's Democrat Party's radical anti-Christian agenda.

It is why New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the Democrats have "slammed the door" on Catholics, our Faith, our Church, and our traditions.

And it's why Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said during the ugly Democrat smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh that he prays to God the Democrats don't take control of Congress in November!

Why do Democrats dislike Catholics, Evangelicals, and people of Faith?

Because socialist and radical Democrats like Barack Obama have long wanted to "fundamentally transform" America.

Catholics, Evangelicals, and people of Faith are the LAST roadblock to this transformation.

That's why Democrats are determined to silence Catholics and anyone who stands in their way.

And please be warned: If these angry, anti-Catholic, dangerous socialist Democrats take control of Congress in November they will accelerate their war on Catholics and all people of Faith.

What are the best ways to make sure that doesn’t happen?

Share these WARNING TO CATHOLICS VIDEOS and email this warning to your family, friends, fellow parishioners, civic club members and contacts:

Video 1: What You Need To Know Before You Vote (Long Version)

Video 2: What You Need To Know Before You Vote (Short Version)

Video 3: St. Teresa of Calcutta TV Ad

And vote Republican on Election Day, November 6, 2018.

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