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Assault on America, Day 15: RINOs & Dems whine and kvetch while border crisis boils

John Kasich










John Kasich needs a job.

Fresh off leaving office as Governor of Ohio, the former Gingrich revolution era Republican (note: Kasich was first elected to Congress in 1982) is now without an official elected title and rumor has it he’s looking to return to the political workforce as a liberal media #NeverTrump mouthpiece foil to President Donald Trump -- or who knows, maybe the glory-seeking pol will head out west and pursue his dreams of glamor and glitter in La La land.

Egocentric to the core, Kasich would love a situation where his “Me First” attitude trumps the president’s nationalistic populist “America First” orientation. For some odd reason Kasich assumes there’s still a political market for the kumbaya “let’s all get along and capitulate” nonsense he’s peddling, otherwise maybe he wouldn’t waste his time with it. The fact is, now that Kasich’s no longer governor of the Buckeye State he’s even more irrelevant than he ever was.

Undaunted, the 66-year-old keeps forging ahead with his windmill chasing crusade. Kasich wrote at the USA Today, “It’s a new year and almost two decades into a new century, yet so much about American life and our political leadership — notably in my own Republican Party — seems stuck in the 1950s.

“While nearly every aspect of the world around us has been changing, sometimes with breakneck speed, and while the complexion and complexities of our demographics have shifted so dramatically, those who fancy themselves as leaders are plodding far behind the march of time. Sadly, too many Americans are content to plod along with them.

“Perhaps they think denial is protection from the change that swirls around them. No doubt they’re threatened by the new diversity of voices that have joined the public chorus, by the long-ignored problems that a new generation wants to solve, by an unsettled world that no longer follows America’s lead. But they’ve learned absolutely nothing from their skunking in the midterm elections. They didn’t watch, or chose to ignore, the new Congress being sworn in the other day. It was a more energetic, diverse and self-assured group than those chambers have seen before.”

To Kasich, newly minted Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib calling our president a “motherf---er” -- or Bronx airhead Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling for 70 percent tax rates on high earners -- must constitute “energy, diversity and self-assurance.” It’s nuts.

Kasich’s is a remarkable piece of writing, isn’t it? If you listen to John long enough you might even think the GOP believes all brown skinned people are inherently inferior, all women belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and every government on earth that protects its own borders is backwards and in serious need of a frontal lobotomy.

The only part Kasich (kind of) got right is suggesting Republican leaders are out-of-date -- but they lag behind the prevailing trends because of a sick adherence to the ways of the DC swamp, not due to a failure to ingest the new order of things. It was former Speaker Paul Ryan’s utter refusal to push through a simple and timely Obamacare repeal and replace two years ago as well as his dithering on amnesty, the border wall, chain migration and reforming the immigration laws that lost his party the House.

The 1950’s are safe where Ryan was concerned. By the time Ryan’s House finally acted on Obamacare the public relations war was already lost. When the voters lost faith in the GOP its leaders were in full retreat and the triumphant Democrats were in charge of the prisoners and the battlefield.

At the same token Kasich seems to agree with the media’s notion that demographic trends and resistance to liberal orthodoxy is what caused Republicans to get kicked out of power last November. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially considering party leaders didn’t even attempt to govern as conservatives. Under fellow Ohioan John Boehner’s and then Ryan’s tenures as Speaker the GOP presided over massive federal government growth and an exploding national debt, continued deterioration of the nation’s culture and a souring of Americans towards the Republican party’s ability to get anything done.

Campaign promise after campaign promise was broken, but the leadership’s greatest crime was neglecting to stand behind Trump as the Democrats and media tore him to shreds over personality minutiae and the baseless Mueller investigation. Imagine how strong and united the GOP would be today if the elites had only joined Trump in promoting the vast economic gains earned through sound policy and trade practices.

Instead, Republicans like Kasich teamed with the opposition in obsessing over non-issues like Stormy Daniels and Trump’s reaction to the violence in Charlottesville. They played to the non-informed and it made party members appear enfeebled and weak.

The Senate wasn’t always better but at least Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was out front cheerleading for now Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, gamely battling the relentless negative forces of the left who were hell bent on stopping conservative constitutional originalists from taking the majority on the Supreme Court. McConnell’s also done more to further President Trump’s demands for a desperately needed border wall, refusing to hold votes to reopen the partially shutdown departments until money’s included for the barrier.

McConnell will never be viewed as a hero in conservative circles but at least he’s fought for certain aspects of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda. The House didn’t -- and that’s why Nancy Pelosi’s wrinkled mug (along with creepy “Chucky” Schumer’s crooked grin) is leading every establishment nightly news program these days.

No, the Republican Party isn’t stuck in the 1950’s -- it’s mired in the same 21st century swamp as the Democrats and only a very determined vehicle (a.k.a. Donald Trump) could drag it out of the mud and ooze. Here’s thinking Kasich will run for president next year -- as an independent -- and he’ll discover just how little people take to his brand of sniping and kvetching. Nobody likes a loser, John. Have fun bashing Trump with your new pals on CNN or MSNBC -- it’s probably all you’ll get to do from now on… and once you stop, they’ll toss you onto a smoldering compost pile.

Naturally, real liberals and Democrats echo Kasich on the issues of the day. Juan Williams wrote at The Hill, “Congressional Republicans know the president’s push for a border wall is a political fake. The best evidence is that no one in Congress representing a district on the southern border supports the wall. That includes the lone Republican, Rep. Will Hurd of Texas.

“’A giant barrier from ‘sea to shining sea’ is the most expensive and least effective way to do border security,’ Hurd recently told CNN. He voted with Democrats last week to end the government shutdown without giving Trump money for a wall.”

Williams cites a number of anti-Trump establishment Republicans as foundation for claiming GOP support for Trump and the shutdown is waning. While it’s true there are a handful of wishy-washy RINOs like Hurd joining Democrats to denounce the barrier concept the vast majority realizes the illegal immigration issue is a serious crisis and needs to be solved, beginning with erecting a solid wall.

More manpower and a “virtual fence” won’t stop the new wave of illegal crossings -- mainly because the lawbreakers want to be caught. Byron York at The Washington Examiner explained that today’s illegal immigrants intentionally cross the border to claim asylum -- and no invisible technology-based detection system would do a thing to deter or stop them.

But a high fence certainly would.

No amount of excuses RINOs like John Kasich or liberal Democrats make will change the facts on the border -- or anything else of consequence in today’s America. Republican and conservative policies work if they’re tried, something not possible with the DC swamp mentality.

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