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Assault on America, Day 22: In Democrat-land, the prettier you are the smarter you become

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez










You must be joking, right?

While there’s no doubting a deep divide exists between how liberals and conservatives see things in today’s topsy-turvy political world, it’s still hard to fathom how anyone could see the “phenomenon” that is 29-year-old New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for anything other than what it is: a pretty face who’s taken advantage of her comeliness and social media aware “wokeness” to weasel her way into the hearts of the liberal establishment and get herself invited to all the trendiest of leftist soirees in post-Obama Washington.

Some liberals are so enamored with Ocasio-Cortez they even argue she’s brought a new brand of politics to the American scene. As a typical example, the always good-for-a-laugh Juan Williams wrote at The Hill the other day, “While Trump loves to tweet directly to his older, white, male base, Ocasio-Cortez tweets and uses Instagram to reach directly to the growing number of young voters, especially energized anti-Trump Democrats, who are describing themselves in record numbers as liberals.

“This is especially true for Latina, black, Asian and young white women. That audience sees themselves in Ocasio-Cortez.

“And right-wingers follow her, too, because they love to hate on her. They envy her ability to talk to young people who are not available to Trump and the Republicans. And her ideas on raising taxes, universal healthcare and reducing the cost of college tuition invite conservative rage because she gives energy to left-wing ideas that are already popular and now going mainstream.”

Ocasio-Cortez isn’t giving any more “energy” to these crazy discredited proposals than already dwells in the skulls of today’s under-educated and smart phone obsessed younger population. It doesn’t take much brain power to spend hour after hour staring zombie-like into a four-inch screen, always trusting the next click will bring whatever result they desire. Where parents once complained about younger folks watching too much TV -- now it’s the internet and point-to-point instant contact and communication that gets responsible people in a tizzy.

The boob tube is so yesterday to Ocasio-Cortez’s fans. Do kids even watch TV anymore? How would one-way media compete with a chatroom full of electronically hooked scatterbrains too stimulated by the social media buzz to put down the dang device and come to dinner?

If anyone identifies with the New York congresswoman now it’s because she’s convinced a gaggle of old and rich (and most likely white) liberal people somewhere that she’s the thriving new face of the mission they’re trying to accomplish -- not only to oppose and defeat the immensely successful (from a policy standpoint) Donald Trump but also to provide them hope a complete government takeover of the economy (as pushed forward by an attractive non-Caucasian mug) is the key to their political fortunes.

If you doubt her looks have anything to do with her meteoric rise in such a short time (after all, no one had ever heard of her a year ago, before she surprised Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley in her district’s party primary last June), put Ocasio-Cortez’s words into the bodies of Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters or Elizabeth Warren and see how much attention these ancient and nasty crones engender for the kook spewing crapola AOC’s notorious for. Or even better yet, have Bernie Sanders or Senator Corey Booker or creepy “Chucky” Schumer utter the same moldy word salad and measure the heat from the media’s slobbering.

Senator Richard Blumenthal, where are you when we need you? Oh, that’s right, you’re about as eye-friendly as a crinkled-up Ding-Dong wrapper that’s been trapped under an obese Democrat welfare recipient’s underside for two days.

Ocasio-Cortez isn’t mouthing anything any of today’s other Democrats aren’t -- she’s just new brand packaging disguising the old moldering cheese underneath. She’s SPAM with a “new and improved” label. Her flavors -- climate change, a “Green New Deal,” Medicare for all and universal college tuition -- were all floated in the recent past by someone older and uglier than she is. Shouldn’t Juan Williams and the rest of the star-crossed “AOC” admirers be compelled to name one new thing she brings to the table?

Ocasio-Cortez is akin to the “trophy wife” of today’s Democrat party. The dragons were married to the old guard (and still are in some senses, look at Hillary Clinton) but then she came along and they got the 37-year itch and filed for divorce. Hillary Rodham Clinton seems much less enticing than a twenty-something with a lot more curb appeal, doesn’t she?

Of course there’s a long history of Democrats turning to visibly attractive females -- or in some cases, striking males -- to try and paper over deficiencies in intelligence and depth of principles. For a party that seems to resent physical appearance being part of the equation when assessing career or political advancement, Democrats are hell-bent on moving forward the fortunes of good-lookers regardless of the guarantees they’re speaking or the schemes they espouse.

We don’t need to go back beyond Barack Obama to see it either. Remember when Harry Reid described Obama as “light-skinned without a trace of negro dialect”? Or, knee-slappin’ good guy (and 2020 Democrat frontrunner) Joe Biden described Obama’s looks -- “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”.  

Obama himself once even talked about 2020 Democrat hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris’s physical attributes. Obama called Harris the “best looking Attorney General in the country,” (in 2013) and then apologized for the “mistake” as though complimenting the woman in this manner was somehow insulting.

The former president probably admires OAC’s appearance too but wouldn’t dare say anything about it now. She’s got such great ideas, right? Then there are other Democrats who receive an outsized share of media drool … how about Hawaii’s Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (why the heck is she running for president?), New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (trying to out nutcase the others these days), Harris, and on the male side, skateboarding faux-Hispanic dimwit Robert Francis “Beto” O'Rourke, a guy so devoid of core substance that he showed himself receiving dental work on social media a couple weeks ago.

Does this make one cool or just stupid? Democrat voters appear to appreciate both types.

Harris formally announced her run this week and as would be expected, did it an embarrassingly unique Democrat-like way (don’t forget to turn up the volume). She also went on TV; Katelyn Caralle reported at The Washington Examiner, “Sen. Kamala Harris announced Monday morning that she's launching a Democratic bid for president.

“’I am running for president of the United States,’ Harris announced on ABC, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. ‘I am very excited about it.’ ...

“She told ABC that she decided to announce on MLK Day because he inspired her to fight for ideals that have not yet been reached. ‘[W]e know that we've not yet reached those ideals but our strength is that we fight to reach those ideals, and that inspires me,’ Harris said. ‘So today, the day we celebrate Dr. King, is a very special day for all of us as Americans, and I’m honored to be able to make my announcement on the day that we commemorate him.’”

So there you have it, Harris is running because one, she’s a woman (check!), two, she’s a minority (check!) three, she’s a rabid far-left freak (check!) and four, because she’s a hottie (okay, she didn’t say it, but check!)!

The old saying goes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but where Democrats are concerned a handsome countenance goes much farther than that. When trying to standout to the grossly uniformed and overly superficial Democrat base it pays to be a looker -- just ask Juan Williams.

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