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Assault on America, Day 40: Look out! AOC and the Green New Deal socialists are coming!

Greenie New Deal
Be honest. When you go to a gas station to fill-up or turn up the heat a notch at home do you give an ounce of thought to the damage radical environmentalists insist you’re inflicting on the world?

Perhaps you (and I) should start, because according to the liberal powers-that-be, we’re ruining the planet one tank of gas or degree of warmth at a time, in essence creating a slow trickle of doom for the only atmosphere homo sapiens have ever breathed. If the elites can’t eliminate humanity through abortion on demand and non-replacement level birthrates -- or outright governmental purges like those in the 20th century -- they’ll achieve their aims through the inevitable revenge of scientific theory.

Ever since the concept of global warming was introduced and championed by the easily unhinged Al Gore there’s been report after report on carbon emissions generated from various Democrat politicians and celebrity hypocrites flying comfortably from locale to locale on heavily polluting private jets, trotting the globe to promote austere causes while flipping the proverbial bird to their own climate apostacies.

Now many of these same leftists aren’t even attempting to hide their inconsistencies any longer. Newly minted congressional space cadet Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced the concept of her “Green New Deal” last week and the plan is nothing short of frightening in its intended scope and reach. Josh Siegel reported at The Washington Examiner, “The nonbinding resolution, introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., contains many of the same core tenets promised by progressives eager to push Democrats further to the left on climate policy heading into the 2020 presidential election...

“It calls for ‘net-zero greenhouse gas emissions’ by 2030, but in a subtle shift that could expand support to centrist Democrats, it also allows for noncarbon-emitting energy sources that aren’t wind and solar power to reach the goal. Progressives had originally promised 100 percent renewable energy and banning fossil fuels.

“It urges the elimination of carbon emissions for all the major sectors of the economy — electricity, manufacturing, buildings, transportation, and even agriculture — all while ensuring a ‘fair and just transition for all communities and workers.’”

“Fair and just…?” What does that mean? Will Democrats allow party-approved oppressed minorities, gender classifications and sexual orientations additional time to get their carbon burning habits under control? Will the residents of Democrat-ruled inner cities be granted a pass to keep their air conditioners a little longer? Siegel additionally reported Ocasio-Cortez’s resolution proposes economy-wide “investments” in clean energy infrastructure such as weatherized buildings and light rail.

All of these plans come with gargantuan price tags, of course. Light rail alone would take decades to put in place. What about all the environmental impact studies? And the litigation? Or NIMBY suits for the sustainable development crowd?

Not content to stop there, the “Green New Deal” promises employment to everyone seeking a job…and universal healthcare too, the social aims of government totalitarians (i.e. Democrats) everywhere. In other words, why don’t we just wholesale trash the thousands of years of human history and innovation and turn the keys of our existence over to AOC and the Democrat socialists to run everything from cradle to grave?

Do these people have cars, use electricity or enjoy climate-controlled living quarters? Is there even any such thing as a “clean energy” airplane? Would such contraptions generate enough power to propel hundreds of passengers and tons of cargo thousands of miles at a time? Maybe we should all go back to the days of the covered wagon, pony express and the rutted Oregon trail, because roads require big gobs of petroleum to be built too.

How about returning sea commerce to wind power? Who says the days of the tall mast sailing ships are long past? Since manufacturing must conform to the new “green” restrictions, seafaring vessels can’t be assembled with steel any longer (because steel would be almost impossible to produce). Bring back wooden ships!

Reality shows technologies haven’t even been invented to replace all the carbon burning tools and machines the Democrats are dead-set on eliminating. Gasoline powered engines are pervasive -- everyone has ‘em, even in their garages. How will people mow their lawns, cut up fallen trees (with chainsaws) or blow leaves off their driveway? If we want to do all this, better go back to the human propelled grass cutters. The rake manufacturing industry will prosper, especially with a government subsidy!

And try selling this “Green New Deal” notion to farmers; if they’re forced to junk their tractors, combines, weed killers and various non-green chemical fertilizers we’re talking about returning to the days of oxen-pulled plows with men following behind hoping to furrow the fields in straight lines. And are there any “clean energy” semi-trucks to haul the commodities to the market? Any long-haul electric train locomotives?

Further, if we can’t use fossil fuels how could the government launch satellites into space for communications and simple everyday use of GPS or cell phones?

How will Ocasio-Cortez do her hair or press her clothes without electricity generated from petroleum burning plants? How will the liberal activists obtain their lattes and pastries from a favored local gourmet coffee shop without significant amounts of electric power?

The greenies would no doubt retort that “clean energy” sources will soon supplant the current carbon burners but there simply isn’t the money -- or time -- to replace the vastly more efficient and cheaper existing fossil fuel sources. If this plan is set to go into effect by 2030, who will do the development work and who’s going to pay for it?

Lastly, can you imagine the kickbacks politicians always receive for writing in generous “exemptions” to these laws? Lobbyists will swarm the Capitol office buildings like buzzards over a carcass with campaign contribution checkbooks in coat pockets anxious to fork over millions for relief from the socialists’ mandates (the $$$ will all go to Democrats too).

This isn’t to say “climate change” isn’t real or isn’t occurring, but shouldn’t we be taking a more reasoned and measured approach to combatting it? Where does politics figure into this? Will citizens of fossil fuel producing communities be amenable to changing their lifestyles and livelihoods because city-based representatives (like AOC and most Democrats) insist they must?

Not to mention a colossal government bureaucracy will need to be created to oversee these new mandates. Government employees make a lot of money, after all. Stephen Dinan reported at The Washington Times, “Federal employees are back on the job after the government shutdown — and many are doing pretty well for themselves, according to a new report that shows nearly 92,000 of them make salaries that match or exceed the governors of the states where they work.

“Some are in traditional high-pay occupations such as doctors. But the total also includes 18 painters, 22 welders and 25 pipefitters…

“’It’s time for Congress and the administration to seriously consider downsizing the federal workforce,’ said former Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, who had requested the original report. He said extra spending to keep people in jobs means more pain in the long run. ‘Setting priorities and making smart cuts to lower-priority positions, particularly during a shutdown or crisis, is far more compassionate and responsible than collectively punishing not only all federal employees, but the country and generations that follow,’ he said.”

Coburn’s is good common sense, which is probably why a reduction in the federal workforce will likely never happen, especially under Democrat control. And if Ocasio-Cortez and her “Green New Deal” ilk achieves their sinister schemes, the problems will multiply a hundredfold.

The Founding Fathers never envisioned a government so powerful so as to control every aspect of citizens’ lives, but that’s what’s in store if the new breed of Democrat socialists succeed in enacting a “Green New Deal” someday. Their mindset is not only dangerous, it’s proliferating.

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Fake Congressperson?

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