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The Fabrications That Almost Succeeded In Overthrowing President Trump

Trump on McCabe
Anyone who watched disgraced and fired FBI agent Andrew McCabe’s interviews with NPR's Morning Edition and CBS News’ 60 Minutes and who has not been following the phony Russia “collusion” investigation might be forgiven for thinking there was something really there.

"I don't know that we have ever seen in all of history an example of the number, the volume and the significance of the contacts between people in and around the president, his campaign, with our most serious, our existential international enemy: the government of Russia," McCabe told NPR's Morning Edition. "That's just remarkable to me."

McCabe would have us all believe that HE believed the Steele “dirty dossier” and other purported contacts between the Trump campaign and various Russians or Russian-affiliated persons, even though he knew almost all those contacts were set-ups orchestrated by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the FBI and various other organs of the Obama administration.

As Lee Smith, writing for RealClearInvestigations, established in his 2018 investigative article, “2016 Trump Tower Meeting Looks Increasingly Like a Setup by Russian and Clinton Operatives:”

A growing body of evidence, however, indicates that the meeting may have been a setup -- part of a broad effort to tarnish the Trump campaign involving Hillary Clinton operatives employed by Kremlin-linked figures and Department of Justice officials. This view, that the real collusion may have taken place among those who arranged the meeting rather than the Trump officials who agreed to attend it, is supported by two disparate lines of evidence pulled together for the first time here: newly released records and a pattern of efforts to connect the Trump campaign to Russia.

McCabe knew all this purported evidence of collusion was created by the Hillary Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS and Obama-era Department of Justice and FBI officials.

As Victor Davis Hanson explained in a recent article for American Greatness:

About a dozen FBI and DOJ grandees have now resigned, retired, been fired, or reassigned for unethical and likely illegal behavior—and yet have not faced criminal indictments. The reputation of the FBI as venerable agency is all but wrecked. Its administrators variously have libeled the Trump voters, expressed hatred for Trump, talked of “insurance policies” in ending the Trump candidacy, and inserted informants into the Trump campaign.

The former Obama directors of the CIA and National Intelligence, with security clearances intact, hit the television airways as paid “consultants” and almost daily accused the sitting president of Russian collusion and treason—without cross-examination or notice that both previously had lied under oath to Congress (and did so without subsequent legal exposure), and both were likely knee-deep in the dissemination of the Steele dossier among Obama administration officials.

John Brennan’s CIA likely helped to spread the Fusion GPS dossier among elected and administrative state officials. Some in the NSC in massive and unprecedented fashion requested the unmasking of surveilled names of Trump subordinates, and then illegally leaked them to the press.

The FISA courts, fairly or not, are now mostly discredited, given they either were willingly or naively hoodwinked by FBI and DOJ officials who submitted as chief evidence for surveillance on American citizens, an unverified dossier—without disclosure that the bought campaign hit-piece was paid for by Hillary Clinton, authored by a discredited has-been British agent, relied on murky purchased Russian sources, and used in circular fashion to seed news accounts of supposed Trump misbehavior.

And it almost worked.

Fortunately, there may yet be an accounting for this narrow victory for constitutional government. As David Catron reported for the American Spectator, comments made on CBS’s Face the Nation by GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, suggest that pains will be taken to bring the truth to light:

“We’re going to find out what happened here and the only way I know to find out is to call the people in under oath and find out, through questioning, who’s telling the truth because the underlying accusation is beyond stunning,” he said, having earlier noted, “there’s an allegation by the acting FBI director at the time that the deputy attorney general was basically trying to do an administrative coup, take the president down through the twenty-fifth amendment process.”

If Andrew McCabe’s book tour doesn’t prompt action from Senator Graham, then we don’t know what will.  We urge CHQ readers and friends to call Senator Graham’s office TODAY. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) tell Senator Graham that you agree with him, there must be an open and transparent investigation of the Obama administration’s collusion with the Russian and the Hillary Clinton campaign to overthrow President Trump.

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