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Assault on America, Day 51: #NeverTrump’s going extinct like the dodo bird … anyone care?

Dodo Bird NeverTrump
As the dwindling remnants of ISIS make their last stand on the final slice of territory the terrorist group still controls in eastern Syria, perhaps it’s time to assess whether another unofficial collection of rabble rousers (though admittedly not terrorists) are themselves preparing to capitulate here on American soil.

Speaking of the nebulous self-described “conservative” faction known as #NeverTrump. This loose assemblage of Republican (or former Republican) critics first materialized about three years ago in the spring of 2016, primarily consisting of neoconservatives (like Bill Kristol), disgruntled intellectuals (such as George Will, Max Boot, Jonah Goldberg and David French) and longtime GOP establishment types (Bushies) who refused to accept the will of the party primary electorate and to welcome the bombastic non-politician Donald Trump into the Republican/conservative fold.

#NeverTrumpers insisted Trump was lying to the country and the world about his true political longings (that he was actually a liberal wolf in sheep’s clothing), was “unpresidential” in his behavior and would end up destroying the Republican Party and conservative cause that folks fought so long and hard to build and nurture. To them, backing Trump meant proverbially soiling everything they’d ever said or written about politics. Trump was that bad.

Some #NeverTrumpers were Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz supporters who weren’t prepared to forfeit their man’s cause. Others were chained to the Washington swamp and prophetically worried the New Yorker would come in with pumps primed and ready to suck out the government’s septic ooze like a leech on a festering wound. Just like Japanese soldiers who never received official word their emperor had surrendered, these sad political souls clung to a banner that no longer existed. Yet still they fought on.

Needless to say, after two years of Trump’s remarkably successful presidency the #NeverTrump cause has proven to be a fallacy. Some recognized the error of their ways and rejoined the GOP cause. Others hightailed it to the Democrats. Still others gave up completely and left politics. The Democrats’ serious leftward lurch isn’t helping them sustain themselves, either.

Katelyn Caralle reported on one of them at The Washington Examiner, “[Liz Mair] claims that those initially opposed to Trump are considering voting for him in 2020 as the Democratic Party pushes further left, and says the ‘Never Trump’ Republican movement is ‘no longer playing much of a role in the actual biosphere.’

“Mair says that Republicans who opposed Trump in 2016 are now supporting him in 2020 after wins on tax reform, regulation rollbacks, undermining the Affordable Care Act, and big executive appointments, especially in the Supreme Court and federal judiciary.

“’Those things matter to lots of different types of conservatives, and some of them matter in particular to social conservatives,’ Mair wrote. ‘That leaves relatively few of us undecideds pacing the proverbial political mall, window shopping. Our efforts to affect the 2020 map might just be pointless.’”

Caralle further reported Mair intends to support the utterly fruitless candidacy of wishy-washy former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld in the 2020 GOP primaries. Weld announced (at a New Hampshire event last Friday) he’d formed an exploratory committee and intends to run as a Republican against Trump. Best of luck, Bill!

You may recall -- then again, probably not -- that Weld already occupied a spot on a presidential ticket, serving as 2016 Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson’s running mate. Trump critics hoping for any potential opening highlight the Libertarians’ 3 percent of the national vote in ‘16, suggesting there’s a smidgen of room to challenge Trump from within the GOP. But wouldn’t at least some of those Libertarian votes have stemmed from Hillary Clinton’s side of the partisan fence (social liberals who couldn’t stomach the Democrats’ big spending ways)?

Other potential Trumpian primary opponents include 2016 third-place finisher John Kasich and current Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, somewhat of an anomaly in the GOP as a popular party chief executive from a deep blue state. Hogan hardly governs as a full spectrum conservative, however, and his vocal criticisms and opposition to Trump aren’t exactly a solid foundation for launching a national bid against an incumbent president with over a 90 percent approval rating among Republicans.

But Mair’s concessions are instructive, and, in a way, surprising. Most #NeverTrumpers contend they still oppose Trump because he’ll either one, eventually fail (because he’s ethically and morally unfit); two, suddenly revert back to his deal-making liberal ways and sell-out conservatives in the manner they’ve predicted since the beginning; three, finally be ensnared in Robert Mueller and the Democrats’ Russian collusion trap, or four, get tired of all the opposition and hate and head back to New York and Florida to play golf every day.

#NeverTrumpers live in a parallel universe completely disconnected from reality. They cling to old conspiracy theories and doubt Trump possesses the resolve or stamina to stick it out. Some maintain Trump was never serious about running for president or serving in the first place and was doing it all to comprise the world’s grandest and most visible publicity stunt.

Or they see him as a power-hungry tyrant who enjoys pushing buttons and picking on weaklings, which explains his racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic -- and every other “phobic” -- leanings. Or that he’s only acting as president to cement the Trump brand in the earth’s largest taxpayer paid-for advertising campaign to further enrich himself and his family.

When this is all over #NeverTrumpers fully expect Trump to launch “Trump TV” as a nationalistic (code for racist) populist competitor to mainstream establishment media outlets. They think Trump’s enormous ego guides his every decision. He’ll fail someday because Trump doesn’t take anyone’s counsel to heart and haphazardly flies off on wild tangents and twitter binges. Maybe the Europeans will finally have had enough and refuse to host him on state visits.

The Trump administration’s frequent staff shakeups and openings point to proof of his instability. Men like James “Mad Dog” Mattis wouldn’t have left because of mere differences of opinion, right? Trump won the election yet the ruling class believes it knows better on how to execute laws and which policies to enforce and which ones to shove off to the side like Washingtonians always do.

And the “forgotten” Americans will crawl back into their dark and dingy holes and allow the learned and scholarly elite class to run everything again just like they did ever since Ronald Reagan relinquished power in 1989.  

#NeverTrumpers still contend the president is politically feeble, too. Jonah Goldberg wrote at National Review, “President Trump declared an emergency in part to conceal his weakness. The bipartisan deal to provide even less funding for border security than what was offered to the White House before the shutdown was an unadulterated defeat for the president. If Trump hadn’t declared a national emergency the same day he signed the legislation, all of the headlines would reflect that. It was an effective way of changing the subject.

“It’s also grotesque.”

Ask a hundred people whether a national emergency was necessary and all hundred would say they wished Trump didn’t have to do it. The same Congress Goldberg touted in his piece failed to act because of purely partisan reasons (if you don’t believe it look up the compilation of Democrat politicians who at one time said a wall was necessary). Don’t blame Trump for the deterioration of American political cooperation and discourse on Capitol Hill.

Fault “creepy” Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Throw in Goldberg and the other outspoken holdout #NeverTrumpers who only squawk about legalities and ignore political reality.

America is at political war and sooner or later everyone must choose sides. #NeverTrumpers think they’re neutral like Switzerland in WWII, but it doesn’t work that way. President Trump isn’t perfect but he’s on the right side -- and he has two years of accomplishments to back him up.

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