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Assault on America, Day 56: Democrats running short on victims to purchase at the ballot box

Hard left turn Liz Warren
Come on, admit it. When you and your spouse received the good news about expecting a child the first thought that came to mind for both of you was, “That’s great! How many ways will the government help us raise the kid?”

Okay, perhaps not. For most the government doesn’t figure into any of life’s important calculations, and why should it? Here in America, the Land of the Free, we determine our destinies apart from the whims of politicians and bureaucrats in far off marble buildings, right?

Not if Democrats have their way. We’ve all heard about Nancy Pelosi and the House majority’s intentions to impeach President Donald Trump, grab the guns from our hands (or closets), impose oppressive regulations and control of the U.S. economy (Green New Deal) as well as attempts to stifle free speech -- but what about their lesser-reported workings behind the scenes, such as to foist federally provided universal daycare upon the citizenry?

Don’t laugh, national babysitting could be only years away if Democrats gain control... Prepare the way, a true nanny state coming to a community center near you! Heather Wilhelm wrote at National Review last week, “Get ready to have your minds blown, Americans: ‘Universal affordable high-quality child care’ — spearheaded by our completely competent, friendly, not-at-all-corrupt federal-government professionals, of course — would end sexist structures of work-related oppression and ‘change society for the better.’ Democrats are looking for ‘big, unifying themes,’ and this ‘bold’ idea should surely rise to the top…

“Bernie Sanders, the crotchety socialist who has raised an astounding amount of money since announcing his presidential run, was an early adopter of the universal day-care plan. Not to be outdone, Elizabeth Warren recently declared that forcing other people to pay for your child care is ‘a fundamental right.’ Her dramatic ‘Universal Child Care and Early Learning’ scheme, recently published online, would supposedly be funded through a hilariously named ‘Ultra-Millionaire Tax,’ which sounds like the name of a villain in a comic book in which the characters are different types of taxes…”

As if the Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-inspired Green New Deal wasn’t wacky enough for the new-style Democrats, it looks as though leftists aim to wrest responsibility for childrearing away from ordinary folks too. For years Democrats pushed the concept of federally paid-for preschool intended to relieve pressure off of moms and dads to educate and mind their offspring from about age three-on, and now the socialist party plans on ripping babies out of parents’ arms much sooner and tucking them safely away in storage at Uncle Sam’s kiddie corner!

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Mind you, if this crackpot nonsense ever comes to pass, nothing “American” will be taught at these indoctrination centers. Democrat daycare will devote special emphasis to ensure no child is propagandized into the ideas of individualism, patriotism and freedom. There will be no such thing as “normalcy” or a distinction between boys and girls either. Each “friend” will be assigned a generic number and names won’t even be used.

Visit on any given day and you’ll hear the daycare center’s loudspeaker blaring, “Now serving number C106 in the gender-neutral potty room.”

True to form, Democrats surmise the “rich” will pay for it all, just as they’ll pony-up for everything party members dream up. If “Pocahontas” Warren or her ilk ever ascends to the Oval Office and enjoys a friendly Congress to adopt her kooky schemes the “rich” might as well reset their W2 federal withholding level to 100 percent! Why bother doing your taxes every year when you -- literally -- work for the government and not keep a dime for yourself!

Sooner rather than later “rich” will need redefining to include everyone making more than the federal minimum wage (which by then will be increased to $25 an hour). Hundreds of billions -- and trillions -- will be confiscated to pay for universal healthcare (Medicare for All), free college tuition and the Democrats’ batty environmental proposals. The various executive departments will then hold raffles to determine which ones get the surplus federal dollars. Oh yeah… there won’t be any.

In proposing universal federal daycare Democrats clearly expect to further bribe inner city and suburban moms into permanently voting themselves benefits paid-for by unnamed and faceless “rich” guys who’re just using their wealth to step on the heads of the working class (if they’re not already exploiting illegal alien labor for personal gain). Forget the fact the productive class already pays an oversized share of the federal income tax burden -- they can always be counted on to dole out a little more, right? It’s only fair!

If Democrats can’t succeed in eliminating every child before birth (via abortions) they’ll at least be primed to sink their hooks into the little ones at the daycare/reprogramming centers. What’s being taught today on college campuses will soon be available to those humans still learning how to talk and walk. Why not start early?

Meanwhile, moms freed from worries over raising kids will be able to participate in the next leftist march and spend their spare hours attending women’s empowerment seminars taught by white pantsuit-wearing members of the Democrat majority. Dads win too, though in a much more limited way; instead of having to shell out for daycare they’ll devote their extra coin to focusing on sensitivity training and learning how to ditch their “toxic masculinity”.

Unfortunately for Democrats they’ll eventually run out of ways to redistribute other people’s money, no doubt leading to intra-party squabbling over which kook-fringe nutcase idea gets priority with what little’s left of the dwindling federal tax base. No concern -- some are seriously considering the idea of paying reparations for slavery.

Michael Burke reported at The Hill, “Democratic Sens. Kamala Harris (Calif.) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), who are both running for president, have reportedly said they support reparations for black Americans affected by slavery.

“The New York Times reported Thursday that Harris affirmed her support for reparations in a statement after agreeing last week with a radio host that reparations are necessary.

“’We have to be honest that people in this country do not start from the same place or have access to the same opportunities,’ Harris said in the statement. ‘I’m serious about taking an approach that would change policies and structures and make real investments in black communities.’”

Only black communities, Kamala? Harris (perhaps descended from slave owners herself!) clearly wasn’t envisioning the big picture here -- there are many, many more “communities” to play to and promise redress for long-past wrongs. Asians, for example, can certainly concoct invoices for their ancestors’ poor treatment upon arrival on North American shores, first being employed as semi-slave labor when constructing much of the American west (railroads) and then closer to our lifetimes, being sent to internment camps by FDR.

Then there’s the college admission disparity between Asians and everyone else. Don’t get me started!

Hispanics are greater in population than Asians and can equally claim exploitation on any number of fronts, ranging from being forced (through circumstances) to pick produce to seeing their ancestral lands seized by the victorious United States after the 1840’s Mexican War.

Even now the so-called DREAMERS’ legal status is being held in limbo… so isn’t there emotional distress to account for?

Muslims must not be ignored either. President Trump staked his campaign on keeping them out -- or so they’d complain. Therefore, a few years’ worth of federal checks might ease their uncertainties and establish a positive mindset for future good community relations under a tolerant Democrat president.

If it were up to Democrats, they’d tax the wealthy out of existence and redistribute the booty to anyone who’d buy into their victimization credo and provide votes for them. Neither enacting universal daycare nor reparations for slavery would satisfy their hunger. In Democrat-land the sky’s the limit.

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Democrats running short on Victims

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”

The Left wants to get "em young!

BTW; anyone remember "the Life of Julia" Obama's famous advertisement for the glories of government paternity? The Democoms have had this idea in their sites for along time now.