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Assault on America, Day 97: Beto’s talent for B.S. suggests he’ll thrive in 2020 Dem primaries

Beto bid
Everyone knows political candidates always try to one-up each other, so it’s no surprise Democrat presidential hopefuls are engaging in it now to cement themselves an advantageous and extreme place in the hearts of the easily gulled and fooled Democrat base ahead of next year’s 2020 primaries.

Case in point is skateboarding Texas lightweight “Beto” O’Rourke, a man so devoid of justification to run for president he’s even attempting to wrest the climate change issue away from fellow party fearmongers like Bernie “climate change is the number one national security issue” Sanders. However, instead of sticking with the widely held Democrat notion that we have “12” more years to live until global warming overwhelms us (unless the Green New Deal is implemented), Beto cut the timetable down to make himself stand out from the reactionary crowd.

Nicholas Ballasy reported at PJ Media, “Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas), a 2020 presidential candidate, predicted that the U.S. has 10 years left to act on climate change.

“’At this point there can be no shadow of a doubt that our own excesses and emissions and inaction politically and as a country and a democracy, where each of us comprise the government, have led to the warming we've seen so far -- one degree Celsius just since 1980,’ O'Rourke said during the ‘We the People Membership Forum’ in Washington …

“To support his position on climate change, O'Rourke referred to the ‘58 inches of rain that fell from the sky’ in Houston. He called on lawmakers to start ‘confronting climate change before it is too late, within the 10 years we have left to us to act.’”

Hmmm. If, as Beto maintains, it’s only 10 years until climate Armageddon, that leaves just enough time for him to win the 2020 election, take the oath of office in 2021 and then serve two terms ending in… 2029. He’ll save us all, vote for Beto!

Not so fast. Anyone who’s not instantly dumbfounded by Beto’s good looks and coolness should grasp they’re being fed a wheelbarrow full of hooey on this issue from the unemployed former congressman. In case anyone needs a refresher, O’Rourke served three terms in the House, lost a fairly close (for Texas, at least) senate race to Ted Cruz last year and somehow now imagines he’s qualified to offer doomsday predictions based on scientific conjecture he’s probably never even read… and also to be president of the United States too.

Prior to O’Rourke’s six years in Congress -- where he conveniently cowered in the minority, not doing anything controversial or challenging as someone with real power must do -- Beto served on the El Paso City Council from 2005 to 2011. Let’s see, if Beto’s 46 now it means he was first elected in El Paso at age… 32 or 33…? So, not only is O’Rourke’s resume featherlight in important accomplishments, he already looks suspiciously like a career politician with a filthy rich wife (that’s another story) who plans to live off the public dole his whole life.

Which makes him a perfect fit for the Democrat Party, which, when not nominating over-the-hill retread fainting drunken old hags like Hillary Clinton, tends to favor 40-something men with golden tongues and a gift for hyperbole as candidates for president. You know, there was Bill Clinton in 1992 and then Barack Obama in 2008; both delivered darn fine orations and “related” to the younger folks by playing the saxophone (and chasing skirts), telling tales of youthful dope smoking and/or speaking with knowledge about NCAA basketball and rap music.

Donald Trump is so not welcome in Democrat-land; he only turned his modest family fortune into a huge one and then ran for president as an outsider because he wanted to drain the swamp, not swim in it. Trump’s well documented quirky personal history -- including stints as a registered Democrat -- gave many conservatives pause during the 2016 primaries, but our concerns have been more than alleviated ever since.

Trump’s decades of worldly experience away from politics provided an intrinsic credibility few could match. Plus, he’s donating his salary as president (a fact the media never relays). In essence, Trump’s working for free, the same wage congressional interns receive for answering office phones and opening constituent mail. Shouldn’t that make Trump’s tax returns a little less vital in the liberals’ minds?

Back to Beto. There are a couple odd things about the way he phrased his answer that jump out. First O’Rourke claimed the earth’s warmed one degree Celsius since 1980, a practically worthless statistic to any American audience conditioned to thinking in the more conventional Fahrenheit measurement system. For all the average Yankee Joe knows, one degree Celsius equals more like a hundred degrees Fahrenheit -- and that’s a lot, right?

Beto’s pulling a fast one over on people by throwing out random values that sound impressive but don’t amount to a hill of beans where policy is concerned. What does it all mean? Are we destined to die because the earth’s temperature warmed by an amount only Europeans understand?

It turns out one degree Celsius over the course of four decades really ain’t much, and, if true, could just as easily be explained away as normal temperature fluctuations. For our general knowledge, a Google search revealed, “In the Celsius scale there are 100 degrees between the freezing point and the boiling point of water compared to 180 degrees in the Fahrenheit scale. This means that 1 °C = 1.8 °F.”

So, according to leftists like Beto, we’re supposed to abandon the aggregate use of fossil fuels and commit ourselves to eating tofu (no more farting cows) and using rowboats to cross oceans (instead of flying) just because some pencil-neck scientist said the earth’s warmed by less than two degrees since Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter? Besides, how was the increase measured… and by whom? Here’s thinking Americans won’t buy it. If our countrymen aren’t falling over themselves to anoint Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as our secular leader, why would they do it for equally flighty Beto (who, like AOC, no one ever heard of a year ago)?

O’Rourke also mentioned “58 inches of rain fell from the sky” (where else would it come from, Beto?) in Houston. Is that a lot for the area? Is it way above normal? Did an unusual weather event -- like a hurricane -- greatly inflate the total? Was there a significant increase over a period of time or just an odd year or two? Isn’t that what averages are for?

California’s experienced an extremely wet rainy season this year, well above norm. After suffering through drought conditions for much of the past decade, the surplus water is a welcome sight to a thirsty Golden State. If the increased precipitation is indeed due to “climate change”, shouldn’t we be grateful instead of fearful? Just saying…

Beto’s not making sense and pandering to Democrat voters’ uninformed believe-everything mentality to inflate his credibility and popularity. It won’t work.

And to make matters worse, he appears to back AOC’s “Green New Deal” baloney as well. Again, Nicholas Ballasy reported at PJ Media that O’Rourke said, “’Those who have helped to champion and to write the Green New Deal are absolutely right on the money. Their comparison to this country in the 1930s and the 1940s coming out of the Great Depression, at the same time that we confronted the existential threat, at least to the Western democracies, of Nazi Germany, we were able to harness the power and the political will of hundreds of millions of our fellow Americans, as well as reassert our global leadership to win that war and to lift millions into the middle class.’”

Politicians bend facts to bolster claims of knowing more than competitors and opponents, hence providing a basis for choosing them over the others. Beto O’Rourke’s proving especially adept at spinning tall tales, which indicates he should do very well in next year’s Democrat primaries.

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