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Assault on America, Day 104: Both R’s and D’s can’t get their arms around the media’s lies

Nancy Pelosi
Is it possible both Republicans and Democrats have it all wrong about the media?

Conservatives (and Republicans) instinctively know the media’s out to get them, a permanent animosity fostered and nurtured over decades through news story after news story containing falsities, lethargic fact-verification and sometimes outright lies (Dan Rather and forged source documents, anyone?). Surveys show Americans consistently think the big network news operations are biased and slanted towards a liberal point-of-view, results that are shocking only to the media conglomerates themselves.

The recently concluded Mueller investigation was only the latest blatantly obvious case of establishment media bias and distortion, a faux conspiracy initiated by liberals in the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s campaign and sustained by journalists with a grudge. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s (and other liberal hosts) ratings tanked as soon as Mueller admitted Trump “didn’t do it” and she still has the gall to show her smirking grin in public.

But what about Democrats? Don’t liberal writers and personalities understand them either?

Apparently not if you listen to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who lashed out at the press last week. Susan Ferrechio reported at The Washington Examiner, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chastised Capitol Hill reporters for recent stories that chronicled a split in the party over how to set federal spending levels.

“’You guys have it all wrong,’ Pelosi, D-Calif., said as she exited a sit-down with the press at the Democrat’s annual issues retreat in suburban Washington. ‘We are a unified caucus.’

“Pelosi accused reporters of sticking to an inaccurate, but exciting story line. ‘It serves your purpose to say we are seething,’ Pelosi said. ‘But we are right on track to serve the American people.’”

Just as a mother would, Pelosi maintains everyone’s happy around the Democrat family dinner table. But members can only talk about the weather and their kid’s activities for so long before something substantive and disagreeable crops up to spoil the pudding. Try and imagine the backroom discussions in Democrat-land these days. Picture it -- Nancy wielding a wooden paddle with holes and a wayward Democrat member goading her to use it on him or her, threatening to bare the welts for all to see if she dares smacks the rear. Good fun!

You can’t help but belly-laugh at what Pelosi said for a few reasons. First, because she’s chastising the media for reporting on something she sees as a fabrication (at least according to her), second, because she claims the media is just out for sensationalism (i.e., exciting storylines), and three, that a San Francisco liberal nutcase feels the need to refute politically damaging news stories by claiming Democrats are united… which clearly they aren’t.

In effect it’s a liar lying to a gathering of liars about a lie that no one wants to expose by telling simple truths and analyzing incontrovertible facts. Doesn’t that just sum up Democrats and the establishment media in a nutshell?

Whenever Pelosi tosses out these fantastic “unity” distortions you can count on tweets from the enraged and discontented (especially media darlings Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar or any member of the Congressional Black Caucus) to contradict her via social media or by making some asinine statement in front of a cable news camera. In truth, Democrats are about as united as the sheep herd on Brokeback Mountain, desperately in need of a couple love starved and lonely “happy” cowboys to maneuver them back under the same leftist shelter.

In her “unity” remarks, Pelosi referenced an earlier party action to raise federal spending caps from the 2011 Budget Control Act. Some “moderate” Democrats actually thought the new proposed limits (under the Pelosi-backed bill) were too high, which sent the party’s largesse obsessed socialist faction into a tizzy. After all, if you’re a Democrat and can’t dedicate borrowed billions to more wasteful federal welfare programs, what good are you?

The dispute between the competing Democrat blocs meant Pelosi couldn’t count on a certain 218 votes to pass the measure (assuming no Republicans would go along), so she took the easy way out and pulled the legislation, the same thing Paul Ryan did whenever he couldn’t strong-arm enough conservatives to capitulate -- again -- to the entreaties of the swampy establishment.

Both parties spend way too much. It’s just funny to see the nominally unified Democrats running into intra-party turmoil the same way Republicans did during their most recent eight years in control of the House. I’m not a mathematician but what Pelosi claims is unity -- meaning 100 percent agreement on everything -- doesn’t exist in hers or any collection of politicians (though “Chucky” Schumer’s minority Democrat senate caucus comes awful close). San Fran Nan can spew nonsense until she’s blue in the face but it won’t convince rational people otherwise.

What’s the larger point about the establishment media here? Americans are conditioned to President Donald Trump and Republicans battling media members and contending elements of stories -- or the entire premise -- are “fake news.” Didn’t Pelosi do the same thing but not in so many words? If the media’s out to create “exciting” headlines and bend reality, are Democrats just as dissatisfied as GOPers about what’s showing up on the front pages of the New York Times and Washington Post?

Hardly. Pelosi -- and every Democrat -- understands she has to make it look like the media’s not carrying the Democrats’ water at all times to sell her greater agenda to a skeptical public. Let’s not forget polls always show Americans regard the establishment media in the same low esteem as politicians and Congress. If the average person sees reporters and House members on equally poor reputational footing it’s like spotting alligators and snakes sharing the same bog. No one wants anything to do with either reptile, but it mustn’t seem as though they’re huddling together.

Democrats love the media and vice versa -- and why shouldn’t they? Democrat presidents attend the White House Correspondents Dinner and don’t scoff at journalists whenever they’re trying to drive up their own readership/ratings. Democrats aren’t challenged nearly enough on their willful distortions of reality and fantasyland boondoggle ideas like the Green New Deal.

America can’t afford any of it. Pelosi knows it, but still there are people and votes to buy. Turns out the government’s spending more than ever, too. Terence P. Jeffrey wrote at CNS News, “The federal government spent $2,198,468,000,000 in the first six months of fiscal 2019 (October through March), which is the most it has spent in the first six months of any fiscal year in the last decade, according to the Monthly Treasury Statements.

“The last time the government spent more in the October-through-March period was in fiscal 2009, when it spent $2,326,360,180,000 in constant March 2019 dollars.

“Fiscal 2009 was the fiscal year that began with President George W. Bush signing a $700-billion law to bailout the banking industry in October 2008 and then saw President Barack Obama sign a $787-billion stimulus law in February 2009.”

So spending’s up and Jeffrey additionally reported tax revenues are down (a five-year low). “The difference in the federal taxes taken in and the spending going out resulted in a federal deficit of $691,174,000,000 for the first six months of the fiscal year.”

The revenue decreases weren’t huge, but still…when combined with big increases in spending, the annual budget deficit is rocketing through the roof. Democrats blame the tax cuts; conservatives see it as it is, a government overspending problem. A few Democrats apparently saw it the same way as Republicans and moved to preserve some semblance of sanity by opting for lower spending caps than the all-welfare-all-the-time socialist crowd.

Add it up and it’s one huge burden on the American taxpayer, an exploding tally future generations must pay.

Democrats and Republicans will never view the media the same way, though at times both parties have beefs with how reporters handle issues. All politicians wish the media would pass along facts without embellishment, but fiscally speaking, it’s an ugly picture any way you look at it.

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