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The Biggest Hole In The Mueller Report

Trump Game Over
We have been going through the Mueller Report and will have a few more things to say about it as we complete our review and analysis, but first let’s go over what we see as the biggest hole in the Report. The biggest hole is the Report’s utter failure to address the validity of the “predicate” to the entire Trump investigation. (You can read the entire report here courtesy of our friends at

Starting with the FISA warrants against Carter Page (investigated but never charged with any crime), the George Papadopoulos closed loop of information from the Obama intelligence apparatus to Papadopoulos, through Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer and back to the Obama FBI, and the false pretenses behind the Trump Tower meeting and the troubling Clinton – Democrat connections with the players in that meeting, Mueller’s report delves into none of the phony “predicates” upon which the pre- and post-election actions of the FBI and Obama Department of Justice were justified.

And this doesn’t even include the Steele Dossier and its salacious and unverified allegations that garnered thousands if not millions of column inches in establishment newspapers, magazines and websites and untold hours of coverage on TV.

It’s as if Mueller didn’t want to know whether any of the information that launched the investigation he was overseeing was a set-up or even true.

Democrats went nuts when Attorney General William Barr told senators that “I think spying did occur” in the Trump-Russia investigation conducted by (among others) the Justice Department and the FBI during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“The question,” Barr elaborated, “is whether it was adequately predicated.” Because “spying on a political campaign is a big deal,” he explained that he would undertake an internal review, focusing on what the original rationale was for the spying.

As our friend, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew C. McCarthy put it in a column for Fox News:

…if spying is to be conducted under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, then FISA must be followed. To conduct FISA surveillance of an American citizen suspected of being an agent of a foreign power, there must be probable cause that the American citizen is knowingly – not unwittingly – engaged in clandestine activities on behalf of the foreign power; and those clandestine activities must be a probable violation of federal criminal law.

Furthermore, by the FBI’s own procedures, approved by the Justice Department, facts are not supposed to be submitted to the FISA Court unless they have been verified. It is not enough that an agent or former agent who has gathered together information about the observations of other people has a good track record. There must be corroboration of the alleged facts on which the court is being asked to base a probable cause finding.

The issue is not the credibility of the person who has assembled the hearsay information; the issue is the credibility of the actual sources of the probable-cause facts. (Emphasis ours.)

In none of the three cases fundamental to the start of the investigation, and cited above, was that standard met or investigated by the Mueller team – it was simply accepted at face value that it was all true and was not a set-up.

In each of our example cases cited above the government or the Democrat campaign apparatus was the mover of the predicate. There was no action on the part of any of those individuals that justified an investigation until the government acted, under false pretenses, to generate a predicate.

Without even getting into the tangled web of the Steele Dossier, Papadopoulos, Page and the Trump Tower meeting are just three of the most obvious cases where the government or Democrats falsely generated a predicate to justify an investigation.

The Mueller Report sheds no light on whether or not the entire Trump – Russia investigation was, as Attorney General Barr so correctly put it, “adequately predicated.”

We urge Attorney General Barr to exhaustively plumb the depths of this outrage to determine who authorized the intelligence operations to set-up these individuals and who fed that information back to the FBI’s counterintelligence investigators.

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mueller seek and destroy President Trump Diversion

The mueller well publicized seek and destroy President Trump's supporters was created as a diversion so that the CONTENT OF THE HILLARY/PODESTA EMAILS would not be examined. Julian Assange, an International Hero, was falsely labeled as a co conspirator working with the Russians, another LIE, to damage evil hillary so that she would "win" the race to become president. The CONTENT OF THE HILLARY/PODESTA EMAILS regarding their involvement in child abuse and pedophilia was so damaging that they had to divert everyone's attention away from their sinful behavior.