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Assault on America, Day 111: Why America will never fall for ‘President Pete’ or Oprah’s guru

Boot Edge Edge
“We live in place where anyone can be president,” said parent X to child Y in location Z before reciting bedtime prayers and sending the young and impressionable neophyte off to dreamland where he or she could fantasize about one day standing on a stage on election night in front of thousands of cheering admirers, accepting the will of the voters and the soon-to-assemble Electoral College.

But is this cozy scenario really accurate?

The Constitution (in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5) sets the general outlines of presidential candidate qualification: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

So yes, if you’re a natural born citizen (loosely defined these days it seems), are old enough and lived in the country for a while you can, at a minimum, try for the office. These rather limited restrictions proved to be an open invitation for obscure Democrats to run in 2020, perhaps best exemplified by South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a boyish Millennial lad who practically no one had ever heard of two months ago.  

Tyler O’Neil reported on the Democrat’s platform at PJ Media, “… South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg officially announced his candidacy for president. He reminded Americans about his extremely liberal policies on abortion, climate change, and remaking the Constitution, as well as his reserved yet charismatic style. Thousands crammed into a warehouse to hear him speak, and a trio of men in shirts reading ‘BOOT EDGE EDGE’ led the crowd in chanting the correct pronunciation of his name...

“Buttigieg indeed represents the young Democratic hope. He is running in that lane of the 2020 primary, and he seems to be beating former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (R-Texas).”

Yes indeed. One recent poll showed Buttigieg overtaking the unemployed skateboarding Texas lightweight for third place (at 9 percent) in the yet-to-officially-commence Democrat race for the party’s nomination (in the same survey Crazy Bernie Sanders led at 29 percent and creepy Joe Biden took the runner-up spot at 24). This fact is astonishing given Buttigieg’s non-existent (in real terms) political resume, his complete absence of national profile and his still wet-behind-the-ears age designation (37 years-old). Is America really ready to turn over the nuclear codes to a guy who’s just a decade removed from graduate school?

No matter to Democrats. America’s liberals had only two choices the last time around, between a screechy over-the-hill has-been establishmentarian legacy candidate and the out-in-left-field alternative who happened to honeymoon -- by choice -- in the now defunct Soviet Union. Saturday Night Live could only do so much with that couple of duds. What’s to say?

How the heck does one phonate “Buttigieg,” anyway? According to a CNN report, Buttigieg’s (he’s gay and apparently “married,” too) “husband,” Chasten Glezman, tweeted Pete’s name is pronounced "boot-edge-edge," "buddha-judge," "boot-a-judge" and "boo-tuh-judge.” In addition, CNN indicates “Buttigieg” is Maltese in origin and roughly translates to “lord of the poultry.” Buttigieg says his tongue-twisted South Bend constituents get around the recitation dilemma by simply calling him “Mayor Pete.”

How about “President Pete…?” Good luck with that one. It’s a bit juvenile to say so, but can you imagine the jokes the little-known Hoosier State politician would inspire just from having the word “butt” contained in his moniker? People won’t bother learning how to say the last name if it’s easier -- and funnier -- to fashion something more memorable and, pardon the pun, (attention-) grabbing. Parents from sea to shining sea will repeatedly need to admonish their kids for making the Democrat the “butt” of quips at the sixth-grade lunch table…an awful problem, for sure.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. The “lord of the poultry” deserves serious consideration alongside every other Democrat candidate, right? This is America, where the Constitution says all you have to be is a natural born citizen, at least 35 years old and a resident for just short of a decade and a half. Who cares if you must distribute t-shirts explaining how to garble your impossible last name and you’re offering a dude as your potential first lady? Would the Founding Fathers have changed the basic minimum qualifications all those years ago if they’d foreseen such a bizarre budding president as “Buddha-judge”?

Not a chance. The Founders trusted the system to work through the anomalies, including flash-in-the-pan losers from cities most renowned for hosting college football dynasties. It goes without saying that winning the presidency is no easy task, and the many states’ unique nominating and voting restrictions guarantee that whomever wins won’t be a mistake no matter how earnestly a little less than half the citizenry claims the person is proscribed due to being “Unfit and Not Legit.”

If anything, Buttigieg is the poster boy for why the Electoral College is as relevant now as ever. Imagine voters in big liberal cities -- with help from hundreds of millions dumped in support by leftist billionaires -- deciding they wanted someone like Buttigieg to reign, a man who would destroy the system from the inside?

O’Neil’s article presented Buttigieg’s proposed issue agenda in detail, which reads pretty similar to any leftist Democrat candidate these days (Bernie, Pocahontas, Kamala, Cory, Joe, Beto, etc.). It means party voters will employ a set of aesthetic and life-story tidbits to weed through the contenders. One thing of note -- Buttigieg is as young as Sanders and Biden are old; even if he’s elected and serves two terms, “President Pete” would “retire” in his late forties.

That’s a shocking realization. Not only has Buttigieg amassed a mere trifling of practical real-world experience at his age, his main selling point appears to be his sexual orientation. Should anyone automatically be deemed qualified because he or she is attracted to (and “marries”) members of his or her own sex? How does it make one’s judgement in presidential responsibilities superior? Would George Washington have been a better general and president if he romantically desired members of his staff?

Buttigieg may be gay but he’s also white…and male. How will he possibly appeal to the urban minority Democrat constituencies who couldn’t care less about the guy’s bedroom preferences but see him as representative of the pasty elitist old guard? If Bernie Sanders had difficulty attracting black votes in 2016, how will “boot-edge-edge,” do it next year? Further, how will Al Sharpton feel about endorsing a candidate who requires a phonetic cheat sheet to say his name?

Here’s thinking Buttigieg’s rise is pure curiosity and he’ll fade as fast as he rose when people get a good gander at him. Besides, there are other obscure Democrat candidates fiercely competing for the kook fringe/“anyone but Liz Warren” vote, some of whom are yet to receive their proportional slice of the “maybe her!” media pie. Nicholas Ballasy reported on one of them at PJ Media, “Marianne Williamson, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, argued that reparations for descendants of slaves are a ‘debt we owe’ as a society.

“Williamson has suggested allocating $100 billion to a council that would spend the money on programs that benefit African-American ancestors of slaves as a form of reparations.

“Williamson was asked how she would pay for reparations, specifically where she would allocate the money from in the federal budget. In response, Williamson said that ‘nobody’ asks that same question when tax cuts are passed or when wars are waged.”

At least Buttigieg is an elected mayor. Williamson’s claim to fitness to lead the greatest nation on earth is because she’s a “a New Age author and spiritual leader,” though she did run for Congress in California in 2014. Williamson’s also been a regular guest on Oprah’s talk show. Wow, just think of the campaign speech possibilities!

The truth is, Buttigieg and Williamson would probably settle for a spot on the Democrat primary debate stage and maybe a primetime convention speech if they did well enough in the early voting states. You never know, it could happen.

While it’s true any natural born American citizen over the age of 35 (and having lived in the U.S. for 14 years) is eligible to be president, it takes a lot more than a few interesting personal chits to realize the dream. Pete Buttigieg and Marianne Williamson are not typical Democrats -- and their candidacies are a punchline.

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