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Assault on America, Day 124: Democrats’ Trump tax return fix a prelude to all-out war in 2020

Trump Tax Returns
Nobody ever said forecasting the future was simple, but when it comes to Democrats and the 2020 election, numerous clues provide all the evidence anyone needs to predict one heck of a nasty, dirty and divisive ride for next year’s campaign. Those who saw Attorney General William Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week know the “opposition party” is gearing up for a whopper of a smear operation. What a circus sideshow it was. Sad.

Democrats aren’t even attempting to mask their contempt for administration officials any longer -- they’re coming right out and accusing people of lying to Congress and suggesting they resign right to their faces. Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono’s “questioning” of Barr was a total disgrace. As if her diatribes over now Justice Brett Kavanaugh (during his confirmation hearings last fall) weren’t bad enough, the woman’s tact (as well as her brain) left the building long ago.

If Democrats are getting all honked off over the timing of Barr’s Mueller summary letter and the full release of the special counsel’s report (with redactions), just think about what they’re planning to throw at President Donald Trump and Republicans in the final stages of next year’s general election campaign. To them, if Mueller and the Russia thing didn’t pan out, maybe digging through Trump’s tax returns will provide the fatal magic bullet.

Now some blue states are even moving to keep Trump, the President of the United States, off of their ballots. Valerie Richardson reported at The Washington Times, “Democrats have redoubled their efforts to force President Trump to release his federal tax returns by threatening to keep him off the 2020 ballot in deep-blue states, to which he might say: So what?

“Seventeen states have seen bills introduced this year that would require presidential candidates to turn over their tax returns as a condition for ballot access, and such measures have cleared one legislative chamber in at least four states.

“For the Trump campaign, however, there may be worse fates than being left off the ballot in liberal enclaves like California, Hawaii and Illinois, where the mandatory tax-return bills are making headway, given that no Republican presidential contender is likely to prevail there.”

So, in essence, these mandatory tax return release bills are targeted specifically at Donald Trump. One Illinois GOP legislator (quoted in Richardson’s article) pointed out his state’s bill doesn’t require tax disclosure by gubernatorial candidates (or for House Speaker or Senate leader), which would put Democrats on the hook there. What’s good for the goose ain’t necessarily good for the gander in hypocrisy-land (or is it the Land of Lincoln?).

Even more, it’s a sad fact that a good many states Ronald Reagan carried in 1984 (which included all but Minnesota, Walter Mondale’s home turf) are completely out of GOP reach today because of ruling class policies (from both parties) that directly led to a demographic swamping of the electoral process in those locales. Hard as it is to believe now, but 35 years ago The Gipper won in ultra-liberal Massachusetts, New York and Vermont as well as comfortably prevailing in his adopted home of California (with 57.5% of the vote).

No Republican could even hope to compete in any of these states in 2020. Well, Democrats don’t have a prayer in places like Wyoming either, you might say. True, but they don’t need to; as long as they’re a lock in big population states (such as those mentioned in the previous paragraph), they already have a leg-up. In contrast, Republicans must fight for every “big” red state in America, including Texas (more on this below). In contrast, every so-called “swing” state was considered solid Republican not too long ago, including North Carolina, Florida and Ohio.

Commentators list Virginia as a “purple” state but come on, no Republican presidential contender would be competitive in the Old Dominion any longer. A massive influx of northerners and minority groups together with the herculean growth of the federal government (in the suburbs) virtually guarantees a Democrat won’t break a sweat to win in 2020, either. Virginia’s federal senate races aren’t even competitive anymore.

The same could be said for once ruby-red Colorado (though the Rocky Mountain State does have a RINO senator, Cory Gardner). Disenchanted Golden State Republicans relocated en masse to the Mile High City and suburbs, bringing with them their liberal voting leanings. Colorado’s rapid growth in Hispanic population additionally contributed to its shift into the solid blue column. Similar things appear to be happening in nearby Nevada and Arizona.

That’s just the way it is. Trump and conservatives realize it’s a battle to the death from here on out. These “tax return” laws are just the tip of the iceberg.

But there’s another side to it. Imagine the write-in campaigns such petty actions would generate in those states passing “tax return disclosure” laws. Here’s thinking Trump might even do better in those places (but not win, of course) where he was kicked off the ballot because it would motivate his supporters and a good many fence-sitters to defy the obvious tyranny taking place within their states. Or what if red state legislatures (of which there are considerably more than solid blue ones) opted to force Democrats off their ballots for some trumped up reason… such as not publicly releasing their birth certificates.

Wouldn’t the lefties cry foul?

How much personal information do citizens really need to make decisions on candidates running for office, anyway? It’s safe to say every aspirant who makes it to the general election campaign has been thoroughly vetted, right down to the most minute of personal details. In today’s politics there are hundreds if not thousands of researchers paid to dredge up mud on the other party’s nominee. Some of it’s true (like the infamous Trump audio tape) and a good bit of it’s false (like the Steele dossier).

Prior to the national campaign each nominee must also pass through the gauntlet of party primaries. So not only do candidates face snooping eyes from the opposing party, they’ve got otherwise “friendly” folks tunneling through boxes of documents looking for something -- anything -- that might throw the person’s character into question.

Think about it. Donald Trump’s been in the public eye for four-plus decades. In 2015 and 2016 he had to survive withering criticism from the Republican establishment (in the pockets of the Bush family), outsiders (Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz) and hostile partisans (John Kasich, anyone?) and still he made it through. Then Hillary Clinton and her minions took over.

This tax return witch hunt is just that -- another fruitless journey to nowheresville. What do Democrats hope to find that hasn’t already been revealed? Has Trump not been thoroughly scrutinized? Didn’t the Clinton people bring out Venezuelan former Miss Universe Alicia Machado to make him look like a fat-shaming cad? Would tax numbers be worse than that?

But desperate times call for desperate measures. Democrats will stop at nothing to win. Just ask Trump GOP primary foe Ted Cruz. Jim Geraghty reported at National Review, “[Cruz offered] a warning to the assembled NRA members about the scale of the challenge in next year’s elections.

“’Sometimes you hear money doesn’t matter in politics. Oh, really?’ Cruz scoffed. ‘Let me show you what that means in reality.  My campaign had 18 full-time campaign staff. Beto O’Rourke’s campaign had 805.’ That astounding figure comes from a Texas Tribune analysis.

“’It was the most expensive Senate race in American history. They increased Democratic turnout by more than 100 percent. It went from 1.8 million votes to 4 million votes. Thankfully, we turned out 4.2 million votes,’ Cruz said. ‘That 2018 assault is foreshadowing what’s coming in 2020.’”

Yes indeed, it is, and it’s not just because “Beto” is one of the 20 or so Democrat presidential hopefuls either. Democrat donors large and small will be especially motivated this year, not only because they’ve been out of power since Obama left, but because Trump is a new kind of Republican who fights back against their ridiculous accusatory excesses.

Trump’s defiance on the tax return dispute proves it. With everything else in Trump’s life open to scrutiny, perhaps his personal finances is where he draws the line. Has it made one iota of difference in the way he’s governed? Hardly.

Democrats aren’t doing much to hide how they intend to approach the 2020 election. Anyone who thinks the 2016 campaign was nasty better gear up for the political war to end all wars next year. Donald Trump represents the biggest barrier to the realization of all the Democrats’ sinister schemes. Plan accordingly.

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