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Assault on America, Day 132: If Joe Biden is a ‘moderate,’ then every Democrat is a ‘centrist’

What does Biden Stand for
Myths and legends -- American history and politics are full of ‘em.

Name a famous hero from the past and chances are you’ll find something in the popular conception of the person that isn’t true, or at the very least is grossly distorted. Take the Founding Fathers, for example. Yes, most of the southern founders (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc.) were lifelong slave owners and at times defended certain aspects of the institution when called upon to provide an opinion.

But they also universally spoke out against slavery as did practically every prominent figure from the time period (late 18th century) as a moral abomination they inherited from their forebears and were wholly dependent upon to sustain themselves. It wasn’t until the invention and widespread use of the cotton gin that slavery’s true proponents came out of the woodworks with full-throated advocacy for keeping those of African lineage in bondage.

The Founders themselves sought ways -- and often introduced legislation in various forms -- to pare down the practice (such as ending the slave trade) if not gradually phase it out. In addition, for much of their lives it was against the law for owners to free their slaves. It’s true -- look it up.

Contemporary politics is much the same way, full of media created myths about lawmakers and candidates, many of whom aren’t anything like how they’re portrayed in the press. Take 2020 Democrat poll leader Joe Biden, for example. The popular legend is Biden represents the political center for Democrats, a “moderate” veteran of the “centrist” Obama administration. There’s only one problem -- it ain’t true. If Biden is in the “middle” then there’s really no such thing as a point between left and right.

Matt Margolis wrote at PJ Media, “Biden, who recently claimed he ‘doesn’t have time’ to give details about his healthcare plan, has now given one detail: The United States (read: taxpayers) should provide healthcare to illegal immigrants. ‘Look, I think that anyone who is in a situation where they are in need of health care, regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented, we have an obligation to see that they are cared for,’ Biden said during a campaign stop in Los Angeles this week...

“I’m still waiting for Biden to prove himself to be the centrist the media has been desperate to paint him as. So far, he’s done nothing to distinguish himself as the reasonable candidate in a clown car full of far-left radicals who are way outside the mainstream of America. So far, Biden looks and sounds just like every other rabidly anti-Trump socialist Democrat running for president.

“Biden’s current frontrunner status is largely due to his universal name recognition. He might want to be seen as a centrist in the general election to win votes from Obama voters who supported Trump in 2016, or Never Trumpers looking for a moderate Democrat to support, but right now he’s trying to win support from the Democratic base, and you don’t do that by being a moderate Democrat–if such a thing even exists.”

That’s the point. A “moderate” used to be someone who reliably sought compromise between the extreme wings of the two parties but ended up being a spokesman for the elite class, a dedicated protector of the status quo who doesn’t believe in anything other than for politicians to “get along” and “accomplish something” for the good of Americans. It’s all baloney and they know it.

There are few examples in today’s iterations of Republicans and Democrats. On the senate side there’s Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a woman who maintains membership in the Republican Party yet unfailingly votes with the opposition on most if not all major legislation. To her credit, Collins has contributed key confirmation votes for Trump administration personnel and judge nominees… so she offers some value to the GOP, but only tangentially. A “moderate”? Sort of.

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski doesn’t even do that (vote for judges). She’s about as liberal as they come and might as well caucus with the Democrats like Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords did after the 2000 presidential election dispute. If passage of any matter is in question Murkowski can be counted on to oppose Mitch McConnell and the Republicans. She’s as predictable as the tides.

Democrats offer West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin as a “centrist”, who again, occasionally crosses the aisle to lend support to Trump’s judge and administration appointments but didn’t go for the Republicans’ tax cut/reform bill in 2017. By appearances Manchin does enough to keep himself in office (needing to survive in his redder than red state) but clearly prefers powwowing with “Chucky” Schumer and his merry band of wacky Democrat socialists on everything else.

The House features the Democrats’ “Blue Dog Coalition,” but the group either doesn’t have much sway in legislative movements or rarely crosses the dictatrix leader of the party, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The “Blue Dogs” aren’t nearly as influential as the constitutionally-minded, fiscally responsible and liberty-loving House Freedom Caucus, put it that way. In Democrat-land there aren’t any “centrists” or “moderates” any longer. To a man (or woman) they all favor abortion on demand, placing radical “climate change” shackles on the economy and voted against the 2017 Trump tax cut bill.

Which brings us back to Biden. If Biden truly were a “centrist” as the media claims, where would he depart from any of the major planks of the Democrat platform? If Joe were still in the Senate (where he spent decades), would he have joined with Manchin to vote for Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh? No way -- Biden’s even “apologized” for his handling of the confirmation struggle over Justice Clarence Thomas, saying he should’ve believed accuser Anita Hill even though she didn’t have a shred of evidence that Thomas sexually harassed her.

And Biden’s position on healthcare for illegals is clearly outside the mainstream -- and might even be to the left of some in his party. What exactly is Biden hoping to gain by suggesting illegal aliens deserve the same benefits as American citizens? He certainly won’t impress independents and moderate Republicans by propping up people who broke the law to be in the country. Common sense says every dollar devoted to illegal aliens’ health needs is one less going to needy Americans. Or is “Uncle Joe” simply gaffe-ing his way to the Democrat nomination?

Does Biden think illegal non-citizens should similarly be eligible for the big entitlement programs as well? Talk about assuming a burden that can’t be supported. Biden may win the Democrat nomination and could prevail in a 2020 general election matchup with Trump, but his extreme beliefs would ruin the country. Would a “centrist” be so irresponsible?

A “moderate” wouldn’t propose programs that would bankrupt the government or completely transform generally accepted practices. Biden’s fellow 2020 Democrat competitor “Beto” O’Rourke is proving to be just as “out there” as Uncle Joe in this respect. Emily Larsen reported at The Washington Examiner, “Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke suggested using the tax system to transfer wealth from rich, white people to African Americans, but he was forced to explain why he, as a white man, is able to help minority communities...

“’One very obvious opportunity — but it will be insufficient. When we look at the fact that there’s 10 times the wealth today in white America than there is in black America, and that families have been able to successfully pass on that wealth over time,’ O'Rourke [explained].

“’We know from our history of redlining and excluding African Americans from the ability to build wealth through home purchases, that opportunity does not exist for much of the country,’ O'Rourke said. ‘What if in the tax code we did a better job of breaking down that accumulated wealth, of taxing it so it is not producing the greatest income and wealth inequality that we’ve seen in our lifetimes, unseen since the Gilded Age of the 19th century? What if we decided that we would use the proceeds to invest in people, in education?’”

You can’t make this stuff up -- or if you did, one of the 2020 Democrats would appropriate your nutty idea and make it part of their campaign platform. You heard it right, “Beto” wants to confiscate the wealth of pale humans and give it to dark-skinned people. Just like with Biden, O’Rourke probably thinks illegal aliens deserve a cut too.

What ever happened to a colorblind society? Should the IRS start calculating tax liability based on skin tone and ancestral ethnicity? Does it get any screwier than this?

No matter how you slice it, Joe Biden is no “centrist” -- and he’s no “moderate” either -- nor are any of the other major 2020 Democrat contenders. The media tries to wrap these extremists in the most normal terminology possible, but underneath each one lies just another leftist belief system.

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