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Assault on America, Day 148: Grandstanding Dems should personally embrace illegal aliens

Border diseases
If you’re a government official, what do you get when you place thousands of penniless and homeless people in the same vicinity?

Well, lots of things actually. In addition to the obvious practical problems associated with caring for a large mass of humanity -- namely providing basic food, clothing, shelter and protection from exploitation -- are the human nature issues. Simply put, you can’t have hordes of strangers foisted upon you and expect things to be peaceful and clean and orderly. The powerful and strong will always prey on the weak.

Then there are potentially even bigger problems stemming from the spread of contagious diseases. One infected person could conceivably make everyone’s life miserable… and even deadly.

Ironically, we’re not talking about the ongoing concerns authorities in virtually every major U.S. city encounter in dealing with their out-of-control homeless populations; and we’re not referring to sprawling refugee camps in some far-off war-torn country either. No, it’s the situation at the U.S. border with Mexico that’s creating grave worries for just about everyone involved. Simply put, waves of humans are invading America and bringing contagion along with them.

Anna Giaritelli reported at The Washington Examiner, “More than a half-million people have been taken into federal custody for illegally crossing from Mexico into the United States this fiscal year, triggering a rise in detainments at immigrant-holding facilities.

“’They’re one major incident away from a catastrophe — someone comes in with an active case of tuberculosis or something worse than that,’ said Ronald Vitiello, who during the Trump administration served as acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and deputy commissioner of Customs and Border Protection.

“Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious diseases specialist at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, cited respiratory infections, diarrheal infections, and bacterial infections as some of the health concerns medical staff working on the border would have to constantly be on the look-out for…”

Anyone who’s traveled through Central America understands what the border officials are battling with. The ever-present poverty conditions in these countries earns sympathy at the moment but also dredges up a ton of fear when considering at least some of these people are the ones making their way north to the U.S. It’s almost like life there hasn’t evolved a whole lot since the Aztec civilizations disappeared.

Needless to say many of those leaving their homelands for a chance to strike it rich in America haven’t been vaccinated against long-since eradicated ailments (in the U.S. at least) and certainly don’t bring along medical records with them. The individuals turning up at border detention facilities have little but the clothes on their backs and any latent conditions they’re carrying are hidden from view. Imagine being a border patrol agent and handling hundreds or thousands of families with small children while not knowing who they are, where they came from or what they’re concealing beneath their skin.

The nature of the border crisis has changed markedly over the years. It used to be young adult Mexican males were the ones jumping the line hoping to stay long enough to make money so they could send it back to families at home, fully intending to return someday. Today it’s whole family units arriving by the busload armed with legal advice and the precise words they’re instructed to recite to receive asylum consideration (and they’re even “recycling” kids to beat being deported, too).

They have few skills, don’t speak English and require a great quantity of humanitarian giveaways to merely exist. Communities accepting such immigrants are overwhelmed with the problems they bring with them -- there simply aren’t enough resources to care for them all. As Giaritelli’s story revealed, over a half million have arrived since October of last year. To most of us they’re statistics on a page, but for those tasked with providing for them it’s a non-stop daily plague.

The political stalemate that developed last week was purportedly over congressional oversight and infrastructure, but make no mistake, immigration is still at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Democrats use side issues like the Mueller investigation and their myriad of stupid investigations to hide from the real troubles at hand. For the longer Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer keep focus off what’s occurring at the border the better it is for their party’s electoral prospects. The media doesn’t challenge them, either -- how is it they’re permitted to avoid addressing the crisis?

Perhaps if we trucked a tractor trailer full of Hepatitis and Mumps cases to the front gates of Democrat leaders’ high-walled mansions they’d start taking the situation seriously. It’s almost a little surprising this hasn’t happened yet given the Democrats’ over-the-top denials about the existence of a problem. Or maybe someone could run a vaccination clinic for alien children and day workers in front of their grandkids’ maximum security private schools.

Not long ago President Trump threatened to send all detained illegal newcomers to various sanctuary cities -- which would be a good start -- but nothing will get done until liberal Democrat deniers feel a little of pardon the expression, the “taste” and “smell” of the subjects themselves.

Make no mistake, the big business-controlled Republican establishment isn’t any better. For years the Bushies, John Boehner and Paul Ryan were handed opportunity after opportunity to erect a border barrier and implement employer-centered controls like E-Verify to force Democrats to act when the situation called for it. Washington’s inertia is therefore very much a bipartisan cooperative effort. Who says the parties can’t ever agree on anything? Wrapping their loving arms around illegal aliens is something the swampy establishments of both factions seem to heartily endorse.

Swamp creatures sidestep the problem by claiming the illegals add more value to the economy (through cheap services) than they extract from government coffers, but this couldn’t possibly be true. Dollar for dollar it takes much more to provide infrastructure, schools, law enforcement protection and yes, healthcare, for destitute people than we recoup in simple hourly labor savings.

The same political class that’s looking the other way at today’s medical emergency at the border showed little concern as surges of illegal aliens took jobs away from Americans who desperately wanted to work but couldn’t accept the undercut wages of the non-taxpaying “undocumented” laborers. Meanwhile, states like California were politically overwhelmed to the point where every executive office is filled with Democrats and the legislature features veto-proof party majorities even if the governor somehow would object to the more extreme actions of the representatives.

Democrats want the votes and it doesn’t matter how many Americans risk getting sick to ensure illegal aliens get to stay.

Not surprisingly, illegals are also being given priority in public housing. Betsy McCaughey wrote last week at The American Spectator, “In many cities, Democratic politicians grandstand that they welcome illegals with open arms. These pols’ magnanimity is at the expense of the very people who elect them, taxpayers and American families who depend on public schools, housing, and other services. Place one newly arrived migrant child who speaks no English and has no school experience in a classroom, and the bulk of a teacher’s focus has to be on that one child. The other kids lose out.

“So do federal taxpayers. Once migrants make it across the southern border and settle, they have more children, and their U.S. born children collect welfare, food stamps, and other benefits.

“As one million illegals flood across the southern border this year, open-border Democrats need to be honest about the impact on affordable housing and quality of life.”

It wasn’t hyperbole when President Trump recently declared the U.S. is “full” and told the invaders to turn back. It’s a fact -- when illegal alien families take public benefits like housing away from legal residents and citizens they essentially deprive these people of access to desperately needed resources. You can always buy additional food to distribute to hungry people, but what about finding a place to live?

Building additional public housing is extremely costly and would do little to solve the problem because waiting lists already stretch out to years in many places. Low income people suffer the most under the strain of unenforced immigration laws -- the illegals take their jobs and their homes. And they’re also at risk for the aforementioned diseases, too.

Do Nancy and “Chucky” ever worry about such things? Maybe the answer is for private companies to start building their own walls on private land.

American elites are out-of-touch in most ways but never more so than with illegal immigration. Those holed-up in ivory towers show little concern or compassion for folks who live with the epidemic aliens bring with them. Perhaps it’s time the snobs embraced the problem on a personal level. Would they learn?

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