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Our Interview With True Conservative Garland Tucker

Garland Tucker
As North Carolina’s incumbent Senator – and Mitch McConnell clone – Thom Tillis skipped important votes in the Senate to attend fundraisers, we caught his principled limited government constitutional conservative Republican primary opponent Garland Tucker for a short telephone interview.

CHQ:     What are the top three issues where you differ from Tillis?

Garland Tucker:     In 2014, when Thom Tillis ran for Senate, he talked like a conservative. But, after he was elected, he didn’t vote like a conservative. For instance, Tillis criticized his opponent Kay Hagan, and President Obama, for their stands on illegal immigration. But, then, in Washington, Tillis sponsored a bill to give a pathway to citizenship to illegal immigrants. And, of course, Tillis was one of the first Republicans Senators to oppose President Trump’s Emergency Declaration to build the Wall – then, under pressure, minutes before the vote he flip-flopped.

Back in 2014, Tillis told voters he wanted to cut, cap and balance spending. But, after he got to Washington, he voted to bust the spending caps, raise the debt ceiling and when President Trump proposed to cut foreign aid spending 30%, Tillis said no. I wouldn’t have had to think twice about cutting foreign aid spending.

CHQ:     What are your "conservative credentials?"

Garland Tucker:     One easy way to understand what I believe is to read my books – for example, in Conservative Heroes: Fourteen Leaders Who Changed America – Jefferson to Reagan I praised conservative leaders like Ronald Reagan for fighting for less government and standing up for conservative principles. I’ve also written op-eds that have been published in National Review, American Spectator and in other places about issues. I’ve supported spending cuts, school choice and I’ve been critical of Washington politics. I also served as a Senior Fellow at the John Locke Foundation and served on the Board of the Civitas Institute, the most respected conservative policy organization in North Carolina.

CHQ:     What would be your top legislative priorities if elected?

Garland Tucker:     To stop illegal immigration – and that includes building the Wall. And to cut spending. A lot. If we don’t cut spending our $22 trillion debt is going to haunt us.

CHQ:     What is your response to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell getting Vice President Pence to go to North Carolina to try to reestablish Tillis's credibility?

Garland Tucker:     Actually, the Vice President didn’t come to North Carolina for a fundraiser to elect Thom Tillis. He came for a fundraiser to raise money for President Trump’s campaign. But that’s not the story Thom Tillis spun to the press. Tillis’ spin was more Swamp politics.

CHQ:     How would electing you help advance the conservative agenda?

Garland Tucker:     Elections are our way to change Washington. To send the politicians a message. President Trump’s election has done that. On Election Day we can say to a politician who thinks he can say one thing and do another, You can’t get away with that.

We need leaders who have the backbone to stand up and cut spending. On Election Day, at the ballot, we can say loud and clear we’re serious about draining the Swamp. That’s a message politicians like Thom Tillis will understand.


Thom Tillis is vulnerable. And he knows it.

Mitch McConnell and his establishment attacks dogs (the usual swamp-aligned PACs and DC pay-to-play lobbyists) are already lining up behind Tillis and priming their political guns to defeat Garland Tucker and save Tillis. We urge CHQ readers and friends to go to to learn more about this principled, limited government constitutional conservative and to learn how you can support his campaign to represent the people of North Carolina in the United States Senate.

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Good Enough?

I didn't hear anything that I haven't heard from decades of politicians past.

How is he going to control the border? Is he familiar with America existential guarantee Article IV Section 4 Clause 2?

What about spending how does he make those budget cut decisions?

Does he know America's
foundation ___________
principles ___________
law ___________
(one word each)

Border Control

What about this statement: "Garland Tucker: To stop illegal immigration – and that includes building the Wall." did you not understand? Re: spending, it's a bit premature for him to state specifics. I'm not sure you read the article.