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Assault on America, Day 229: Bar-B-Q, political choices and Dems -- a snapshot of life in 2019

Bill Miller BBQ
If I were a business owner, I would beg, “Please, please, liberals, expose me as a Trump supporter!”

Or maybe not. Such blatant and overt “doxxing” as we saw a couple weeks ago from Congressman Joaquin Castro (brother to equally exasperating presidential candidate Julián) was as distasteful as it was potentially dangerous to one’s person. We all know there’s an entire world full of James Hodgkinsons (GOP congressional baseball shooter) and neighbors like Sen. Rand Paul’s (who blindsided the senator while cutting his own lawn) out there. It’s frightening to the nth degree when they know who we are (and where we live) -- but we don’t know who they are (or where they’re lurking).

Some might say there’s a kook born every minute, but it’s more like crazed lunatics are made rather than fostered organically in nature.

But if there’s anything positive stemming from a liberal’s cruel and intentional negative act, it’s businesses that are publicized as President Donald Trump supporters -- or backing any conservative cause -- are often “rewarded” with huge upsurges in patronage. One such Texas establishment “outed” by Castro experienced a big step-up in visitation…and it ain’t just because its product is that much better.

Call it an anti-boycott.

Tyler O’Neil reported at PJ Media, “[Castro] even singled out the owner of Bill Miller Bar-B-Q, a popular restaurant chain. While Castro clearly intended harm to those he doxxed, the barbecue chain experienced an impressive outpouring of support... However, it seems the doxxing campaign backfired in more than one way.

“’The day after Castro published that hateful screed, thousands of Texans piled into their pickup trucks and drove to the nearest Bill Miller Bar-B-Q,’ Fox News' Todd Starnes reported. ‘Social media reports flooded in showing massive drive-thru lines backing up onto busy streets. Hungry customers patiently waited in lines out the door.’...

“Could Castro's doxxing attack do to Bill Miller Bar-B-Q what the liberal attacks did for Chick-fil-A? That's unlikely, because Chick-fil-A's success seems independent of the politics. But it is likely Castro's tweet gave Bill Miller Bar-B-Q a day or two of record sales, and free publicity.”

And the best thing about it is you won’t find the Castro brothers or brainless skateboarding idiot “Beto” O’Rourke in the booth next to you. Worth a visit just for that fact alone!

But it’s more than that. Bill Miller Bar-B-Q is the same as the day before Castro’s dirty deed yet the attitudes of the people in the region changed markedly thanks to the congressman’s inane and unwarranted attack. The parallels between this incident and Chick-fil-A are certainly there, but there are also a lot of people who “discovered” the national chicken chain thanks to Mike Huckabee’s August 1, 2012 “Appreciation Day” -- and haven’t let their loyalties diminish ever since.

Chick-fil-A is practically everywhere, so it’s much easier to show support for the organization by heading to the nearest franchise and munching on great tasting spicy chicken sandwiches and gobbling waffle fries by the cartonful. Bill Miller’s place is regional and no doubt many people had to one, hear about what Castro did, and two, then make a conscious choice to drop in. If Miller’s product is any good it’s unlikely people will stop going there after one visit, too. Conservatives are extremely loyal people, and in a world where there are lots of options on where to spend the dine-out budget, they’ll journey out of their way to find something that embodies their worldview.

It’s especially true when that worldview is constantly under assault by the forces of the left. One day it’s the Castro brothers deliberately placing Trump supporters in danger and the next it’s CNN hosting a townhall on “gun violence” after a deranged manifesto-scribing wacko steps over the line and offs a bunch of innocents because of his own twisted perspective. Castro and other Democrats delighted in blaming Trump for the actions of one man -- but in essence they’re finding fault with everyone who believes in Trump’s mission.

That was certainly the case with Chick-fil-A in 2012. The ubiquitous restaurant was more or less a household name at that point but the “free” advertising induced by the liberal “boycott” (and highlighted by Huckabee) brought many folks to the company’s mission and the quality of its presentation and food. Up until that time, for lots of people, including myself and my family, it was just the place that was inexplicably closed on Sundays -- and didn’t offer many coupons.

Since that day we’ve been to Chick-fil-A hundreds of times and marvel at the way the employees always smile and say “My pleasure!” whenever you thank them for refilling your soda cup. If you don’t think it makes a difference, go to the Burger King next door and note the way the help treats customers. It ain’t the same. You’d think other fast-food business management would borrow a page from the Chick-fil-A operations manual -- it wouldn’t be hard.

It also wouldn’t hurt them to stand up for traditional conservative causes either -- but that’s another story.

Castro inadvertently touched a nerve that won’t be un-touched now. To most people Bill Miller Bar-B-Q might as well be the mom and pop shop down the street or the local family owned business that depends on its customers’ goodwill to provide its profit margin. Liberals apparently get a rise out of making fun of good folks who operate establishments and contribute to politicians who speak nicely about them and their country, but who will end up with the last laugh?

If Bill Miller’s had a stock the price it would be going through the roof right now. Maybe it is.

Liberals tear down “corporations” and demonize fossil fuel ventures in the name of goading their rabid leftist supporters to action. Democrats attack nameless and faceless enemies to make themselves appear virtuous and lion-hearted. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is basing her entire presidential campaign on the notion that liberal big-government crusades haven’t been advocated for strongly enough in the past. Like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer haven’t pulled every legal -- or extra-legal -- trick in the book to get their way?!

In contrast, President Donald Trump represents the “deplorables” and champions American businesses, industries and manufacturers. He’s the most prominent unapologetic cheerleader the country’s ever known, which sets him apart from not only his political opposition, it puts him at odds with his own party’s establishment ruling elites. There are far too many so-called leaders afraid and unwilling to utter things like “best in the world” and “America First.” The Texans who rushed to buy lunch and dinner at Bill Miller’s place took to Trump’s spiel. And they put their money where their mouth was.

In the Gospel of Matthew (6:21) Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Conservatives recognize when leaders are with them instead of propping up some obscure concept in the name of political victory. Trump is unlike most other politicians in the sense he doesn’t avoid direct confrontations -- and even relishes them. “Deplorables” like the fact he fights back and returns the favor for people who praise his agenda. Contributing money to his campaign is just one way of showing gratitude.

Let it be a lesson to the next Castro, Clinton or Biden that does or says something stupid and wrong in the name of inflicting damage on Trump and his voters. It won’t work. It’s the true meaning of “backfire”.

A few weeks ago Trump got in trouble with liberal cliques by pointing out that rat-infested Baltimore was run by hard-hearted Democrats who care more about scoring political points than improving the lives of their constituents. It’s more than just the poverty. Salena Zito wrote at PJ Media, “Instead of using these problems as political sledgehammers to crush their opponents, they should use them to draw us together, rally us as a people around the need to reinstate the values that made our society great, and support institutions with the public and private resources necessary to flourish in challenged communities...

“Perhaps a leader will come along one day who will worry less about finding ways to get the have-nots to hate the haves; not condemn us for our privilege or despair, or divide us by demographics; and instead focus on how to create more opportunity, prosperity and community for all, regardless of circumstance.”

It won’t be the Castro brothers, and if the 2020 campaign thus far is any indication, it won’t be any of the other Democrat candidates either. Julián Castro’s brother might’ve been the one publishing the otherwise difficult-to-find information but most (all?) of them seem more than content to bash Trump’s supporters as viciously as they do the president himself.

For a collection of pols who frequently speak of unity and “restoring the ‘soul’ of America” it ain’t gonna happen by singling citizens out for ridicule and potential retaliation just because they gave money to a politician Democrats loathe. How far have we degenerated as a nation when the ruling elites feel personally empowered to ruin voters’ lives over such small considerations?

It’s sad. And they say Trump divides people. What a crock.

Joaquin Castro likely did Texas based Bill Miller Bar-B-Q a favor (in the business sense) by publishing the name of its owner as a Trump backer. Texas conservatives’ response has been overwhelming -- but what does it say about our culture and society when it’s okay to potentially ruin someone’s existence over a political view? Think about it.

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