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Assault on America, Day 239: Liberal media can’t handle minorities who praise Donald Trump

Robert Johnson
Is there any such thing as a “typical” voter?

If you read or watch the mainstream establishment media on a regular basis, you certainly must think it so. Regular news stories and opinion columns alike are chock full of overhyped generalizations and stereotypes intended to group people together, especially by race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. If it were up to the talkers and pundits every black, brown, yellow, female, homosexual, non-Christian person would think and act the same way when it comes to politics and voting preferences.

Reality tells a very different tale, however. Exceptions to the media norm crop up just about everywhere you look -- and they’re not hard to find. Last week America’s first black billionaire weighed-in on the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race, and his words sounded a lot more like a shout-out to President Donald Trump than it did an echo of the media’s conventional “Every minority hates Trump because he’s racist!” line of thinking.

Tyler O’Neil reported at PJ Media, “Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET) and America's first black billionaire, praised President Donald Trump for the roaring economy and criticized Democrats for moving ‘too far left.’

“’The party in my opinion, for me personally, has moved too far to the left,’ Johnson told CNBC's Hadley Gamble. ‘And for that reason, I don’t have a particular candidate (I’m supporting) in the party at this time. I think at the end of the day, if a Democrat is going to beat Trump, then that person, he or she, will have to move to the center and you can’t wait too long to do that.’ …

“’I give the president a lot of credit for moving the economy in a positive direction that’s benefiting a large amount of Americans,’ Johnson added. ‘I think the tax cuts clearly helped stimulate the economy. I think business people have more confidence in the way the economy is going.’… ‘Overall, if you look at the U.S. economy ... you got to give the president an A+ for that.’”

Such optimistic talk must give the media powers-that-be severe stomach cramps and trigger migraine headaches. Johnson is an entrepreneurial trailblazer in an industry that minorities aren’t supposed to succeed in -- he’s not just some schlep no one would ever heard of or would listen to. Whereas Dr. Ben Carson was depicted as an outlier in the medical field, the founder of Black Entertainment Television is someone who theoretically should see politics the same way “all” African-Americans, would, right? Shouldn’t Johnson be seen alongside Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters and be throwing Trump under the bus with accusations of blatant racism and all that other liberal hooey?

Instead Johnson’s going out of his way to credit Trump for helping members of his racial group. It takes tremendous courage to speak out on such matters, knowing a social media backlash is inevitably waiting. When statistics show nearly all black Americans are Democrats -- and you have a business that’s dependent on their viewership and patronage -- it’s a gutsy move to state opinions contrary to the politically correct accepted norm.

If you doubt it, ask Kanye West.

Johnson’s views won’t be popular in Democrat -- or media -- circles. Be prepared for the wrath of the liberal smear machine as the left responds to a black leader saying nice things about Trump and then grading his economic performance as an A+. President Trump never shies away from self-promotion or touting the worthy results from his deregulatory and tax policies -- and now he has others describing his vision in similar terminology.

The truth is, one Johnson quote is worth a million self-congratulatory Trump tweets… and maybe even a billion bits of perfunctory praise from the stodgy GOP establishment. No one pays attention to anything Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy (who, the Republican House leader?) says anymore. But if there’s a non-biased citizen who makes such pronouncements, people listen.

O’Neil’s story indicated Johnson is a lifelong Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, but now thinks his party has gone too far out on the left edge while failing to give Trump credit for the good things the president’s done for the economy. He’s no doubt correct, but Hillary wasn’t exactly a “moderate” either. The 2020 Democrat presidential contenders are doing their best to diss the recent Democrat past, yet they’re a predictable continuation of the downward direction of the party.

One can’t help but surmise many African-Americans see the same things Johnson does, even if they’re more hesitant to come out and give the president an A+ for his exertions to provide additional opportunities for everyone, regardless of what you look like. A strong economy is always the number one indicator of the way people feel about the political leadership and today’s employment figures are rosy by anyone’s estimation. All Trump would need is a slightly higher percentage of black votes (in key states) than in 2016 and Democrats would have a heck of a time beating him.  

The same goes for other media-assumed “oppressed” classes like the LGBTQ lobby. The Log Cabin Republicans’ national spokesman (Charles Moran) recently said Trump is “arguably the most pro-gay Republican, the most pro-gay president ever elected to office,” a boast many social conservatives wouldn’t necessarily be proud of (Trump has explicitly given a thumbs up to same-sex marriage, for example), yet the president’s record on conservative issues is leaps and bounds better than any Democrat’s would be.

The point is it’s impossible to lump everyone into a large group and expect them all to think and act the same way. And by and large it’s Democrats who do this, reasoning they need to be as strongly against Trump as possible to keep their coalitions together. Yet if Republican candidates recruited “white votes” they’d be intensely chastised by the media -- for good reason. The GOP is far from perfect (in an ideological sense) but there’s no reason to go over-the-top trying to appeal to Americans based on surface characteristics, not what they believe as individuals.

It’s the worst form of racism and prejudice to bunch all black (or gay) people together and pre-suppose how they’ll vote just because of their ethnic background. Pollsters do it because their models are constructed to reflect general attitudes. Then someone like Bob Johnson bucks the direction of the herd and sheds doubt on the elites’ biases.

It’s stupid. And the policy dictates from politically correct belief systems show up in other ways too. Once again, Tyler O’Neil reported at PJ Media, “Teachers at Colorado's Cherry Creek School District have been presented with a ‘white privilege’ survey in an effort to make sure they treat racial minority students well. Yet the survey and the documents accompanying it teach a radical version of political correctness that will arguably promote racial division. An anonymous teacher from the district sent PJ Media the packet, and Cherry Creek Schools verified its authenticity. The district said the survey was not mandatory.

“The ‘white privilege’ exercise asked teachers to rate how true a series of statements are for them and for their partners before and after a racial awareness training. Each statement is meant to begin with ‘Because of my race and/or color...’…

“Classes on ‘white privilege’ seem counterproductive to [the goal of Americans striving to have a society where anyone can ‘make it,’ regardless of his or her background]. A recent study found that such classes do not make either liberals or conservatives more sympathetic to the plight of black people, but they do make liberals less empathetic toward poor whites, and more likely to blame them for their poverty.”

If you’re a teacher applying for a job in the Cherry Creek district and are handed this “survey,” what would you do? You’ve finished your education, been subjected to hundreds if not thousands of hours of liberal-slanted instruction designed to indoctrinate you in racial compassion, then you must prove you’re sufficiently versed in sensitivity to qualify for employment.

Forget whether you can actually teach kids about the three R’s and help mold them into decent, well-mannered productive citizens. But if you can sufficiently tout the “company line” and show how apologetic you are for being white -- bingo, you’re hired!

The school administrators insist the survey is optional, but what happens to those who opt not to take it? And what would be considered a “passing” score? Isn’t there a ton of incentives for teachers to “cheat” and answer in a manner they think the district leaders want them to do?

Such ridiculous exercises are all too common these days. How did America devolve into a country where a person should feel guilt for being a member of a certain ethnicity? Are liberal white folks judged with their so-called “deplorable” cousins? How about Jewish whites? Do they carry intrinsic favoritisms too? And would liberals acknowledge there’s such a thing as anti-Christian bias?

Just when you think the left’s obsession with racism couldn’t get any worse there’re politicians like Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand who claims she intends to lecture suburban white women about “white privilege” if she’s elected president. Could it possibly get any lower than that?

As long as there’s a liberal establishment media there will be attempts to pack people in groups according to their alleged beliefs and voter preferences. Then someone like BET’s Robert Johnson says nice things about Trump and upsets the whole rigid classification scheme. Where does the truth lie?

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