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Assault on America, Day 272: Dem impeachment actions equal complete and opposite reactions

Pelosi impeachment
In this space I’ve occasionally referenced Newton’s third law of physics to illustrate an especially relevant contemporary point. The law reads, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object.”

Having never taken physics (I avoided the class in high school and didn’t need it in college) I picture the Newtonian concept by visualizing a baseball hitting a bat. The speedier the ball travels from the pitcher’s hand to home plate and the higher the bat speed at impact (along with other factors such as length and weight of the bat, height of the batter (arc of the swing), strength, etc.), the farther the ball flies. With an all-time record number of home runs, major league hitters offered physics demonstrations by the bucketload to lucky kids and fans everywhere this season.

Who ever said playing hooky to go to a baseball game wasn’t educational?

But Newton’s immortal theorem applies just as succinctly to today’s politics. As was amply exhibited last week when Speaker Nancy Pelosi, perhaps overreacting to all the furor over an allegedly incriminating phone conversation between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, finally bowed to pressure from rabid leftist elements in her caucus and told the media that Democrats are formally opening an impeachment inquiry. There was no on-the-record House vote, however -- and therefore, nothing legal or official -- but the 79-year-old chamber leader made it sound like something’s gonna happen…and soon.

Conservatives and Republicans weren’t about to take the gesture sitting on their wallets. While it’s no secret how Democrats have been teetering on the edge of sanity for years/decades, this phony hysteria over a fairly innocuous high-level phone chat and a bogus quid pro quo demand (that didn’t happen) was just what decent liberty-loving folks needed to start rallying around the president’s cause. And to put their money where their mouth was -- they spoke up in droves.

Matt Margolis reported at PJ Media, “If you need more evidence that impeachment is bad news for the Democrats, look no further than Trump's fundraising numbers. After Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump, his campaign raised a million dollars in just three hours. Over 24 hours, the campaign raised $5 million, according to Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale...

“On Tuesday evening, Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment investigation over Trump's phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky where Democrats believed there was an illegal quid pro quo. The transcript of the phone call revealed there was no quid pro quo, no threat of withholding aid, and the DOJ, which investigated the call in August, determined there was nothing illegal in the call.

“Yahoo Finance reports that ‘Trump has had incredible fundraising success, currently holding $56.7 million cash on hand, according to the latest FEC filings. So far, the president has raised more than $120 million for the 2020 election, crushing Democratic candidates in fundraising totals. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, who has achieved the most fundraising success, has pulled in roughly $46.5 million so far.’”

Sanders is but one of many Democrat hopefuls and if the candidates’ totals were added together they might be similarly impressive. But that’s not the point here.

Pelosi’s and the Democrats’ inane impeachment action -- which looked even more outlandish after the release of the mundane and ordinary conversation transcript and the blasé and blatantly legalistic so-called whistleblower complaint -- was akin to a hundred mile-an-hour fastball hurtling toward the plate which conservatives swatted with precise timing and immense force to send it back in the opposite direction and far over the center field wall.

That ball’s so far gone it might still be airborne. But what else would you expect from the “forgotten Americans”?

Trump’s supporters’ reaction to the impeachment threat suggested there’s a tremendous pool of latent energy out there among the masses just waiting for a trigger to reveal itself. What Nixon once labeled the “Silent Majority” won’t remain subdued and quiet for long. Whenever they see naked injustice being perpetrated on themselves or someone who represents them it sparks a natural defense mechanism. And rather than rioting like braindead climate change activists or Antifa goons (blocking intersections or wearing pus-y hats and threatening to burn down the White House) it’s much preferable for these good people to pick up the phone, fill out an online form or write a social media post attached to a monetary message.

Particularly noteworthy was Margolis’s blurb on Trump’s cash reserves. Not only is the president raising wheelbarrows full of coin without spending a lot of time and effort asking for it, he’s got resources at the ready for when the occasion calls for it. Trump’s invalid group of party primary challengers (a.k.a. the “three stooges”) won’t force him to spend much of anything to vanquish them. Ah, the joys and advantages of incumbency.

Meanwhile, the Democrats must divide up their contributions pot among twenty-something competitors (okay, only about a half dozen are serious) -- and that’s not even including the needs of dozens of vulnerable party congressmen and senators who will each be cash starved and begging for help after needing to explain and defend Pelosi’s stupid impeachment move.

It’s also important to remember it’s still just early October, over thirteen months away from the momentous national election. Trump’s ballot opponent is yet to be determined, but Pelosi and misguided crew have already provided him with names and faces to run against. Instead of working with the duly elected president to perhaps enact a few bipartisan legislative accomplishments (more criminal justice reform and…infrastructure?) Democrats have all-but written off an entire year of their new House majority to pursue a political suicide mission.

Think anyone would buy Democrat promises to serve as a “counter-balance” to Trump and the Republicans again in 2020? Are the wishy-washy “moderate” suburban soccer moms destined to see impeachment as a worthwhile substitute for serious work on kitchen table issues? Are fence-sitters (an increasingly shrinking lot) certain to get all honked off and motivated because Trump suggested to the Ukrainian president (only after the man first raised the subject) that he look into Joe Biden’s son’s questionable business dealings and how the Obama veep demanded a domestic prosecutor be fired… or else no monetary aid for you(!)?

Here’s thinking not many normal folks will be bothered by this no matter how urgently liberal pundits claim otherwise. What a grand waste of time to see the House’s agenda being manipulated by the four angry magpies of “The Squad” and obnoxious smirking jerks like committee chairmen Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff. Anyone who thinks things would improve if Pelosi or “Chucky” Schumer suddenly left the scene should contemplate who’s next-in-line.

They’re all pretty bad…or at least the ones who command real authority.

Democrats will keep up their antics, Trump will continue goading them into making donkeys of themselves and then produce the “evidence” that shows where the truth lies. The political games won’t cease until Trump hands the liberal party the beating it richly deserves next year. In the meantime, Pelosi and her followers will run with the impeachment farce and conservatives will find renewed inspiration to send contributions to Trump’s reelection campaign.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s nature’s law, right?

Even if they’d never admit it, Democrats are bound to recognize they can’t just get away with making false claims without paying for it at the ballot box. And they’re tossing out any semblance of “moderation” in their presidential choices, too. Rick Moran wrote at PJ Media, “Biden's claim of ‘electability’ compared to more radical Democrats resonated with the average party member -- at first. The former vice president built a sizable lead in the polls.

“But as time went on and Biden's ‘liberal lite’ agenda became apparent, he began to bleed support. Numerous gaffes that called into question his fitness to serve didn't help either. Recent news about Biden trailing in Iowa and California was bad enough. But now, several polls out this week in New Hampshire and South Carolina show his numbers crumbling, despite the fact he still holds a lead in national polls...

“[H]istory has shown that as the primaries go along, the front-runner garners more and more support -- even from supporters of candidates who might differ ideologically from the front-runner. Everyone loves a winner, which is why any late comeback by Biden simply isn't in the cards. He's not dead yet. But the fat lady is definitely warming up.”

Yes she is. And although Nancy Pelosi isn’t heavy, maybe she’ll stand in for the big gal to sound the ending of Biden’s hopes to ever be president. This impeachment witch-hunt will only serve to further expose Grampa Joe’s corruption to the unpredictable whims of the unstable Democrat base. They may not blame Biden himself for the Ukraine mess but they’ll certainly get the 4-1-1 on what Hunter Biden’s been up to… and they won’t like it.

With “Pocahontas” Warren gaining ground on -- or passing -- Biden just about everywhere the trends don’t appear favorable for the 76-year-old memory challenged lifetime pol. All Joe ever had to offer was his experience as a dealmaker and right-hand man to Obama, and neither quality is in particularly high demand with today’s leftist Democrat base.

They want someone who will go after Trump and stick it to the Republicans, not a guy who promises he can “unify” the country and make everyone get along. They don’t want peace and harmony; they want political blood. And they won’t stop until they see it… and maybe not even then.

Every time Democrats do something over-the-top -- like declare they’re planning to impeach President Trump -- we can expect conservatives and Republicans to fight back fiercely. For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction; remember this whenever Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth.

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