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ConservativeHQ Endorsements: Virginia Legislative Candidates First Group

Family Foundation
With a little over a month to go before Virginia’s crucial off-year legislative election, the defeat of conservative candidates in just two districts could give Democrats the majority in the Virginia state Senate and House of Delegates and the power to turn Virginia into another California. Today’s list of endorsements is the first in a series highlighting key races in this year’s must win Virginia legislative election.

1.     Steve Adragna is running against incumbent abortion extremist Kathy Tran (42nd District, House of Delegates) known for her abortion up to the moment of birth abortion bill.  and 703.672.1994

2.     DJ Jordan, a Liberty University graduate and principled limited government Black conservative, is running against Far Left liberal Elizabeth Guzman in House of Delegates District 31. and

3.     Rep. Tim Hugo is targeted by the Left and has been doing a great job; we should pull out all the stops to re-elect him in District 40 of the House of Delegates!

4.     Colleen Holcomb is running against Leftist Martha Mugler in House of Delegates District 91. Colleen is a friend and was the Executive Director of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum for years. She is a lawyer and will be a hero for the right!

5.     Kelly McGinn (former senior counsel to Sam Brownback) is running against newcomer and posterchild for the transgender agenda Danika Roem. Since defeating conservative stalwart Bob Marshall, in the conservative 13th District, Roem has accomplished none of the campaign promises used to oust Marshall.

6.     Randy Minchew had a 100% rating with The Family Foundation during his previous time in office. Former Rep. Minchew is running for delegate in the 10th District against Leftist Wendy Gooditis.

7.     Rich Anderson is running for delegate in district 51, former Representative Anderson served in the Air Force for 30 years and had a 100% rating with The Family Foundation during his previous time in office.

8.     Ian Lovejoy is running in the 50th District against Lee Carter, self-avowed socialist.

Family Foundation Action in Virginia, and its president Victoria Cobb, are coordinating grassroots volunteers to educate their fellow citizens and get out the vote in targeted legislative races in Virginia. We urge you to join the fight to keep Virginia from becoming California by going to Family Foundation Action in Virginia and donating or volunteering today.

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