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Assault on America, Day 285: Could it get any worse? Democrats ponder a President Pelosi

President Pelosi
Are you prepared for President Nancy Pelosi?

In these craziest of all political times there’s not only a movement afoot to impeach President Donald Trump, there’s increasing chatter regarding a scheme to remove Vice President Mike Pence as well. Simply put, Trump’s enemies are plotting to extinguish any semblance of the Trump administration from the ongoing historical record. All along, even if they somehow succeeded in their wildest fantasies (to convince enough Republican senators that the head of their party is indeed a corrupt and compromised lawless maniacal crazy man), the pro-impeachment crowd faced the daunting prospect of a President Pence waiting to take over the MAGA mission.

Now, however, some “creative” individuals have taken their subversion tactics a step further.

These dreamers have already concocted a ruse to eliminate the Pence contingency and install a completely new leader to save the country from all the hardships folks are now experiencing -- you know, like record low unemployment.

Yes, it really has gotten that dumb. Carlin Becker reported at The Washington Examiner, “MSNBC contributor and former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks presented a way to remove President Trump from office and pave the way for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to assume the Oval Office: impeach Vice President Mike Pence first and offer the president a deal.

“Joining the network's AM Joy on Saturday, Wine-Banks was asked if Congress should look to impeach Trump first or turn their eyes to Pence instead. In response, she suggested going after Pence first and giving Trump the option to either replace him before being impeached himself — so that a Republican can remain in the White House — or decline and let Pelosi take over.

“’You could impeach Pence first,’ Wine-Banks stated. ‘The problem is that Donald Trump then has to name his replacement. But I think that maybe a deal could be struck where he was told, 'If you don’t make a replacement, then Nancy Pelosi does become president. And so, you are going to be impeached and convicted. You need to make this replacement so that the proper party remains in power.'”

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? But it also makes you wonder, which is the “proper party?” It certainly isn’t clear from Wine-Banks’ statement, is it? Does it matter?

But hey, those Trump bashers are impressive, aren’t they? Not only do they apparently believe they’ve got the goods on Trump, they hope to knock off Pence too -- and complete the process in such a short period of time that the constitutional next-in-line, Pelosi, could take over and run the executive departments prior to the 2020 election (if a “deal” isn’t struck by Trump to choose some other “acceptable” Republican before he himself is out the door, that is).

So Pelosi would become the 46th president and the first woman, the glass ceiling shattered by someone who’s never run for the office. Even Las Vegas probably never set odds on a President Pelosi. Wouldn’t Hillary Clinton be jealous?

And of course the purveyors of nuttiness must surmise the country would just sit by passively and allow the political world to collapse in on itself while watching contentedly as this farce transpired, all with smiles and nods and reassuring pleasantries that everything’s going to be okay! Kumbaya on steroids! That 2016 election business was just a joke, wasn’t it? Trump’s talk about Mexico not sending us their finest, extreme vetting and making America great again, draining the swamp and making our allies pay their fair share of defense costs was a grand conspiracy to pull the wool over the eyes of the gullible. And the bluster about renegotiating trade agreements to level the international playing field… that Trump, he’s such a kidder!

To the Democrats, none of these things stack up against the dire need to impeach the president because some as yet unnamed deep state career government employee(s) (who probably worked for or with Joe Biden at some point) says Trump was begging for campaign help from the crooked Ukrainians ahead of the 2020 election.

As though Trump would risk everything to derail Joe Biden. What the heck for?

Besides, where does Pence fit into this situation? Was the vice president sitting at Trump’s side in July when he talked with the Ukrainian leader, applying barely discernible shocks to the man’s fingers whenever the chief executive said something the second-in-line didn’t like? What would be the basis for impeaching Pence? That he’s too nice of a guy? That he won’t dine alone with a woman other than his wife? That he’s too Christian (and therefore a threat to liberals everywhere)? That he won’t simply step aside if asked?

Or could this be the first salvo in the 2024 presidential campaign? Are Democrats laying the groundwork for assassinating Pence’s character and credibility before he’s even running? Maybe it’s a “Terminator” type setup where they’re sending a cyborg through time to kill Pence’s campaign before it’s even born. Talk about crazy science fiction. But it’s Democrats we’re talking about here.

We’ve probably all seen bumper-stickers reading “Impeach Pence First!” but didn’t take them seriously until now. Nobody could be impractical enough to seriously think any of this is achievable, but if you’ve got liberal former Watergate prosecutors on MSNBC talking about it, you know the concept has at least passed one producer’s laugh test. Technically speaking you could extend Wine-Banks’ logic and say Pelosi could step down and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could be voted (by the House) to be the next Speaker -- and hence, become president after the two-headed impeachment -- but AOC isn’t yet 30 years old and wouldn’t constitutionally qualify!

Then again, if Democrats are already wholesale ignoring the Constitution to pursue these impeachment charges, why not bend the rules a little further, right?

Do these people actually pay any heed to what Trump’s saying about the charges? Do they think he'd be inclined to “make a deal” paving the way for or to avoid a (albeit brief) Pelosi presidency? Who would be her vice president, “Chucky” Schumer? Would the Trump cabinet officers remain in place, or should Madame Speaker begin compiling a list of individuals to run her government while she calls the shots from behind the Resolute Desk? Has Nancy measured the curtains yet?

This proposal is so “out there” maybe the #NeverTrump contingent is in on it as well. As long as everyone’s rampantly speculating, why not ask whether Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse and Susan Collins -- and the host of Republicans supposedly considering voting yea on impeachment -- are conspiring with Pelosi to fix the outcome before there are formal impeachment articles? The House doesn’t appear close to voting to impeach Trump (in a temporal sense) so the sky’s the limit. Mike Pence doesn’t have any official constitutional duties, so it shouldn’t be too hard to push him to the side if the powers-that-be wish it.

At the same time, Mitch McConnell and most of the Republican ruling class leadership has remained strangely silent about impeachment, so it’s plausible they’re meeting with Wine-Banks and the rest of the Democrat/#NeverTrump conspirators to try and swing an agreement incorporating their wishes as well. The Majority Leader enjoys incredibly wide latitude to set the impeachment trial rules (including whether to hold a hearing at all), so he can move up the calendar and restrict evidence, etc. according to his own whims.

Could anyone envision something this stupid four years ago? How far has our culture fallen to tolerate this nonsense? Our forefathers did great things. What happened? Victor Davis Hanson wrote at National Review, “Our ancestors were builders and pioneers and mostly fearless. We are regulators, auditors, bureaucrats, adjudicators, censors, critics, plaintiffs, defendants, social-media junkies, and thin-skinned scolds. A distant generation created; we mostly delay, idle, and gripe.

“As we walk amid the refuse, needles, and excrement of the sidewalks of our fetid cities; as we sit motionless on our jammed ancient freeways; and as we pout on Twitter and electronically whine in the porticos of our Ivy League campuses, will we ask: ‘Who were these people who left these strange monuments that we use but can neither emulate nor understand?’”

As usual Hanson offered a number of excellent points in his piece. Americans don’t accomplish great things any longer. The previous generations constructed the interstate highway system and built the Hoover dam (which saves water from the life sustaining Colorado River for human consumption while also supplying enough electricity to serve 1.3 million people). They also provided the brainpower and elbow grease to fuel the Apollo moon program.

Hanson also highlighted how the transcontinental railroad was completed in six years (in the 1860’s, no less) without the enormous powered machines of today. Could the Millennial generation now be trusted to accomplish something similar? What about dreaming up and erecting the Panama Canal?

Instead we’re treated to crackpot impeachment theories and have idiots on MSNBC talking about going after Mike Pence first. No president or administration deserves all the credit for a strong economy, but there’s little doubt Trump’s enthusiasm and hard push for his policies is having a positive effect. Rather than give Trump credit and join him to add input and cooperation in these endeavors Democrats pontificate about political matters and initiate sham proceedings without justification or validation.

What will succeeding generations note about what’s going on today? Will Democrats really try and impeach Pence first, and then install Nancy Pelosi as president? What would come after? Would red state America take the high road and go along with a bloodless coup d'é tat, or would there be civil war?

There’s little doubt we’re living in extraordinary times. What seemed to make sense for well over two-hundred years no longer governs in twenty-first century American politics. The only thing that’s certain to come from impeachment are unintended consequences, something Democrats better realize before they take the most drastic steps forward.

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The Line of Succession

No realistic "Democrat" (or is that an oxymoron?) believes that the current impeachment effort will have any more success than did pinning their hopes on the Mueller investigation. It is, quite simply, an act of desperation. The real question is, how desperate are the Dems to complete their coup d'etat? Will the Party of "ends justifies the means' and "by any means necessary" use the failure of their impeachment gambit (and it WILL fail) to justify a double assassination of Trump and Pence, in order to install Pelosi as President? If that doesn't spark a civil war, nothing will.