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Assault on America, Day 289: First Dems grab your guns, then they’ll return for your religion

Beto the banner
Somewhere in red state America a confrontation is about to take place, the all-too-certain future if a Second Amendment-bashing Democrat is elected president next year. Picture, if you will:

Diiiinnngggg dooonnngggg.

Woman: “Oh dear, there’s someone at the door. Could you get it? I need to take the hashbrown casserole out of the oven.”

Man: “No problem, honey.” (Man walks towards the front of the house, notices about a half dozen police vehicles with lights flashing in the driveway and a squad of heavily armored law enforcement personnel with weapons drawn scattered all throughout the yard, aiming intently at the windows. He hurriedly opens the door.)

Officer: “We want your AR-15s. We checked the national registry and noticed you have a half dozen in your name. And we need a look at the rest of your arsenal too. President O’Rourke says to remind you it’s your civic duty to turn them in because some Bernie Bro psycho went postal and shot up a box store in a gun-free zone last month. You have similar guns, so you could be the next shooter. You never know. Hand ‘em over …. or we’ll just take ‘em anyway and have to lock up you and your wife, too.”

Man: “Huh?”

Officer: “Oh yeah, here’s a gift card for a couple hundred bucks you can use at your local Starbucks. They’re all-in for gun ‘buy-backs’ even though you’ve owned all your weapons lawfully and have absolutely no criminal record. We also have a letter endorsed by half of this year’s Oscar winners supporting firearms confiscation and a personally signed warrant from Attorney General Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They’re making policy these days, ya know.”

(Sweating profusely the man holds the door cracked-open, pondering what to do. Do I refuse? The Constitution? Due Process? Can I appeal? Do I have time to call my lawyer? What if I just hand the guns to my wife, will they pry them from her skinny, pregnant fingers? I didn’t vote for that idiot Beto. Whatever happened to Trump?)

Officer: (Reading the man’s papers.) “Says here you’re a veteran who served two tours overseas and you’re also on the church council and regularly volunteer serving food down at the homeless shelter, and that your service-oriented demeanor often finds you reading to kids at the library in your spare time. Don’t matter. Your neighbor thinks you’re a dangerous Christian zealot because you left your Christmas lights up too long. Hand over the guns, potential felon.”

Think this can’t happen?

Twenty-seven years ago, perhaps before the horrific federal government-propounded siege and fire at Waco, such a scenario was practically unthinkable. Back then, owning a firearm in America was thought to be constitutionally protected as enshrined in the Second Amendment. The Founding Fathers recognized the importance of self-defense and vigilance, listing the right to bear arms immediately after the all-important restrictions on Congress’s ability to infringe on free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and the right to petition.

In other words, the natural rights we’re all born with and government can’t take away.

Nevertheless, the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates appear united in their determination to overstep on God-given privileges in the name of protecting the public from unnamed threats, paving the way for a pacified citizenry at the mercy of a government led by benevolent-minded elites who purport to know better than all those they rule. “Beto” O’Rourke previewed the fictional scene above. But if he -- or one of his Democrat competitors -- is voted into office, the police might very well be knocking at millions of people’s doors in short order.

John Gage reported at The Washington Examiner, “After insisting American gun owners will ‘do the right thing’ by turning in their firearms under his gun control plan, Beto O'Rourke said police will go door-to-door to confiscate AR-15s if people refuse to hand them over voluntarily.

“’There have to be consequences,’ the Texas Democrat said Wednesday after MSNBC host Joe Scarborough pressed him on how he would get AR-15s out of the hands of Americans unwilling to give them up. ‘In that case, I think there would be a visit by law enforcement to recover that firearm and to make sure that it is purchased, bought back, so that it cannot potentially be used against somebody else.’”

Yes, that “somebody else” might just be a criminal menacing the lawful gun owner or his family. Or a Bernie Sanders backer who drove hundreds of miles to get at Republican congressman and senators practicing for a charity baseball game. Or an unhinged nut shooting up a house of worship… or a box store full of defenseless people obeying the laws and unknowingly opening themselves up to attacks from miscreants who couldn’t care less about “gun free zones” or prohibitions on firearms purchases.

The fact is American citizens have already submitted to hundreds of laws mandating who can and cannot purchase firearms, when they can buy them and where they can do it. None of these democratically enacted statutes have ever been proven to save a single life. Yet jerks like O’Rourke and his ilk still persist with their fantasies of a utopian gun free society where everyone smiles, holds hands and sings songs instead of threatening and murdering each other. Statistically speaking, gun crimes perpetrated by so-called “assault weapons” are extremely rare (and there are over 8 million of them out there). You’re much more likely to be assaulted and harmed by a knife than an AR-15. Or even to be killed by someone’s bare hands.

The madness continues and won’t abate until these liberal fearmongers are defeated at the ballot box. But their ideology will persist regardless. Leftists want everyone meek and mild and submissive to authority. Be it your guns, your speech (Kamala Harris says Trump should be banned from Twitter, right?) or your money, Democrats want to control it. All of it.

Gage’s article additionally reported, “The question came after Pete Buttigieg slammed the former El Paso congressman for his stance on gun control during Tuesday night's Democratic primary debate. The South Bend, Indiana, mayor accused O'Rourke of having no plan for taking guns off the streets.”

It’s not like Buttigieg was arguing in favor of law-abiding Americans keeping their guns. The South Bend, Indiana mayor was simply pointing out O’Rourke’s “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15” political vow was untenable, which it is. Rather than take their principles with them to the county jail -- or to the grave -- a lot of citizens (the sheep) would comply with a policeman’s directive to surrender their AR-15 or AK-47, but even a relatively small percentage of owners who resist and tell the government to go pound sand would result in dangerous circumstances for the heretofore innocent person and the law enforcement agents charged with enforcing the order.

There isn’t a policeman in America who relishes going door-to-door to take guns away because they’d never know what’s waiting behind the barrier for him or her. How many officers -- and citizens -- would be wounded or killed because “Beto” and the Democrats felt it necessary to try and stave off the next mass shooting? The total would be frightening. This isn’t Fallujah we’re talking about, and it isn’t eradicating the enemy from mountain caves on Iwo Jima -- or Afghanistan -- either.

Collecting guns would be about as popular as going from residence to residence to extract taxes from the overburdened inhabitants. Only the taxes in the form of coins, bills and checks won't shoot the tax collector when he arrives. Such a dictate has ramifications well beyond the moment or single circumstance. It’s easy for a Democrat dunce to suggest there’s a simple “the police will do it” solution. But it shouldn’t take a pile of corpses to envision this isn’t a wise thing to do.

All things considered, “Beto” deserves a lot of credit, however. It isn’t just gun rights he seeks to take away. The unemployed Texas congressman -- and his fellow Democrats -- are after your belief system, too. Timothy P. Carney wrote at The Washington Examiner, “Beto O’Rourke, who first said he would deploy the IRS against any church that didn’t practice gay marriage, slightly modified his position in the following days.

“’To be specific,’ O’Rourke said, ‘the way that you practice your religion or your faith within that mosque or that temple or synagogue or church, that is your business, and not the government's business.’

“Well, that’s a relief. ‘But,’ O’Rourke said (there’s always a but when politicians such as O’Rourke talk about liberty), ‘when you are providing services in the public sphere, say, higher education, or healthcare, or adoption services, and you discriminate or deny equal treatment under the law based on someone's skin color or ethnicity or gender or sexual orientation, then we have a problem.’”

Problem? Problem? In his article Carney made it plain “Beto” isn’t the only Democrat who thinks it’s acceptable to believe whatever you want but it’s not kosher to actually practice what your preacher preaches. Same-sex marriage is the hot topic of the hour for liberals; the religious people who won’t willingly adopt what O’Rourke and his kind decree could find themselves on the working end of another law enforcement officer’s weapon.

Well, probably not, but the point is the same. The power to tax is the power to destroy, isn’t it? It isn’t just the government that feels the heat either. If observant Christians and Jews are forced to provide abortifacients to female employees or offer adoption services to homosexual “married” couples against their religious tenets they might as well close their Bibles and board-up the doors to the house of worship.

What do these Democrats expect, a priest to bless an abortion doctor’s instruments? And do you think the police will protect you from the strike forces of the left if you express contrary views?

As demonstrated by their offensive on all things freedom, “Beto” and Democrat crew don’t give a hoot about the higher concepts of liberty and conscience, instead seeking to substitute their politically malleable value system for every individual’s. Having private citizens owning guns or practicing their beliefs (no matter how “restrictive” in their own estimations) is perilous because someone (they’ve appointed themselves to protect) could conceivably be harmed -- or simply offended.

Has it really gotten this bad? Democrats hate prisons but apparently would make exceptions to jail those who don’t go along with their value-shaming proposals.

Common sense says it could only be a matter of years before Americans aren’t allowed to own guns or practice their religions if Democrats crawl back into power. Institutional protections and guarantees don’t mean squat when you’ve got self-interested leaders in charge. “Beto” was dumb enough to reveal our future -- take heed.

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